Passive Listing: Not Publicly Advertised Properties.

Passive Listing: How it Works

ARENCORES is one of the very few firms in Crete that preserves and maintains passive real estate properties. The company allows real estate sellers to list their properties in a private database to assess property value, market price fluctuations, selling potential, risks and many other parameters.

Passive Real Estate Investment can come in the form of Passive Real Estate Listing Trusts (PRELTs). PRELTs are attractive and efficient real estate opportunities because they have the supplementary benefit of being lower risk in terms of the seller making decisions and property exposure. Property sellers are actually investing in property appraisal and identification of the selling potential, rather than putting their property directly on the market with a standard price.

The Process

Our current passive real estate properties range from small apartments to blogs of flats and from luxurious villas to hotels, giving real estate investors – and sellers many options to consider. If the property meets the criteria for passive marketing, it is presented to our selected real estate investors and property buyers around the world, without your property being listed publically.

The cornerstones of ARENCORES’s Passive Real Estate is to provide a reliable property investment analysis and a consistent real estate market assessment for the potential buyer.

An investment property analysis should ensure that your property is in a good location, confirm the high-quality standards of the construction and assess the property as a permanent residence or as a rental tourist facility. Moreover, we need to ensure that any money that has to go into the property won’t mitigate the return on the investment.

A real estate market analysis will let our buyers and real estate investors know that they are paying a fair property price for your property. A detailed market analysis is key to a successful real estate decision. Should your property satisfy our Passive Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) criteria, the property is qualified for an intelligent property marketing campaign.

Moreover, it is significantly important to gather the data required to fully understand the subject property’s market area.  Some of the data we assess are as follows: Building permits, Interest rates, Commercial real estate sales, Housing prices, Tourist market trends, Population size and demographics, nearby facilities and amenities (distance to Chania International Airport, the Souda Bay, Chania Hospital etc.), In the end, the quality of the market analysis performed by our team should make a difference in accurately ensuring that your property is a feasible, profitable investment.

Why Not List?

At ARENCORES when we begin any new listing engagement, the first thing we discuss is the potential emotional aspects involved with selling a home. We recognized that the emotional “side effects” of selling your home are critical factors to your satisfaction and the happiness of your family.

We are aware of the sentimental connection people have with their property and the emotional impact of going through the selling process.

We also recognize that a home is most people’s largest asset, and the price received for this asset can have a significant effect on their decision-making, including the ability to invest somewhere else. We introduced Passive listing (PREIT) as a full-service real estate option to help our customers identify reliable factors of selling their home and list their property without making it available to the general public.

PREIT Benefits

While we keep the property off from our regular listings, we can a) effectively mitigate the lack of exposure, b) avoid unnecessary and stressful bidding wars, c) identify proposals from buyers who want to invest in the property or who seek exclusive opportunities, d) market the property with high quality printable and digital material to passive investments seekers around the world looking for that type of property, and ready to pay the price, e) no photos of the property are publicly used to maintain privacy; seller anonymity is guaranteed.

Optimizing financial return and building a relationship of trust is fundamental to our real estate business model. We’ve made a commitment to seek and identify the right buyer who would not only appreciate the property value but also commit to allow us to provide information on their next dream home.

Service Pricing

For the Passive Real Estate Investment Trusts we charge a 5.0% commission from the property’s asking price. We are using market intelligence tools to establish a reliable property market price and we should also provide you all the digital materials used to promote your property. 

At ARENCORES will typically require that a written agreement for an off-listing should be signed by the seller to ensure the payment of a commission.  At ARENCORES we have a worldwide clientele which actively seeks pocket listing opportunities in Chania. We also cooperate with domestic and international real estate agents.

Passive Listing & Luxury Real Estate in Chania, Crete

Passive Listing properties are also popular in the real estate market of Crete, especially for luxury properties and in the most desirable areas of the island. Most of our passive listing properties are found in Chania Old Town, Apokoronas and other locations such as Nea Chora, Agioi Apostoloi, Agios Mathaios, and Akrotiri.

Passive listing properties can include different types of real estate, such as villas, holiday homes, apartments, commercial properties (hotels) or land. These properties can either be newly built or in need of renovation.

Advantages of Passive Listing & Off-Market Properties with ARENCORES.

Exclusivity and discretion

Our Passive Listing and Off-Market properties are exclusive, fully inspected, and appraised and are only offered to a shortlisted group of interested parties – mainly identified property buyers.

This means that you have a unique opportunity to sell your property without exposing it in the market. In addition, our passive listing and off-market properties in Greece are marketed discreetly, which means that only you, ARECORES and the identified-potential buyer should know that you are selling this property. This can give you a competitive advantage and assist you to sell the property at a better price.

Potentially better-asking prices

Passive and off-market properties may also be offered at better asking prices. You, as a property owner, may also potentially be willing to accept a lower price as you do not have to worry about the property remaining on the market for years or having difficulty selling it.

Flexibility in negotiations

Properties located in our Passive Listing database and our off-market properties also offer more flexibility in negotiations. Because these properties are discreetly marketed, they can be more flexible when it comes to asking price negotiation. 

Potentially better properties

According to our experience, properties located in our Passive Listing database and off-market properties can also be of a higher quality than properties that are publicly listed for sale. This is because owners who market their property discreetly are often wealthier and not desperately seeking to sell their assets. 

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Passive Listings and Off-Market Advice

For more information on Passive Listing or for any other inquiry related to your real estate assets please contact us.

ARENCORES, is located at 66, Apokoronou Street, 73135, Chania, Crete – office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For any questions or to set an appointment, please contact ARENCOS, Real Estate Division at +30 2821112777 or by email at

iPRO - Chania Off-Market Properties

Whether you’re looking to buy a flat, house, luxury villa, investment plot of land or waterfront property, iPRO provides a truly unique opportunity to discover exceptional real estate assets in Chania that are not advertised with other real estate agents.

Off Market Opportunities

Some of our clients prefer to list their properties in Chania (and Rethymnon) quietly first, to ensure only the most serious of buyers are made aware of their availability.

Whether a new residential development at its earliest stage or a property where the property owner does not wish for their sale to be in the public eye.

By gaining access to our ff-market database, we can present you with the best off-market opportunities in Chania, alongside our wider portfolio, to find the right property for you. 

Off-Market Opportunities in Chania - ARENCORES
Off-Market Opportunities in Chania - ARENCORES

Ownership Title

Up-To-Date Topography Plan

Building Permit

Forest Service Permission

Archaeology Service Permission

Property Valuation Report

Energy Performance Certificate

We only list and marketing properties with all critical documentation in advance and fully computerize.

To accelerate the property purchasing process and facilitate the decision-making of our clients in a transparent and ethical way, we request all the necessary documentation and certificates of the listed property, to be available at any time.

iPRO Chania Exclusive Properties and Data Requests: To access information about a property in our off-market database, you must fill out and sign a Property Viewing Agreement along with providing a copy of your valid ID or Passport.

We may process your data based on your consent, for the performance of a contract or as necessary for our legitimate interests, including for responding to your property enquiries following your preferences as further described herein (Art. 6 (1) (a), (b) and (f) GDPR).

We currently hold the most extensive database of off-market opportunities in Chania. Get in touch to hear about some of our most exciting properties listed nowhere else.

As an accredited leader in the real estate sector of Crete, ARENCORES is your strategic partner across the entire real estate life-cycle. Our team of experienced real estate professionals provide a leading integrated advisory service to ensure that our clients have a reliable, yet dedicated advice and guidance in a challenging marketplace.



ARENCORES: Looking Beyond The Obvious

Unlock the value in every dimension of your real estate in Chania, Crete. Using Big Data Analytics and Advanced research, we provide bespoke real estate services that drive superior outcomes.

Knowledgeable, transparent and tailored real estate advice.

It’s unrealistic to expect a property developer to possess expertise in every aspect of a real estate project. At ARENCORES, we recognize this and offer specialized services to meet diverse needs.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional real estate agents by prioritizing comprehensive solutions over simplistic promises. Instead of merely focusing on high sales prices and basic marketing, we emphasize accuracy and strategy in pricing to ensure successful outcomes for buyers and sellers.

With nearly 15 years of experience in the Chania property market, we bring extensive industry knowledge to the table. Our research-driven approach considers current market conditions and pricing objectives, ensuring practical expectations and realistic budgets for our clients.

Our Property Marketing strategy, “List to Sell,” is designed to align with market dynamics and pricing goals, facilitating successful real estate transactions. Additionally, we understand that needs may vary, so we offer a range of professional services tailored to your requirements:

1. Master Agent: ARENCORES oversees all aspects of property management, marketing, and sales channels.

2. My Agent: A dedicated agent exclusively works on your property and project sales.

3. Consultancy: We offer fee-for-service pricing and marketing strategy consultancy to address specific needs and challenges.

Invest, Finance & Value

As a property development and investment firm, our experience has helped us perfect how to maximize returns of investments by spotting the marginal gains in the Chania real estate market. 

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