Chania Property Sellers Guide

What are the costs of selling a house in Chania, Crete? What are the documents required to sell a property? How much tax do you have to pay when you sell a house? What happens when you sell a property? We have tips and how-to guides on every aspect of the property-selling process.

Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Property in Chania: Costs, Documents, Taxes, and Process Tips.

Our Chania Property Sellers Guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to sell property in this picturesque region.

It offers comprehensive advice on preparing your property for sale, setting the right price, and navigating the local market dynamics. With tips on marketing strategies and understanding legal obligations, our guide ensures you are well-equipped to achieve a smooth and successful sale.

Whether you’re a first-time seller or an experienced investor, this guide provides the insights and tools you need to make informed decisions and maximize your property’s value.

Chania Property Sellers Guide

1. Accurate Property Valuation

Your goal should be to sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest possible time. Our team of registered professionals specializes in providing comprehensive property valuations across various sectors, including commercial, residential, and hotel properties. We work closely with banks, property companies, developers, and investors to deliver accurate and reliable valuations.

Conducting property valuations on a monthly basis equips us with intimate and unparalleled knowledge of current market trends and property values. Our consistent track record of achieving the asking price speaks to the depth of our expertise and our commitment to maximizing value for our clients.

By leveraging our extensive experience and market insights, we ensure that your property is positioned optimally in the market, attracting the right buyers swiftly and securing the best possible price.

We can help you sell your property in Chania.
Chania Property Sellers Guide - Select an Estate Agent
Chania Property Sellers Guide

2. Select an Estate Agent

THINK ARENCORES. Selecting the right estate agent is a pivotal step in your property-selling journey. A well-chosen agent should have a strong foothold in the Chania property market and leverage cutting-edge technology to support your needs effectively.

Choosing the right estate agent is crucial for a successful property sale. Your agent should have a robust presence in the Chania property market and be equipped with the latest technology to support your needs.

Hiring the wrong real estate agent can lead to delays, lower offers, and a frustrating experience. Therefore, it’s essential to ask the right questions when selecting a real estate agent to ensure they are the best fit for your property goals.

ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate stand out for their commitment to greater transparency, speed, and efficiency in property transactions. With their deep market knowledge and advanced technological tools, they streamline the selling process, providing you with accurate information, strategic marketing, and effective negotiation skills.

This ensures that your property is sold at the best possible price in the shortest timeframe, making your real estate journey smooth and successful.

Chania Property Sellers Guide

3. Instruct a Solicitor

Conducting thorough research to identify the best solicitor for your property sale is crucial. Each solicitor has specific areas of expertise, and selecting one with a strong track record in property transactions can significantly influence the success and efficiency of your sale.

Once you decide to engage a property solicitor, you will need to formally instruct them to act on your behalf throughout the selling process. This involves officially appointing the solicitor to represent your interests, handle all legal aspects of the transaction, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

The solicitors at ARENCORES are carefully selected for their exceptional expertise, speed, and efficiency. Their proficiency in managing property sales ensures a seamless process, providing you with the confidence and support needed to achieve a successful transaction.

Instruct a Solicitor - Chania Property Sellers Guide
Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS)

Our commitment to assisting you throughout your real estate journey in Chania extends far beyond basic transactions. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the market or navigating complex negotiations, our expertise is dedicated to your success.

Central to our approach is fostering trust and nurturing relationships with our clients, underpinned by a steadfast adherence to the ethical standards governing the real estate industry.

Our comprehensive guides serve as invaluable resources, offering insights and strategies to navigate potential disputes with finesse or even prevent them from arising in the first place.

By prioritizing meticulous research and staying abreast of market trends, we empower you to make informed decisions that align with your goals and aspirations.

Chania Property Sellers Guide

4. Property Marketing

Today’s Chania real estate market is fast-paced, vibrant, and highly competitive. With numerous properties listed at any given time, ensuring your home stands out is essential. The first impression often starts with the real estate firm’s web page, where prospective buyers will encounter your property. Seize this opportunity to make a compelling first impression.

Creating an attractively styled and inviting home is crucial to capturing buyers’ attention before they even step through the door. As a premium and dedicated real estate firm, our primary responsibility is to transform the perception of your property into an irresistible reality for potential buyers.

An effective and reliable property marketing campaign is key to achieving this. It requires intelligent promotional strategies that capture interest and secure viewings. Every element of your marketing campaign—from online listings and advertisements to flyers, brochures, and direct mail—must tell a captivating story designed to entice prospective buyers.

By emphasizing the unique features and appeal of your property through carefully crafted marketing materials, we ensure your home stands out in the competitive Chania real estate market, attracting serious buyers and facilitating a successful sale.

Data-driven strategies in real estate leverage analytics and metrics to enhance marketing efforts and decision-making. By tracking campaign performance, understanding buyer behavior, and analyzing market trends, real estate professionals can tailor their approaches to maximize effectiveness. Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems helps manage leads, follow up with potential buyers, and maintain strong client relationships. This data-centric approach ensures that marketing efforts are targeted, efficient, and yield higher conversion rates, ultimately leading to more successful property transactions.

ARENCORES Requirements

To successfully list your property with ARENCORES, you need:

  1. Proof of Fair Asking Price: Provide evidence supporting your property’s asking price, such as recent comparable sales in the area, market trends, and expert valuation assessments -if any.

  2. Exclusive Agreement: Enter into an exclusive agreement with ARENCORES for the minimum period required by Greek law. This ensures that ARENCORES has the exclusive right to represent and market your property, maximizing its exposure and potential for sale.

  3. Transparent Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with ARENCORES throughout the listing process, including updates on any changes in the property or market conditions.

  4. Commitment to Marketing Efforts: Work collaboratively with ARENCORES to develop and implement effective marketing strategies to attract potential buyers and showcase your property’s unique features.

  5. Legal Compliance: Ensure that all aspects of the listing agreement and property sale adhere to Greek legal requirements and regulations, including any obligations related to exclusive agreements and property disclosures.

Chania Property Sellers Guide - Property Marketing & Presentation

ARENCORES Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing in the real estate sector is essential for standing out in a crowded and competitive market. It involves a carefully planned approach to promoting properties in a way that highlights their unique features and appeals directly to target buyers. Here’s how strategic marketing can be effectively applied in real estate:

  1. Market Research and Analysis:

    • Understanding the Market: Conduct thorough research to understand current market trends, buyer preferences, and competitive landscape.
    • Identifying Target Audience: Define your target demographic to tailor marketing efforts that resonate with potential buyers.
  2. Professional Photography and Staging:

    • High-Quality Visuals: Invest in professional photography and staging to create visually appealing listings that attract attention.
    • Virtual Tours: Utilize virtual tours to provide an immersive experience, allowing buyers to explore properties remotely.
  3. Digital Marketing:

    • Optimized Online Listings: Ensure listings on real estate websites are optimized with detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and relevant keywords.
    • Social Media Campaigns: Leverage social media platforms to reach a broader audience, engaging potential buyers with targeted ads and posts.
    • Email Marketing: Develop targeted email campaigns to keep interested buyers informed about new listings and market updates.
  4. Content Marketing:

    • Blog Posts and Articles: Create informative and engaging content about the local market, buying tips, and property features to attract and educate potential buyers.
    • Video Content: Produce high-quality videos showcasing properties and neighborhood highlights to capture buyers’ interest.
Chania Property Sellers Guide

5. Find a Property Buyer

To find the perfect buyer for your property, it’s essential to ensure maximum exposure across diverse media channels and digital platforms, both locally in Greece and internationally.

When you entrust ARENCORES with the sale of your property, you gain access to our unparalleled and comprehensive marketing package. T

his includes prime exposure on our website, targeted email and SMS alerts, prominent features in ARENCORES Magazine—the sole Real Estate Magazine in Crete—and extensive promotion on renowned property websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Spitogatos, and Spiti24. Additionally, your property will be represented by our dedicated local offices, ensuring personalized attention and effective representation throughout the selling process.

With ARENCORES, your property receives the visibility it deserves, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers both locally and globally, and increasing the likelihood of a successful and swift sale.

Chania Property Sellers - Buyers Identification

ARENCORES Digital Eco-System


  1. Market Research: Conduct comprehensive market research to understand current trends, demographics, and buyer preferences in your target market. This information will help tailor your strategies to effectively reach potential buyers.

  2. Digital Marketing: Utilize digital marketing channels such as social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to target specific demographics and geographic locations. Create engaging content and advertisements to capture the attention of potential buyers and drive them to your property listings.

  3. Email Marketing: Build an email list of potential buyers through website sign-ups, open house registrations, and networking events. Send regular newsletters and updates about new property listings, market trends, and upcoming events to keep buyers engaged and informed.

  4. Networking: Establish relationships with local real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and industry professionals who may have connections to potential buyers. Attend networking events, industry conferences, and community gatherings to expand your network and reach new buyers.

Chania Property Sellers Guide

6. Receive Offers

In real estate, the final selling price is often negotiable, presenting an opportunity for sellers to maximize their returns.

Upon receiving offers, it’s essential to approach negotiations strategically. Rather than immediately lowering the price, consider alternative ways to enhance the transaction’s value, such as including appliances or covering closing costs.

Our team will guide you through crafting counter offers and provide valuable negotiation tips and techniques to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Two fundamental questions frequently posed by home sellers are “How quickly?” and “How much?” The answers depend largely on local market conditions and the preparations made by the seller before listing the property.

It’s crucial not to feel pressured by your agent or others to accept an offer hastily. A reputable agent will present your options and offer advice based on experience, but the decision to proceed should be made thoughtfully to avoid any unnecessary delays or risks.

To streamline the real estate process and empower sellers, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of essential steps to facilitate the receipt of property offers.

From negotiation strategies to offer handling, our guidance ensures sellers are equipped to navigate the selling process confidently and successfully.

Chania Property Sellers Guide - Accepting Offers
ARNCORES - Note Icon

The buying process in real estate presents various challenges that buyers often encounter. These challenges can range from navigating complex legal procedures and understanding local regulations to negotiating with sellers and securing financing.

Additionally, finding the right property that meets one’s needs and budget in a competitive market can be daunting.

Chania Property Sellers Guide

7. The Closing

The long-awaited day has finally arrived—the closing, also known as the settlement, marks the culmination of the property selling journey. In essence, it’s the moment when funds are transferred from the buyer to the seller. This pivotal event can occur either in person or via mail and is meticulously orchestrated by the real estate company.

At this stage, all pertinent paperwork has been thoroughly reviewed by all parties involved—the buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, attorneys, and title companies. This documentation not only outlines the specifics of the sales agreement but also enables each party to confirm their respective interests in the transaction.

The sales agreement meticulously delineates the payments due to the seller as well as any obligations on the part of the buyer. It itemizes transaction costs such as title and tax searches, along with any adjustments, such as prepaid taxes, if applicable.

With the successful completion of the closing, we extend our heartfelt congratulations—your property has officially been sold! It’s a momentous occasion marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of new opportunities.


Congratulations, your property is now sold!


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Chania Property Sellers Documents Needed - ARENCORES
Chania Property Sellers Guide

Documents & Certificates Needed

  1. Deeds

    • Provide all Deeds and property plans to the agent for inspection.
    • The agent forwards these documents to the buyer’s lawyer and engineer for review.
    • It’s essential for the seller to appoint an engineer to verify the property’s legality and obtain a mandatory legality certificate.
    • The engineer will provide crucial documents including building permits, topography reports, and legality certificates.
  2. Green Certificate

    • The green certificate (ΠΕΑ) is provided by the seller’s engineer.
    • Valid for ten years, it’s indispensable for the property selling process and pertains to the property itself, not the owner.
  3. National Insurance

    • The seller’s accountant prepares tax documents including property tax (ENFIA), tax clearance certificates, and, if necessary, National Insurance (IKA) Clearance.
  4. Clearance Certificate

    • If the property involves buildings, the seller obtains a clearance certificate (ΤΑΠ) from the Town hall.
    • This certificate is essential for the property selling process at the Notary.
  5. Hellenic Cadastre

    • Depending on the property’s location, additional certificates may be required, such as clearance from the Hellenic Cadastre or other specific regulations applicable to the area.
  6.  Info

    • All documentation must be verified with the Notary at the time of sale, as Greek legislation regarding the property selling process is subject to change.
    • Keeping abreast of legal requirements ensures a smooth and legally compliant transaction.
Additional certificates may be required depending on the area where the property for sale is situated in respect to specific regulations that apply to the property area (Hellenic Cadastre, TOEB clearance etc.).
Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS)

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