Before you hire a real estate agent in Chania, here are some questions to ask them.

Interviewing a real estate agent in Chania, Crete before buying or selling a property!

Before you start looking for a real estate agent in Chania, Crete, think a bit about your property needs and the criteria of selection: do you want a friendly, open relationship with an agent, or a more professional one?

Do you like an aggressive tactic or do you want holistically research the property and the area?

Once you have an idea of the main characteristics and expertise of the real estate agent you want, ARENCORES can help you connect with some of the greatest property deals in Crete.

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent in Chania - ARENCORES
Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent in Chania - ARENCORES

1. Are you a Full-Time real estate agent? Are you available on short notice to show me homes for sale (or handle potential buyers for my house)? Do you have time to work with me now?

Not all agents in Chania, Crete work full time, many have second jobs or other things they prefer doing. As a Chania property buyer or seller, you’ll have to decide what level of service and professionalism you want. In a fast-moving real estate market it’s important to stay on top of things, to know what’s going on and how to negotiate.

Availability can make a vital difference. This is the time to find out about preferred communication methods and for the agent to tell you what you can expect. Everyone understands that no one is available 24/7, find out how they plan to handle things if they can’t be there themselves.

2. How long have you been in the real estate sector?

This doesn’t mean a new real estate agent can’t or won’t do a great job. There are real estate agents and realtors who have been in the business for years and perhaps do not do a great job.

The most critical thing here is the number and effectiveness of transactions. How your Chania real estate agent can demonstrate successful property transactions?

3. How many transactions have you closed in the past 12 months?

You can ask for the number of transactions any real agent should be able to easily generate a report showing their current, and past listings and sales.

Chania’s real estate market can vary greatly with other major real estate markets in Europe. Thus, there’s no magic number of transactions to look for but 5-10 or more closed transactions a year is absolutely fine.

4. Do you have any other experience or skills that would be helpful to me as a home Buyer/Seller?

Is the agent technologically and educated adept? Do they have specific experience in negotiation, engineering, consultation, property marketing, design, energy efficiency or sales?

5. Show me your online presence.

For property sellers, this is significantly important. You want your property professionally displayed on all major digital real estate portals both in Greece and abroad. Does the real estate agent have a website and how professional is it? Is it one that actively attracts buyers and investors on its own?

How many websites or digital media do they distribute to? If you Google their firm what do you find? Check online reviews and testimonials.

6. What will it cost me to work with you? How long will the contract be for and what happens if I’m unhappy with your service?

Without a doubt, these are important questions regardless of whether you’re a property buyer or seller. There are no set prices or terms and different real estate firms have different policies and agreements. You should be clear on what their policies are and what you’re expected to pay.

The Association of Real Estate Brokers in Chania Prefecture (SYMENOX) should always be the point of reference for you.

Questions to ask, BEFORE you Choose a Real Estate Agent in Chania - ARENCORES
Questions to ask, BEFORE you Choose a Real Estate Agent in Chania - ARENCORES

7. I’m going to be selling and buying, can you help me with both? Do you have any policies about this? What happens if I want to buy one of your listings or if one of your buyers wants to buy my home?

Every state allows a real estate agent to “represent” both a property buyer and seller within a single transaction. There are different names for this form of representation but in the Greek real estate market this is referred to as Dual Agency.

You need to be clear on what the real estate agent’s policy is and what the obligations from the agreements- if any.

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Can you really afford to buy a house in Chania, Crete?

There is a plethora of things to consider when deciding if you can really afford a house. For example, you’ll need a significant amount of money to invest for your down payment and closing costs. Most property buyers in the Prefecture of Chania put anywhere from 5 to 15 percent down, and at closing, you can expect to spend about 2 to 6 percent of the property sale price.

Moreover, consider monthly utility payments and ongoing property management costs. In addition to the standard costs, you’ll have homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and loan insurance. Repairs and maintenance costs will vary widely, but you can expect to spend around 0.5 -1.0 percent of the home sale price every year—and more if it’s a fixer price from a property management company.

You can discover mope in our Property Buying Gude or learn what taxes are associated with real estate transactions in Greece.

Even with all that info, it can be not easy to do a side-by-side comparison of home ownership costs with your current property costs in your home country.

You've Found a Neighborhood You Love!

When you own a home, you’re committing to living in one location for a while. In a recent Chania Real Estate survey, we found that eight out of ten respondents said finding the right neighborhood in Chania was equally, if not more, important than finding the right house.

Many respondents mentioned they’d overlook property features—like swimming pools, storage space, a garage, or a spacious garden—in exchange for a great neighborhood and easy access to the beach.

Indeed, homeowner joy and satisfaction rely heavily on where that home is located. A great way to understand what it’s like to live somewhere before you commit is by reviewing our “Living in Chania” guide.

When you find a place in Chania, Apokoronas, Akrotiri, Kissamos, Agia Marina, Platanias, or Palaiochora that you can’t wait to call home, you’re ready to start looking for the ideal property there.

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Understanding Property Purchase Costs in Greece

This guide is tailored for individuals contemplating the purchase of a residential property in Greece. While particularly beneficial for first-time buyers, even seasoned property investors can gain insights into the evolving buying process by understanding its key steps.

Greek Real Estate Taxation

The following section outlines the primary taxes and key considerations pertaining to the acquisition, ownership, and disposal of real estate assets in Greece. It focuses on residential, commercial, and investment properties, providing essential insights into taxation.

Residence Permits & Greece Golden Visa

This section addresses all potential questions regarding eligibility for the Greek Golden Visa program and details the procedure for obtaining a residency permit.


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Dive into Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS), an encompassing resource delving into the intricate nuances of Greek Property Law, Property Ownership, Real Estate Rights, and the Hellenic Cadastre registration process.

This comprehensive guide not only elucidates these fundamental concepts but also addresses crucial gaps in understanding associated liabilities for buyers, sellers, and real estate investors, offering insightful paradigms and invaluable tips.

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In 2014, ARENCOS established ARENCORES to facilitate property buyers’ decisions and holistically research the risks and opportunities of the Chania real estate market. Working closely with property investors, buyers and sellers ARENCORES provides professional, scientific and technical services dedicated to the Chania property market.

ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services are dedicated to simplifying the understanding of the relationship between real estate intelligence, achievement and innovation.

RESTful Platform

Our RESTful platform – Chania Estate Agency consultancy – operates on a fee-for-service basis. Whether you require advice on engineering and architectural matters, inquiries at the Land Registry office (Ypothikofilakeio), dedicated property pricing valuation, or a re-evaluation of your current real estate needs, we are here to assist you.

Additionally, you may simply want to incorporate ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services into your property management, long-term rental strategies, marketing efforts, or sales process.

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To gain access to this innovative platform, prospective clients must sign an Engagement Letter and provide a copy of their valid ID or Passport. Experience the pinnacle of real estate selection and transaction efficiency with iPRO.

Valuation & Advisory Real Estate Services in Chania, Crete.

We provide uniquely informed perspectives on real estate valuations and property consulting, leveraging rich data from the Chania real estate market and delivering consistent, reliable service.



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Unlock the value in every dimension of your real estate in Chania, Crete. Using Big Data Analytics and Advanced research, we provide bespoke real estate services that drive superior outcomes.

Knowledgeable, transparent and tailored real estate advice.

It’s unrealistic to expect a property developer to possess expertise in every aspect of a real estate project. At ARENCORES, we recognize this and offer specialized services to meet diverse needs.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional real estate agents by prioritizing comprehensive solutions over simplistic promises. Instead of merely focusing on high sales prices and basic marketing, we emphasize accuracy and strategy in pricing to ensure successful outcomes for buyers and sellers.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the Chania property market, we bring extensive industry knowledge to the table. Our research-driven approach considers current market conditions and pricing objectives, ensuring practical expectations and realistic budgets for our clients.

Our Property Marketing strategy, “List to Sell,” is designed to align with market dynamics and pricing goals, facilitating successful real estate transactions. Additionally, we understand that needs may vary, so we offer a range of professional services tailored to your requirements:

1. Master Agent: ARENCORES oversees all aspects of property management, marketing, and sales channels.

2. My Agent: A dedicated agent exclusively works on your property and project sales.

3. Consultancy: We offer fee-for-service pricing and marketing strategy consultancy to address specific needs and challenges.

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As a property development and investment firm, our experience has helped us perfect how to maximize returns of investments by spotting the marginal gains in the Chania real estate market. 

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