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Key Contacts

Maria Gkika - ARENCORES, Real Esatte Experts
Senior Civil Engineer & Property Valuer
Maria is a distinguished Senior Civil Engineer and Property Valuer, boasting an impressive career marked by proficiency and innovation in the field. With a robust background in civil engineering and property valuation, Maria brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to her work.
Stavros Thomas - ARENCORES, Real Esatte Experts
Senior Advanced Analytics and Property Investment Specialist

Stavros, as a Senior Advanced Analytics and Property Investment Specialist, brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every project he undertakes. With a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of data analytics, Stavros excels in uncovering opportunities and mitigating risks in the property market.

Chania Real Estate & Capital Markets

How we can help you

We operate strategically from our office in Chania, Crete. Our team work on a regular basis with sector experts around the world, providing investors access to the latest intelligence and transaction opportunities in Chania real estate market. We seek to build realiable, lasting relationships with our clients, providing consistently high levels of tailor-made services and consultancy. We have a record of dedication.

AMAD expertise includes:

  • Investment acquisitions and disposals
  • Capital sourcing and equity placement
  • Land sales
  • Financial advisory
  • Assets evaluation of assets
  • Post-purchase asset
  • Property management

Dedicated Professionals

ARENCORES provides independent expertise in Chania real estate, engineering, science and related areas to investors, industries, developers and construction firms. 

Our team, associates and partners, include specialist engineers, technologists, planners, CAD operators, surveyors, architects, renewable energy engineers, geoscientists, archaeologists, economists, construction specialists, property negotiators and a range of other specialists as needed by the project.


Portfolio analysis, acquisition & disposal services.

Our Market Analysis Department (AMAD) acts on the most high profile property transactions in Chania Municipality.

The team works with institutional, private equity, financial institutions, sovereign wealth and real estate companies in the acquisition and disposal of a wide range of properties.

We cover commercial, residential, industrial, leisure and hotel sectors, as well as the specialist areas of military property and healthcare.


Synergistic Approach.

ARENCORES’ integrated global team is uniquely placed to advise on all real estate assets, implementing multi-directional strategies for both residential and commercial opportunities.

Our synergistic approach can help us to achieve a holistic understanding of the key buyers, investors, stakeholders and sellers, what drives their real estate requirements and how their investment processes operate.

Unlocking the Chania Real Estate Market

ARENCORES’ research team with publications and research papers on all sectors of commercial real estate can help investors and buyers understand the critical factors and risks that affect the real estate market in Chania, Crete.

By acknowledging the importance of holistic research and analysis to effective short-term and long-term decision-making, our local research team gathers data and market intelligence to provide sophisticated Chania real estate market reports that stand out.

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