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Dedicated to your needs. Make well-informed business decisions supported by actionable insights generated by our exclusive, in-house research team—the sole team of its kind in Crete, Greece.

Dedicated Research on the Chania Property Market.

ARENCORES provides advice and analysis to a range of property buyers and investors for almost every property commercial, residential or industrial.

Our advice, research and tools facilitate both property buyers and property owners in proper decision-making. Our Chania property market research work covers a wide range of projects and is as diverse as project development economic feasibility, rental income prognosis, business development strategy and investment advice.

We utilize data mapping, BIG DATA Analytics, and catchment analysis to offer a dependable prognosis on the ROI and risks linked with property investment in the Chania and Rethymno property markets.

Additionally, we publish highly esteemed research reports specific to the Chania property market.

Systematic and informed decision-making

Latest Insights

As an accredited leader in the real estate sector of Crete, ARENCORES is your strategic partner across the entire investment life-cycle. Our professional team drives investment performance by integrating business intelligence with the latest market data that links you to the right investment opportunities in every property type.

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Insights & Research

Related Insights from the Chania Real Estate Market.

Optimise your real estate investment strategy with dedicated advice and real data from the property market of Chania and Rethymnon. We provide holistic research and insights to assist your decision making.

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ARENCORES: Looking Beyond The Obvious

ARENCORES provides a range of services to ensure your property developments and investment are managed effortlessly. Our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns for Chania property investors and developers.

Exceptional Valuation & Advisory Services.

ARENCORES provides guidance and support to private and corporate investors and developers on residential and commercial projects of varying scale and helps overseas investors take advantage of real estate opportunities in Chania.

For smaller developers or property investors, we can advise on renovations and extensions, and for larger real estate projects we will conduct a feasibility study based on in-depth Chania real estate market research to ensure the development is economically and technically viable, meets market demand, and can deliver a high ROI.

We help investors identify the best areas in Chania for capital growth. We can help landlords expand and manage their portfolios and apply Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications for their real estate projects.

Our Marketing Intelligence experts can evaluate current and potential future market trends in the Chania real estate market to estimate the potential return on investment.

Invest, Finance & Value

As a property development and investment firm, our experience has helped us perfect how to maximize returns of investments by spotting the marginal gains in the Chania real estate market. 

Innovation and Intelligence

In 2014, ARENCOS established ARENCORES to facilitate property buyers’ decisions and holistically research the risks and opportunities of the Chania real estate market. Working closely with property investors, buyers and sellers ARENCORES provides professional, scientific and technical services dedicated to the Chania property market.

ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services are dedicated to simplifying the understanding of the relationship between real estate intelligence, achievement and innovation.

RESTful Platform

Our RESTful platform – Chania Estate Agency consultancy – operates on a fee-for-service basis. Whether you require advice on engineering and architectural matters, inquiries at the Land Registry office (Ypothikofilakeio), dedicated property pricing valuation, or a re-evaluation of your current real estate needs, we are here to assist you.

Additionally, you may simply want to incorporate ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services into your property management, long-term rental strategies, marketing efforts, or sales process.

iPRO Platform

Introducing iPRO, our state-of-the-art platform featuring exclusively curated properties for sale in Chania, listed nowhere else. Each listing comes with all necessary documents meticulously organized to guarantee a seamless process, streamline decision-making, and ensure a successful property transaction.

To gain access to this innovative platform, prospective clients are required to sign an Engagement Letter along with providing a copy of their valid ID or Passport. Experience the pinnacle of real estate selection and transaction efficiency with iPRO.

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Stay updated with the most recent developments and insights in the Chania real estate market with ARENCORES Magazine. Our publication offers comprehensive coverage of market news, trends, and analyses, helping you make informed decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic real estate landscape of Chania.

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