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Chania Property Investors and Developers

Private Investors and Developers (Chania Focus)

Information and advice about property investment in Chania.   Find out more »

Chania Property Investors

Corporate Venture Capital Investors

Providing a tailored service to corporate investors in Chania real estate market.    Find out more »

Chania Property Investors: Corporate Venture Capital Developers

Corporate Venture Capital Developers

Offering expertise,support,consultancy and advice to property developers in Chania.   Find out more »

ARENCORES: Looking Beyond The Obvious

ARENCORES provides a range of services to ensure your property developments and investment are managed effortlessly. Our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns for Chania property investors and developers.

ARENCORES provides guidance and support to private and corporate investors and developers on residential and commercial projects of varying scale and helps overseas investors take advantage of real estate opportunities in Chania.

For smaller developers or property investors, we can advise on renovations and extensions, and for larger real estate projects we will conduct a feasibility study based on in-depth Chania real estate market research to ensure the development is economically and technically viable, meets market demand, and can deliver a high ROI.

We help investors identify the best areas in Chania for capital growth. We can help landlords expand and manage their portfolio and apply Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications for their real estate projects.

Our Marketing Intelligence experts can evaluate current and potential future market trends in Chania real estate market to estimate the potential return on investment.

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