Hellenic Cadastre

Hellenic Cadastre – Reinforcing Transparency & Security in Property Transfers. A guide for Chania real estate buyers, investors and sellers.

The Impact of the Hellenic Cadastre on Greece's Real Estate Market.

The Hellenic Cadastre plays a pivotal role in the Greek real estate sector by providing clear and definitive demarcation of State and municipal properties.

This system significantly reduces bureaucracy, streamlining and expediting real estate property transfer procedures.

Furthermore, the Hellenic Cadastre enhances the overall real estate market by increasing transparency and security in property transactions, which in turn raises property values. These improvements make the Greek real estate market more attractive to significant investments, fostering economic growth and development.

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The Hellenic Cadastre introduces groundbreaking innovations, establishing it as a pivotal project for Greece. This initiative brings significant benefits to citizens and the Hellenic economy, enhances transparency in real estate transactions, and contributes to environmental protection.

Hellenic Cadastre: Enhancing Greek Real Estate Governance.

The Hellenic Cadastre stands as a comprehensive and dynamically updated information system, overseen and managed by the Greek State. This platform serves as a repository for legislative, technical, and pertinent details concerning real estate properties and associated legal rights.

The Hellenic Cadastre, established under Law 4512/2018, replaces the National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A. as a public entity headquartered in Athens. Supervised by the Minister of Environment and Energy, it oversees seventeen cadastral offices across regions, with additional branches in major cities and islands, operating on a self-funded basis.

Purpose and Functions: The primary objective of the Hellenic Cadastre is to maintain a comprehensive system of information, ensuring the transparency and security of real estate transactions. It achieves this by recording legal and technical details, accurately delineating property boundaries, and publishing associated legal rights. Key functions include:

  1. Deed Recording: The Cadastre records all property-related deeds, simplifying transaction processes and enhancing clarity.
  2. Legal Guarantee: It verifies the lawfulness of recorded deeds, ensuring that only valid transactions are registered.
  3. Geographical Description: Detailed descriptions of property shape, location, and size are documented.
  4. State Property Management: The Cadastre systematically records state-owned properties for the first time in modern Greece.
  5. Usucaption Rights: It registers property rights acquired through usucaption, a common method of ownership in rural areas.
  6. National Cadastre Operation: Responsible for compiling, updating, and operating the National Cadastre in accordance with legislation.
  7. Registrations and Mortgages: Manages and operates the Registrations and Mortgages System and geodetic material.
  8. Pledges System: Handles updates, management, and operation of the pledges system.
  9. Topographical Mapping: Initiates procedures for updating and evaluating topographical maps and diagrams, including photogrammetric tasks.

Additional Functions

Beyond its core responsibilities, the Hellenic Cadastre:

  • Manages electronic cadastral databases.
  • Collaborates with governmental bodies to update geospatial data and maps.
  • Provides expertise and services in geodesy, topography, land registry, and geographic information systems.

By fulfilling these multifaceted roles, the Hellenic Cadastre plays a pivotal role in modernizing and streamlining real estate governance in Greece, promoting transparency, efficiency, and reliability in property transactions.

Enhancing Property Rights and Streamlining Transactions.

  1. Assured and Permanent Title Deed Confirmation: Ensure secure and irrevocable title deed validation.

  2. Streamlined and Cost-Effective Administrative Processes: Liberation from cumbersome and costly bureaucratic formalities.

  3. Efficient and Simplified Real Estate Transfers: Expedite property transactions while reducing associated expenses and time investment.

  4. Prompt and Secure Expropriation and Compensation Procedures: Assure swift and secure processes for expropriations and compensations.

A Comprehensive Guide by ARENCORES, Tailored for Property Buyers and Investors Delving into the Chania Real Estate Market.

Exploring Properties for Sale in Chania

Properties for sale in Chania: The Definitive Guide by ARENCORES for property buyers and investors looking to invest in Chania real estate market.
A Comprehensive Guide by ARENCORES, Tailored for Property Buyers and Investors Delving into the Chania Real Estate Market.
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