Chania Real Estate Help & Resources.

Discover essential resources and expert assistance for property buyers and investors in Chania, Crete, Greece, ensuring a seamless and informed real estate experience.

Chania Real Estate Help and Resources

A Comprehensive Chania Property Buyer's Help and Resources Guide

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Property Buyer Help & Resources

Understanding Property Purchase Costs in Greece

This guide is tailored for individuals contemplating the purchase of a residential property in Greece. While particularly beneficial for first-time buyers, even seasoned property investors can gain insights into the evolving buying process by understanding its key steps.

Greek Real Estate Taxation

The following section outlines the primary taxes and key considerations pertaining to the acquisition, ownership, and disposal of real estate assets in Greece. It focuses on residential, commercial, and investment properties, providing essential insights into taxation.

Residence Permits & Greece Golden Visa

This section addresses all potential questions regarding eligibility for the Greek Golden Visa program and details the procedure for obtaining a residency permit.


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ARENCORES, renowned experts in the Chania real estate market, offer an exhaustive guide meticulously outlining every essential step for property buyers and investors to secure successful deals. Tailored as an educational resource, this guide empowers individual buyers with insights for navigating Chania, Crete's real estate landscape, while also inspiring private investors and corporations to explore lucrative opportunities within Crete's property market.

Discover the essential guide to Real Estate Data Sources & Research (REDS), encompassing Property Law principles, Real Estate Rights & Ownership, and insights into the Hellenic Cadastre process.

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