Our Standards: What Drives Us.

 Learn more about how we operate & perform to facilitate your decision-making in the Chania Real Estate market.


Above all, ARENCORES values people. (That’s why it’s our first value.) When push comes to shove, we make decisions in people’s best interests over financial gains, real estate needs and other business metrics.

We have people-focused benefits, but our way of working and interacting goes much deeper than that. From the core of everything we do, we enforce our standard of working to live.

Never the opposite. ARENCORES team, real estate agents, engineers and marketing developers can expect this value from the entire firm, not just leadership — and it is each team member’s job to uphold this value with each other.


This is ARENCORES. This is Chania Real Estate Experts.

Our People, Our Success, ARENCORES


Discovering, listing and promoting properties permeates everything we do. From photographs to communication, writing the description of the property, etc.

We take pride in our variety of trades, and we succeed not by volume, but by the craftsmanship of the work we do and the real estate solutions we propose. ARENCORES team members live for craftsmanship, not diluted efforts to produce more results and successful sales.



Our real estate methodology and practices are simple, because simple = clear = understandable and reliable.

We apply this concept to every aspect of the business, from our way of working to the services we offer. We also subscribe to the strength of simplicity when we design a real estate marketing strategy and implement our plans.



The lure of owning a large real estate portfolio is pretty compelling. However, at ARENCORES we do not want to have a dozen properties. We concentrate our time and talent on fewer – carefully selected real estate projects/clients.

Greater investment on our part, but we’re not just running a real estate firm to sell properties without prioritising and categorising their values and attractiveness. Plus, prioritizing quality over quantity supports our other core values.


We stay hungry. It’s easy to rest on your laurels when you reach new peaks, but ARENCORES, the only real estate agency firm with a research team in Crete, is always driven.

Even when we move slowly and methodically, we are always moving. Indeed, successful sales drive progress. It’s not enough to have a dozen properties: they must be evaluated carefully for their value, attractiveness, reliability and quality. ARENCORES team is intimidated to stand up for progress, much less lead the way.

Two more things...

Established with a dual commitment to commitment and excellence, we engage with our clients and partners through knowledge and technology to contribute to a more improved real estate service.


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