Living in Kisamos Guide

What is it like to live in Kisamos? Where do locals go? What is the average asking price for a detached property and what are the latest insights from the local real estate market?

What is lit ike to live in Kisamos?

Kissamos is an area of exceptional beauty, natural attractions and uniqueness. Kissamos will make your heart beat just a little faster. From delightful small bays to exquisite beaches, impressive gorges, rolling hills, and fascinating monuments from the Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine era.

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the observer. Perhaps for some, beauty is the bright lights of Kissamos at night or a stunning sunset over the Aegean Sea. Maybe it’s a meadow of wildflowers, the magnificent olive groves, or a historic monument in the most ancient port on earth, Falasairna.

For many, it’s a natural wonder like the brilliant gorges of Kissamos or the breathtaking scenery of Elafonisi. Beauty can be found anywhere in Kissamos, in anything, so we’ve gathered this list of some of the area’s most beautiful places to visit.

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Helping you buy a property smart

Years of professional and constant activity in the real estate market of Chania have allowed us to create a credible and trustworthy real estate firm which has underpinned the development of an inclusive network locally and internationally.

At ARENCORES we offer a wide range of services to accomplish your various requests and specific needs including the possibility of dedicated property searches if our current public off-market portfolio fails to offer you the ideal property in Chania.

We undertake detailed checks of the properties we source including their accompanied documents, all of which guarantee a smooth transaction.

Kissamos is surrounded by magnificent gorges, mountains, and lovely beaches. Not to mention, this perfectly poised landscape receives virtually uninterrupted warm and sunny weather – among the largest in Europe.

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Why do you Find Kiisamos Area a Great Place to Live?

Kasteli Average Property Prices

Property price range:

€57,000 – €1.400,000

Average property value today:


Average maisonette price:


Average detached house price:


Average one-bedroom apartment price (Kasteli):

My Place in Chania - Redifine Real Estate Services
My Place in Chania - Redifine Real Estate Services

Dive deeper into the future of the real estate and discover how our strategies, tools and methodologies are changing the way property buyers and sellers transact. Whether you’re buying or selling a property in Chania, Crete, we can you support you in reaching informed decisions and achieving extraordinary results in an increasingly competitive market.

Why Chania - A blog about Chania City
Why Chania - A blog about Chania City

In this insider’s guide to the Prefecture of Chania, the experts from Why Chania reveal the unmissable sights and the hidden gems of the spectacular city of Chania and its suburbs. Let’s explore!


How we can assist.

We have been at the heart of Chania real estate since 2013. Maria Gkika founded ARENCORES as a professional real estate and property management firm and it has grown into one of the most successful real estate property services groups in Crete.

With a dedicated team of experts in Greece and abroad, ARENCORES has diversified to provide a diverse range of property services including:

• Residential sales
• Real estate management
• Property appraisal
• Land and new homes
• Commercial property
• Chartered surveyors
• Research
• Mediation
• Property Search Intelligence

This is ARENCORES. This is Chania Real Estate Experts.

Our People, Our Success, ARENCORES

Our Measure of Success

ARENCORES’s total focus is firmly on the future. Intelligent tools and methodologies have been developed for the first time in Chania real estate services and implemented to offer our clients even higher levels of personal and professional service to establish economically viable and feasible investments.

This is the reason why we put complete focus on establishing a relationship of trust, respect and honesty with all our clients. This is our philosophy for achieving client satisfaction, commitment and continued success in Chania real estate services.

We implement our critical thinking, knowledge and expertise to deliver tailor-made services for our clients. For buyers, sellers and investors we offer a wide range of services to assist with every stage of the real estate transaction, this includes:

  • Residential sales and property valuations
  • Land acquisition, property development, property marketing and branding
  • Property valuation
  • A network of proficient law firms who are experts in the Chania real estate property market
  • Property management, including property maintenance, refurbishment and due diligence.
  • Retrospective Planning Permission advice and consultancy
  • Tailored property selling services, designed to optimise the property selling procedure and establish high returns of investment.

Contact us to see how we can help make your next property move a success.


It’s All About People

It’s no secret that real estate business and property management are an endless challenge. ARENCORES has as a main scope to source excellent and well researched investment opportunities with focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs and investment aspirations.

Our team is honest and forthright in dealing with our clients and stakeholders. We build and maintain meaningful sincere and genuine personal relations in Chania real estate services to help you establish success and achieve your highest potential.

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