Opening a Bank Account in Greece.

If you’re planning to move to Greece, having a local bank account is essential. This article provides comprehensive information on everything you need to know about opening a bank account in Greece.

Opening a Bank Account for Property Transactions.

While a Greek bank account is not mandatory for purchasing property, it is highly recommended for the client’s convenience during the sales contract process and for managing any income, such as rental payments, in Greece.

To open a bank account, the applicant must be physically present to provide a signature sample and personally sign the account opening contract.

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To open a bank account in Greece, you need to provide two essential documents: 1) Your Passport, and 2) Your Personal Tax Identification Number (Arithmo Forologiko Mitro), obtainable by visiting the nearest Tax Office to your residence in Greece.

Essential Banking Tips for Foreigners Looking to Acquire Property in Greece.

EU citizens have the legal right to open a bank account in any EU member country, including Greece, as long as they can provide documentation proving their EU citizenship and residency in an EU country. Before opening a bank account in Greece, it is strongly recommended to compare service and interest rates, as these can vary significantly between banks. While opening an account is typically free, be aware of potential monthly administration fees and charges for services such as replacement bank cards.

Required Documents:

Opening a bank account in Greece involves a considerable amount of paperwork to assure the bank of your creditworthiness. As a foreigner, you may need to have some documents translated or notarized, adding to the expense and complexity. However, some banks accept documents in English as well as Greek. It’s important to check the specific requirements of your chosen bank well in advance.

Here’s a list of the necessary documents:

  • Passport: A valid passport is required.
  • Contact Number: Your phone number.
  • Proof of Address: Typically a recent utility bill.
  • Local AFM Tax Number: Greek tax identification number.
  • Tax Registration Number: From your country of origin, if applicable.
  • Proof of Income: Such as payslips or a letter from your employer.
  • Signature Sample: You must appear in person at the bank to provide this.
  • Bank Reference: May be requested to demonstrate your creditworthiness.
  • Declaration of Use: Confirming the account is for personal use, not business.

Opening a Bank Account:

  • Physical Presence: You must visit the bank in person to open an account because a signature sample is required.
  • Online Process: While you can complete much of the process online, you’ll need to visit the bank to finalize and activate your account.

Banking Fees:

  • Service Fees: Banks charge fees for services like ATM withdrawals and international transfers. These fees can add up, so it’s important to understand them beforehand.
  • Monthly Charges: There may be monthly administration charges, as well as fees for services like replacement bank cards.
  • No Account Opening Fee: Generally, there are no charges for opening an account.

Banking in Greece:

  • Popular Banks: Major banks include Alpha Bank, National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, and Piraeus Bank. They offer a range of services and have ATMs and mobile banking apps in English.
  • Minimum Deposits: Typically range from 50 to 300 euros, with 150 euros being the average.
  • Operating Hours: Banks usually operate from 8 AM to 2:30 PM on weekdays, closing earlier on Fridays.

Using Your Account:

  • For Personal Use: Greek law requires personal accounts to be used solely for personal transactions. Business transactions must go through a business bank account.
  • Managing Utilities: Owning property in Greece often requires a Greek bank account to manage utility payments like power, water, and phone bills.

Banking for Real Estate Transactions:

  • Property Transfer Tax: To pay the real estate transfer tax, you will need a Greek bank account. This tax is paid to the Tax Office where the property is located.
  • Payment Methods: Taxes can be paid either through a payment code issued by the Tax Office or by a cheque from a Greek bank.

By understanding these requirements and planning accordingly, you can ensure a smooth process when opening a bank account in Greece.

Top Popular Banks in Greece

Opening a Bank Account in Greece.
GR119ABN AMRO Bank N.V.Credit institution38, Patriarchou Ioakim St., 10675, AthensNoNL149
GR056213800TWSHPHH7ZH2P97Aegean Baltic Bank S.A.Credit institution91, Great Alexander and 25th March, 15124, AthensYes
GR014N213800DBQIB6VBNU5C64Alpha Bank S.A.Credit institutionStadiou, 40, 10252, AthensYes
GRAK0102421380062LBIMCEXCM235ALPHA EUROZONE MONEY MARKET STANDARD VARIABLE NAV FUNDMoney Market Fund25-29, Karneadou Str, 10675, AthensYes
GRAK00010213800Q78UTY3WHMG115ALPHA MONEY MARKET STANDARD VARIABLE NAV FUNDMoney Market Fund12-14 Pesmatzoglou, 10564, AthensYes
GRAK00020213800ZL2HMHF783MY06ALPHA TRUST Euro Money Market Fund (Standard VNAV MMF)Money Market Fund21 Tatoiou street, Kifisia, 14561, AthensYes
GR016213800FFWYE3BQ1CU978Attica Bank, S.A.Credit institution23, Omirou Str., 10672, AthensYes
GR081Bank of America Europe Designated Activity Company, Athens BranchCredit institution68, Vas. Sofias Avenue, 11528, AthensNoIEMLCMBX
GR121Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Athens branchCredit institution2 Mesogeion Av., 11527, AthensNoLUB00222
GR073Bank of Cyprus Public Company LimitedCredit institution192, Alexandras avenue, 11521, AthensNoCY110002
GR010529900SL3K21WAN6X611Bank of Greece, S.A.Central bank21, E. Venizelou Str., 10250, AthensYes
GR050213800IJGJFB3GND1T26Bank Saderat IranCredit institution25, E. Venizelou Str., 10564, AthensNoIR0ECBM00014
GR122BFF BANK S.p.A.-GREEK BRANCHCredit institutionGounari 78, Glyfada, 16561, AthensNoIT0000464876170
GR105BMW Austria Bank GmbHCredit institution10, Senekka Str. & 33, Kymis Str, 14564, AthensNoAT0000016111609
GR039NBNP PARIBAS S.A. ATHENS BRANCHCredit institution2 LAMPSAKOU STR., 11528, AthensNoFR30004
GR040CA Auto Bank GmbH – Hellenic BranchCredit institution580a, Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16452, AthensNoAT0000005422298
GR084CITIBANK EUROPE PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANYCredit institutionOthonos 8, 10557, AthensYesIECITIFS
GR069213800ZLIZIF47DYZF66Cooperative Bank of Chania Cooperative of Limited LiabilitiesCredit institution28-32 El.Venizelou Str., 73132, ChaniaYes
GR075213800AXQUILVAQS3374Cooperative Bank of Epirus LtdCredit institution6, Patriarchou Ioakim and Karapanou Str., 45221, IoanninaYes
GR089213800WPA78FCDJEW825Cooperative Bank of Karditsa Coop. L.L.Credit institution Taliadourou and Kolokotroni Str., 43100, KarditsaNo
GR091213800NAAYOQNIIUIS66Cooperative Bank of Thessaly Coop. L.L.Credit institution3, Miaouli Str., 42100, TrikalaYes
GR703213800U5S3O1D9S8SY78COSMOTE PAYMENTS – ELECTRONIC MONEY SERVICES S.A.Other institutionKifisias 99, Marousi, 15124, AthensNo
GR111Deutsche Bank AGCredit institution23A, Vas. Sofias Avenue, 10674, AthensNoDE00001
GR118EFG Bank (Luxembourg) SA Athens branchCredit institutionKifisias 342B – Ethnikis Antistaseos, 15451, AthensNoLUB00343
GRAK00011213800R5XNZAWBZT6410EUROBANK NTT Greek Fund Variable Net Asset Value Money Market FundMoney Market FundPireos 9-11, 10552, AthensYes
GR127Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A., Athens BranchCredit institutionXenias 5, 14562, Athens, KifisiaNoLUB00151
GR026N213800KGF4EFNUQKAT69EUROBANK S.A.Credit institutionOthonos, 8, 10557, AthensYes
GR126Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE, Athens BranchCredit institutionThe Orbit – 115, Kifisias Av. , 11524, AthensNoDE05602
GR115Hamburg Commercial Bank AGCredit institution2, Filellinon Str. & Akti Miaouli, 18536, PiraeusNoDE05749
GRAK00004213800JYHNC9XCEWQ135INTERAMERICAN Variable Net Asset Value Money Market FundMoney Market FundStadiou 10, 10564, AthensYes
GR124J.P. Morgan SE-Athens BranchCredit institution3, Charitos Str, 10675, AthensNoDE03991
GR0115UMCZOEYKCVFAW8ZLO05National Bank of Greece, S.A.Credit institution86, Aiolou Str., 10559, AthensYes
GRAK00005213800UZR2DOOZ2VTH33NN STANDARD VNAV EUROPEAN MONEY MARKET FUNDMoney Market Fund119 Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi, 15124, AthensYes
GR0342138008NSD1X1XFUK750Optima bank S.A.Credit institution32, Aigialeias and Paradissou, 15125, AthensYes
GRPI615Otro Pay Electronic Money Institution Single Member S.AOther institution10-12, Dorylaiou Str, 11521, AthensNo
GR087213800U41ZQTTURP3V26PANCRETA BANK S.A.Credit institutionIkarou and Efessou, 71306, HeraclionYes
GR017N213800OYHR1MPQ5VJL60PIRAEUS BANK SACredit institutionAmerikis 4, 10564, AthensYes
GRAK00003213800YPHQT56DEVWO61Piraeus Short Term Variable Net Asset Value Money Market FundMoney Market FundSyngrou Ave. 87, 11745, AthensYes
GR116ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EADCredit institution54-56, 26th October & Pigasus str., 54627, ThessalonikiYesBGPRCB9230
GR123SANTANDER CONSUMER FINANCE, S.A., Greek BranchCredit institutionVissarionos, 1, 10672, ATHENSNoES0224
GR1092138007EX5VCR4QPB730T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S.Credit institution2, Ermou Str., 10563, AthensNoTR0ECBM00011
GR125TBI BANK EAD-Branch GreeceCredit institution196, Kifisias Av., Chalandri, 15231, AthensNoBGTBIB9310
GRAK00012213800QHQUCWI4WJOS39TRITON VNAV Money Market Euro FundMoney Market FundValaoriotou Str. 15, 10671, AthensYes
GR701213800E7CPBE9B536Z16VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES SINGLE MEMBER S.A.Other institution18-20, Amarousiou-Chalandriou Str, 15125, AthensNo
GR057213800A3YBCKWVF3DM64VIVABANK SINGLE MEMBER BANKING S.A.Credit institution18-20, Amarousiou-Chalandriou, 15125, MarousiNo
GR102Volkswagen Bank GmbHCredit institution409A Vouliagmenis Ave., 16674, AthensYesDE03402

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