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At ARENCORES, we are dedicated to shaping the future of real estate through innovative mediation services. By fostering collaborative dialogue and critical thinking, we resolve conflicts efficiently and pave the way for tomorrow’s real estate solutions.

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Mediation Excellence - Chania Real Estate Services
Mediation Excellence - Chania Real Estate Services

Mediation Excellence Expertise

The Role of Mediation in Real Estate

Mediation excellence in real estate involves a professionally recognized third-party mediator who assists buyers, sellers, and investors in conflict to negotiate a mutually satisfactory agreement. At ARENCORES, we believe that collaborative dialogue, critical thinking, and respect for all parties with differing views are essential for articulating, defining, and resolving the source of conflict efficiently.

Achieving Fair Resolutions

Most real estate transactions hinge on the concept of market value. However, many commercial disputes stem from misunderstandings or unforeseen risks and circumstances affecting this value. When uncertainty arises, ARENCORES can assist across a wide range of scenarios in real estate disputes and establish common ground that respects all parties involved.

Common Dispute Scenarios

  • Inspection Issues: Disagreements over property inspections.
  • Repair Costs: Conflicts about who should bear the cost of repairs.
  • Claims of Misrepresentation: Disputes over the condition of property, appliances, or fixtures.

Mediation Services for All Parties

ARENCORES’ mediation excellence services are available to all parties involved in a real estate transaction, including sellers, buyers, brokers, builders, home inspectors, and stakeholders. Our Mediation Excellence Procedural Guidelines ensure uniformity, transparency, commitment, and consistency in the procedures of a real estate contract.

The Advantages of Mediation

At ARENCORES, we believe that mediation is less adversarial than arbitration or litigation. While arbitration and litigation can be confrontational and result in win-lose outcomes, mediation focuses on constructing agreements that result in win-win decisions, agreed upon by all parties involved.

Duration and Cost of Mediation

Generally, mediation takes about thirty to sixty days from start to finish. Typically, mediation involves only a few hours to reach a mutual agreement or decide that the dispute must escalate. Mediation is usually charged at an hourly rate or on a daily fee basis, often costing significantly less than litigation, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and destructive to business relationships.

Written Agreements

Parties choosing to proceed with our mediation services should be aware of our Mediation Excellence Procedural Guidelines and must sign a written agreement with our firm. This agreement can be signed as part of a real estate contract, either before or after a dispute arises.

Bridging Gaps and Moving Forward

We bridge gaps and move forward by identifying common ground and fostering mutual respect among buyers, sellers, and investors.

Legal Representation

Any party to a mediation or arbitration proceeding can bring their attorney. However, in simpler disputes, this is often not done to keep costs low, as parties can often reach an agreement without legal representation. Parties should consult an attorney if they have questions or concerns about mediation or ARENCORES’ mediation services.

When Mediation is Not Appropriate

Mediation is not suitable for all real estate disputes. Mediators help parties outline their desired resolutions but cannot force parties to provide critical information necessary for a win-win decision. Mediation may not be appropriate unless all parties are willing to be reasonable, honest, and helpful throughout the process to reach a compromise solution.

Real Estate & Mediation Excellence Services in Chania


At ARENCORES, our focus is on achieving excellence in mediation services. Specializing in expert advisory for property matters and negotiation procedures, we excel in facilitating smooth transactions between buyers and sellers. Through confidential and constructive dialogue, our aim is to identify and overcome obstacles, resolve disputes, and align key interests to forge mutually beneficial agreements.

Our team comprises mediation experts who are highly skilled and accredited in various conflict resolution methods. We place a premium on respecting all parties involved, valuing diverse viewpoints and perspectives throughout the mediation process.

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Make well-informed business decisions using actionable insights from the leading research and thought leadership platform dedicated to the Chania property market. Our sophisticated approach provides in-depth analysis and valuable data, enabling you to navigate the Chania real estate landscape with confidence and precision.

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