Our Approach to Success

At ARENCORES, we’re dedicated to guiding our clients, no matter their budget, project size or location towards success in Chania’s dynamic real estate market.

Our Approach: Helping Our Clients Succeed

We firmly believe that economic viability in investment stems from our shared enthusiasm to push the boundaries of what’s achievable, regardless of the size, price, complexity, or location of property assets.

At ARENCORES, we adopt a holistic approach to developing and sustaining real estate projects, essential for enhancing their business prospects and crafting an efficient deal structuring strategy.

This is ARENCORES. This is Chania Real Estate Experts.

Our Approach - Helping Our Clients Succeed - ARENCORES

Technology and Big Data with ARENCORES.

ARENCORES Intelligent Sourcing Platform

ARENCORES Intelligent Sourcing Platform offers a comprehensive view of investors’ needs, empowering potential clients and stakeholders to tailor their offerings and real estate marketing endeavors effectively.

By leveraging a wealth of real estate assets and market indicators, such as economic climate analysis and buyer preferences based on consumption patterns, ARENCORES ensures a holistic understanding of investment decisions.

Actionable Knowledge.

Innovative Tools and Techniques

At ARENCORES, we harness a curated selection of innovative tools, including advanced technology, meticulous research, and actionable intelligence, coupled with property management and evaluation techniques.

This fusion drives continuous improvement and excellence in our business practices. Our diverse team, equipped with deep market insights, remains dedicated to keeping clients informed about real estate trends and transaction risks, guiding strategic decisions with confidence.

Bridging the Gap

Real estate reliability is paramount. ARENCORES emphasizes rigorous property listing research and strategic sourcing to bridge the gap between business excellence and investment uncertainty, ensuring clients navigate transactions with clarity and assurance.

Why We Stand Out.

Evidence-Based Approach

ARENCORES adopts an evidence-based approach to craft tailored solutions for real estate challenges, addressing both event-driven and long-term scenarios in transactions and investment procedures.

Serving as trusted advisors, we offer practical, immediate, and sustainable solutions, anchored in ARENCORES MEDIATION®, ARENCORES MARKET INTELLIGENCE®, ARENCORES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT®, and ARENCORES Sourcing®.

Transforming Challenges into Advantages

We empower clients to identify and implement innovative strategies, transforming complexities and uncertainties into competitive advantages. ARENCORES’ consistent delivery of reliable results underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Innovation and Commitment.

Open-Minded Conversations

ARENCORES fosters open-minded conversations, actively listening to diverse perspectives and sharing insights on future transactions. Our holistic approach encourages innovation and intelligence, challenging conventional practices to drive real estate business forward.

Commitment to Excellence

Committed to excellence, ARENCORES measures client satisfaction using the Client Heartbeat framework, ensuring the highest quality of service delivery. We invest resources in real estate transaction processes, appraisal, mediation procedures, and innovation, striving for excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Chania Real Estate - Holistic Expertise and Comprehensive Advisory Services

Holistic Expertise.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

As experts in advisory consultancy and project management, ARENCORES offers a holistic approach covering the full spectrum of real estate endeavors. From project conception and evaluation to negotiation and decision-making, our skilled team is equipped to handle every stage with precision and expertise.

Diverse Specialisms

ARENCORES boasts a dedicated and professional team with expertise across various architectural projects and civil engineering specialisms. Our areas of specialization include architectural design, property consultancy, building construction management, renovation, project management, and legal permissions, among others.


Two more things...

Established with a dual commitment to commitment and excellence, we engage with our clients and partners through knowledge and technology to contribute to a more improved real estate service.


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