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Real Estate Investment Management

At ARENCORES, we offer comprehensive real estate investment management services, dedicated exclusively to the Chania real estate market. Our expertise spans across various property types, ensuring that investors receive strategic advice and bespoke solutions to maximize their returns.

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Real Estate Investment Management - Chania Real Estate Services
Real Estate Investment Management - Chania Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Management in Chania, Crete.

As an integrated real estate and asset management firm, we believe in a hands-on approach for both private investors and developers. Our in-house property intelligence, engineering, and asset management teams are equipped to handle complex projects from initial acquisition through due diligence, construction, and strategic asset management.

To ensure the highest level of success for each real estate project in the Chania property market, we also collaborate with local and international industry partners and consultants. This synergy between in-house capabilities and external expertise allows us to deliver exceptional results and maximize value for our clients.

Investment Opportunities & Business Proposals

Identifying and Managing Investment Opportunities

At ARENCORES, we specialize in identifying investment opportunities and managing properties to increase asset value and maximize return on investment (ROI). We consider ourselves honest representatives of real estate investors. For our customers, we:

  • Identify the “right assets and opportunities”
  • Structure the entire real estate acquisition process
  • Handle property sourcing, research, due diligence, and purchase agreement negotiations
  • Transition properties to asset management

Investment Management: Our Approach

Unlocking Potential in Chania’s Real Estate Market

For private investors, corporate investors, and companies with their own real estate portfolios, we unlock the potential of real estate assets in the Chania market. Our services cover the entire real estate life cycle, including:

  • Analysis and Valuation
  • Management and Development
  • Branding and Marketing

Our customized services and market intelligence tactics focus on Chania real estate, ensuring our customers benefit from the most effective strategies.

Investment Management: Maximize | Manage

Whether you are a stockbroker, an asset manager, or a private investor, our Investment Management team offers a range of strategic development and tailored investment solutions. ARENCORES aims for high diversification in real estate investments to manage risks and uncertainties. We support your needs by:

  • Investing in real estate properties
  • Providing investment recommendations on real estate assets
  • Defining your investment strategy
  • Diversifying your existing portfolio with long-term real estate investment strategies
  • Optimizing property value with sophisticated Market Intelligence approaches
  • Facilitating operations, management, and decision-making
  • Conducting market research and evaluating future trends
  • Offering accurate and pertinent real estate market data
  • Identifying medium-term market opportunities and long-term trends

Flexible, Value-Driven, Asset Life-Cycle Approach

ARENCORES is a best-in-class, full-service provider to investors across the entire life cycle of real estate ownership. Through our market-leading network, our clients have access to proactive management professionals who understand Chania real estate market indicators and risks. We provide a full range of integrated services, customized to each client’s specific needs, in a flexible project delivery plan enhanced with project management synergies, acquisition, and sales expertise.

Comprehensive Investment Management and Development Solutions

When establishing a new investment, our real estate investment-development team collaborates with legal and compliance teams to ensure regulatory and legal requirements are met. The ARENCORES team also works with marketing and sales teams to craft promotional materials for new investments.

Our Full Suite of Investment Management and Development Services Includes:

  • Planning and Supervision
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Building Consultancy
  • Obtaining Construction Permits
  • Construction Monitoring and Delivery Management
  • Contract Administration and Integrated Control
  • Facility and Engineering Functionality Management
  • Milestone and Performance Monitoring
  • Technical Supervision and Improvement Plans
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management

Investment Management and Development Solutions

  • Private Wealth Management (PWM): Secures, develops, and manages relationships and negotiations with investors, corporate investors, and developers.
  • Institutional Business: Develops and executes thoughtful investment solutions for individuals, corporate and private investors, foundations, insurers, and institutions.
  • Third Party Distribution (TPD): Targets individual investors and real estate developers through financial intermediaries and intelligence forecasting to identify high ROI opportunities.
  • ARENCORES Intelligence (Ai): Identifies real estate investment opportunities across various properties, using market indicators and risk scenarios to generate reliable and economically viable investment prospects.

Private Investors


The ARENCORES Property Intelligence platform has been established to serve as a management and real estate forecasting framework for property investors. Our experience in both the residential and commercial real estate markets of Chania, combined with our architectural and engineering expertise, positions us well to assist the next generation of private property investors in Chania.

For private investors, we help individuals and corporate stakeholders start, manage, review, and expand their property portfolios. From searching for a property or an investment opportunity to managing an existing portfolio, ARENCORES analysts provide investors with a comprehensive overview, including all the facts and accurate figures.

Private Developers


We assist private developers with property projects of any size or complexity. As an integrated real estate and consultancy firm, we approach private development with a holistic focus, considering not only local conditions and market trends but also macroeconomic and socioeconomic factors. Our team can advise on matters such as converting disused warehouses for residential use or transforming villas into licensed touristic facilities.

Additionally, we support property developers in applying for planning permission in Chania. ARENCORES services also include advice on land development opportunities, permitting, change of use, and addressing development and construction issues.

Latest Insights

Make well-informed business decisions using actionable insights from the leading research and thought leadership platform dedicated to the Chania property market. Our sophisticated approach provides in-depth analysis and valuable data, enabling you to navigate the Chania real estate landscape with confidence and precision.

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Everything you need to know about the property transaction and home buying process in Chania, Crete.

ARENCORES offers expert advice and analysis to a diverse array of property buyers and investors, encompassing commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Our market research in the Chania property market spans a wide range of projects. We provide comprehensive services including project development economic feasibility, rental income forecasting, business development strategy, and investment advice.

With our in-depth insights and tailored analysis, we empower clients to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential in the dynamic Chania real estate market.

Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS)

ARENCORES: Looking Beyond The Obvious

ARENCORES provides a range of services to ensure your property developments and investment are managed effortlessly. Our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns for Chania property investors and developers.

Create the real estate solutions of tomorrow.

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For over 16 years, we’ve been helping people thrive through places and spaces. With an in-house team of professionals dedicated to residential, commercial and prime residential real estate exclusively in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete, no matter where you are, we have the expertise to accomplish your requirements and achieve excellence. 


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