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Dedicated Property Management Services in Chania, Apokoronas, Platanias, Kissamos, and Akrotiri.

Are you seeking exceptional property management in Chania, Crete? We understand that every property and every client is unique.

That’s why our real estate asset and property management team tailors a dedicated approach for each asset under our care. By leveraging our professionalism, comprehensive range of services, and in-depth local knowledge, we aim to deliver unparalleled operational and performance excellence.

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Experience Excellence

At ARENCORES, we manage an impressive portfolio of properties in Chania, Crete. Nearly 75% of our portfolio consists of luxurious villas and detached houses. Additionally, we currently manage three historic buildings in the heart of Chania Old Town. Our comprehensive and synergistic property management framework is designed to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.

We take pride in managing some of the most distinguished properties in Chania, catering to both local and international clients. Whether you’re looking to purchase a property for residential purposes or for a commercial investment, ARENCORES offers unparalleled expertise and service to meet your needs.

Property Management in Chania, Crete by ARENCORES Real Estate Experts
Property Management in Chania, Crete by ARENCORES Real Estate Experts

ROI Management Solutions

  • Private Wealth Management (PWM) secures, develops and manages relationships and negotiations with investors, corporate investors and developers.
  • Institutional Business works to develop and execute thoughtful investment solutions for our real estate customers which includes individuals, corporate and private investors, foundations, insurers and institutions.
  • Third Party Distribution (TPD) primarily targets individual, investors and real estate developers through financial intermediaries and intelligence forecasting to identify high ROI opportunities.
  • ARENCORES Intelligence (Ai) identifies real estate investment opportunities across a wide range or properties and under several criteria, market indicators and risk scenarios. The focus is to generate reliable and economically viable investment prospects.

Prooven Methodology

Keeping up with continual advancements in the fields of energy efficiency, real estate assets integrity and security measures make property management an increasingly complex discipline.
Unseen economic crisis parameters and market fluctuations can complicate negotiation efforts and jeopardize agreements success.

Whether renovating the assets of your property or investing in new projects, ARENCORES applies its expertise with practical effect to coordinate, operate and administer a customized approach that meets the immediate and long-range objectives of the property.

Value Enhancement

Regardless of location, project size or portfolio complexity and architectural style, all real estate infrastructure are assets with the potential for increased returns.

By outperforming ordinary expectations and unlocking that potential, ARENCORES has created a new benchmark in property management services.

One Standard

Regardless of location, project size or portfolio complexity and architectural style, all real estate infrastructure are assets with the potential for increased returns.

By outperforming ordinary expectations and unlocking that potential, ARENCORES has created a new benchmark in property management services.

Commercial and Residential Investments Enhancement

Our full suite of  Property Management and Investment Management includes:
  • Planning and Supervision
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Building Consultancy
  • Obtaining Construction Permits
  • Construction Monitoring and Delivery Management
  • Contract Administration and Integrated  Control
  • Facility and Engineering Functionality Management
  • Milestone and Performance Monitoring
  • Technical Supervision and Improvements Plan
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management

How Does ARENCORES Property Management Work?

1. Initial Consultation

Discover Our Services:
Visit our office or schedule a virtual meeting to explore our rental management services, including comprehensive insurance coverage.

Tailored Property Assessment:
Receive an objective evaluation from our certified real estate agents, reflecting the latest market trends.

Customized Recommendations:
Get personalized advice to maximize your property’s potential.

Professional Photoshoot:
Our expert photographers will highlight your property’s best features.

Strategic Property Promotion:
Benefit from our collaboration with leading agents to ensure your property stands out on top real estate platforms.

Stay Informed:
We keep you updated on all legislative changes affecting the rental market in Greece.

2. Property Promotion Process

Condition Evaluation:
We assess your property’s condition and suggest enhancements or renovations to boost its appeal.

Rent Pricing Strategy:
Set a competitive rental price based on market insights.

Selective Tenant Presentation:
Present your property to carefully selected clients, including businesses, embassies, and prominent individuals.

Broad Market Exposure:
Our experienced brokers promote your property across the real estate market.

Effective Online Advertising:
Feature your property on major portals to reach the right audience

3. Tenant Selection and Lease Agreement Procedure

Rigorous Tenant Screening:
Conduct comprehensive checks to confirm tenant suitability and financial reliability.

Candidate Database:
Present a curated list of potential tenants for your selection.

Final Tenant Selection:
Choose the most suitable tenant with your full consent.

Lease Preparation and Representation:
Handle all documentation and represent you during the lease signing.

Clear Payment Protocols:
Establish precise payment schedules and methods.

4. Optimizing Occupancy Rates

Proactive Vacancy Management:
Ensure your property remains occupied with diligent follow-up.

Continuous Property Promotion:
Maintain high occupancy rates with ongoing promotion efforts.

Lease Management:
Regularly monitor lease extensions, renewals, and terminations to keep your property occupied and profitable.

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Latest Insights

Make well-informed business decisions using actionable insights from the leading research and thought leadership platform dedicated to the Chania property market. Our sophisticated approach provides in-depth analysis and valuable data, enabling you to navigate the Chania real estate landscape with confidence and precision.

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Everything you need to know about the property transaction and home buying process in Chania, Crete.

ARENCORES offers expert advice and analysis to a diverse array of property buyers and investors, encompassing commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Our market research in the Chania property market spans a wide range of projects. We provide comprehensive services including project development economic feasibility, rental income forecasting, business development strategy, and investment advice.

With our in-depth insights and tailored analysis, we empower clients to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential in the dynamic Chania real estate market.

Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS)

ARENCORES: Looking Beyond The Obvious

ARENCORES provides a range of services to ensure your property developments and investment are managed effortlessly. Our experience has helped us perfect how to maximise returns for Chania property investors and developers.

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For over 16 years, we’ve been helping people thrive through places and spaces. With an in-house team of professionals dedicated to residential, commercial and prime residential real estate exclusively in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete, no matter where you are, we have the expertise to accomplish your requirements and achieve excellence. 


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