Living in Chania Guide

An Expat’s Essential Guide. Discover the most captivating neighborhoods, vibrant cultural hotspots, and the latest trends in the Chania real estate market.

Living in Chania: An Expat's Essential Guide.

Living in Chania™ is a series of practical guides designed to provide in-depth information about various neighborhoods in Chania. Each guide includes details about local amenities, nearby beaches, outdoor activities, transportation options, historical landmarks, and local schools.

Explore the diverse areas of the Prefecture of Chania, discover charming properties to call home, and immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle of each neighbourhood.

Whether you’re considering a move or simply curious about life in Chania, these guides offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and experience the essence of living in this beautiful region.

Are you contemplating the idea of living in Chania, Crete? Embarking on this journey is indeed an enriching experience. Our comprehensive Chania area information is tailored to guide you in finding the perfect place in the city of Chania that aligns with your needs and budget.

Additionally, you can explore charming residential options in Agia Marina, Platanias, Akrotiri, Apokoronas, Kissamos, Palaiochora, Sfakia, or Kandanos. Dive into:

  • Chania Area Guides: Access detailed insights on over fifty areas, including villages and points of interest. Learn about their rich history, vibrant culture, renowned beaches, local amenities, and culinary scene with our comprehensive guides.

  • Chania’s Lifestyle Zones: We’ve categorized Chania’s real estate market based on lifestyle preferences rather than administrative boundaries. Explore areas that resonate with your lifestyle and personal style, enabling you to identify the perfect fit within the Prefecture of Chania.

  • Latest Tax Trends and Rates: Stay informed about the latest tax trends and rates for prospective property buyers in Chania, Crete, ensuring you have a clear understanding of financial considerations.

  • Land Registry Historic Sold Price Data: Utilize the Land Registry historic sold price data and RESTful platform to research past sold prices in your preferred area, empowering you with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Chania Real Estate & Property Market Blog: Dive into our expertly curated blog, offering insightful commentary on the latest property and development trends in Chania, Crete. Stay updated on market dynamics, investment opportunities, and more.

Experience the allure of living in Chania, Crete, and let our resources be your guide in navigating the vibrant real estate landscape of this captivating region.


Curious about life in Apokoronas? Delve into the local scene and uncover the secrets cherished by residents.

From hidden gems to popular hangouts, explore where locals frequent and what makes Apokoronas unique. Plus, gain valuable insights into average property prices and market trends, offering a glimpse into real estate opportunities in this enchanting region.


Wondering what it’s like to call Platanias home?

Step into the vibrant rhythm of local life and uncover the beloved spots favored by residents. From cozy cafes to bustling markets, explore where locals gather and the essence of everyday living in Platanias.

Also, gain valuable insights into average property prices and market dynamics, providing real insights into the curent and furure real estate opportunities in this dynamic sea-side resort of Chania.


In Kisamos, the sweet melodies of local singsongs, known as ‘Mantinades’, fill the air, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of everyday life.

As you become part of this vibrant community, you’ll marvel at the timeless beauty of the Cretan landscape, which serves as a nexus of history and culture, seamlessly bridging continents and inviting exploration.

Moreover, the local real estate market, influenced by tourism and the region’s natural allure, plays a significant role in shaping the lifestyle and opportunities available in Kissamos.


Imagine spending your days exploring vibrant local activities, from lounging on beautiful beaches to hiking scenic trails.

Discover the affordable costs of renting a property in this picturesque town, and learn about the convenient ways to travel around Crete.

Join in on local festivals and events to meet new friends and immerse yourself in the community. Plus, stay informed on the latest real estate trends to find your perfect home in this charming city.


What is it like to live in Sfakia? This serene village offers a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.

Where do locals go to unwind and socialize in this picturesque setting? Discover the hidden spots and favorite hangouts of the residents. Interested in the local real estate market?

Find out the average property prices and gain valuable insights into the trends shaping the real estate scene in Sfakia.


Considering a move to Kandanos-Selino? Wondering what life is like in this scenic region?

Picture yourself embracing the tranquil lifestyle amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. Locals cherish moments in charming village squares, cozy cafes, and authentic tavernas. They frequent stunning beaches and venture into magnificent gorges for exploration.

Intrigued by the idea? Delve deeper into average property prices and uncover valuable insights into the real estate trends shaping Kandanos-Selino’s allure as a desirable home destination.

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