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We can help you sell your property in Chania.

Selling a property in Chania? What are the costs of selling a house? What are the documents required to sell a property? How much tax do you have to pay when you sell a house? What happens when you sell a house? We have tips and how-to guides on every aspect of property selling.

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Chania Real Estate Property Guides

1. Accurate Valuation

Your aim should be to sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest possible time. Our team of registered professionals provide commercial, residential and hotel property valuations to banks, property companies, developers and investors.

We conduct property valuations every month giving us an intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values.

This is why we consistently achieve the asking price.

2. Select an Estate Agent (Think ARENCORES)

Your estate agent should have a strong presence in Chania property market as well as the ability to support you with the latest technology. Hiring the wrong Chania real estate agent can be a disaster. Whether buying or selling, it’s critically important that you ask the right questions when you visiting a real estate agent to sell or buy a property.

ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate provide greater transparency, speed and efficiency with the sale of your property.

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3. Instruct a Solicitor

It is really important to do some basic research into which solicitor is the best one for your case. All solicitors have areas of expertise. A successful property sale relies on an efficient and experienced solicitor.

Once a seller has decided they need the services of a property solicitor, they will need to instruct the solicitor to act on their behalf during the property selling process-transactions. In essence this means the solicitor needs to be officially asked to represent the seller.

Solicitors at ARENCORES have been hand-picked for their expertise, speed and efficiency.

4. Property Presentation

Today’s Chania real estate market is fast paced, vibrant and amazingly competitive. When you place your home on the market, it can get lost in the plethora of properties currently listed. The web-page of the real estate firm is the first place your property will be seen by a perspective buyer, so seize this opportunity to make the best first impression.

Having an attractively styled and inviting home will provide you that opportunity before prospective buyers step through your door.

As a premium and dedicated real estate firm, our primary responsibility is to produce a perception of attractiveness for a property that becomes the reality and expectation of the potential buyer.

Developing an effective and reliable property marketing campaign becomes the key. It requires intelligent promotional strategies that capture interest and secure viewings.

That means every potential customer contact – from online listing, advertisements, listing flyers, brochures, direct mail contact – must communicate the story aimed to entice the perspective buyer.

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5. Find a Property Buyer

To find a suitable buyer your property requires maximum exposure across a wide range of media and digital platforms in Greece and abroad.

When you instruct ARENCORES to sell your property you will benefit from our unrivalled, comprehensive marketing package, including: exposure on our website, email & SMS alerts, ARENCORES Magazine and the only Real Estate Magazine in Crete and promotion on property websites like Rightmove and Zoopla, Spitogatos, Spiti24 etc and representation by our local offices.

6. Receive Offers

In real estate, the final selling price is negotiable. Plan to negotiate when an offer(s) is received. For example, before you lower the price, you may be able to add value to the transaction by including appliances and / or closing costs. We will assist you with crafting counter offers and negotiating tips and techniques.

Two of the basic questions home sellers ask most often are “How quickly?” and “How Much?” The answers to “How quickly can you sell my property?” and “For how much money?” greatly depends on local real estate market circumstances and on arrangements you, the seller, make prior to putting a house on the market in order to receive property offers.

Don’t allow yourself to be pressured by your agent or anyone else to accept an offer! A good agent will simply point out your options and offer advice based on his experience, but once you decide to proceed it is good not to waste time and risk losing the buyer.

To assist you in better navigating the real estate process, we have compiled a list of essential steps for home sellers to facilitate the property offers process, including negotiation and handling.

7. The Closing

The day has arrived for the final step in selling your property. The closing, also known as the settlement, in simplest terms is when money is taken in from the buyer and paid out to the seller. The closing can take place in person or by mail and is handled by the real estate company.

The paperwork, which by this time has been formally reviewed by all involved parties—the buyers and sellers, agents, lenders, attorneys and title companies—details specifics of the sales agreement. In addition the paperwork enables all parties to verify their interests in the transaction.

The sales agreement details the payments or any payments that are due to the seller and the payments and amounts due from the buyer. Details include transaction costs such as title and tax searches, and adjustments, if applicable, such as prepaid taxes.

Congratulations, your property is now sold!

Documents & Certificates

Property Selling Process: Deeds The seller should provide all Deeds and plans of the property to the agent who in turn will give them to the buyer’s lawyer and engineer (if any) in order for them to do their inspections and give the green light for the buy.

Prior to the decision for a sale, the property owner should appoint an engineer to verify the legality of the property and provide a legality certificate which is by law obligatory for the property selling process.

It is recommended that the seller ensures that the status of the property is in line with the recent laws regarding selling a property.

The engineer shall provide all building permit documents, topography, building plans, building permission as well as the legality documents of the property.

Property Selling Process - green certificate The green certificate (ΠΕΑ) is provided by the seller’s engineer and is indispensable for the property selling process. Note that, according to the current legislation, the ΠΕΑ certificate is valid for ten years and is a referred to the property and not the owner.

A Guide to Sell a Property in Greece - National Insurance The seller’s accountant should prepare the tax documents for the selling process, that is, the property tax (ENFIA) and tax clearance certificates, as well as a National Insurance (IKA) Clearance if necessary.

Property Selling Process: clearance certificate If the property for sale involves building(s), then a clearance certificate (ΤΑΠ) from the Town hall should also be obtained by the seller, as it is required for the property selling process at the Notary.

Property Selling Process: Hellenic Cadastre Additional certificates may be required depending on the area where the property for sale is situated in respect to specific regulations that apply to the property area (Hellenic Cadastre, TOEB clearance etc.).

Property Selling Process - Info The aforementioned documentation should be checked with the Notary by the time of the sale, as the Greek Legislation regarding the property selling process may be subject to change

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REDS - Real Estate Data Sources and Information for the Greek Real Estate Sector by ARENCORES, Chania Real Estate Experts
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Chania Real Estate Help and Resources

Everything you need to know about the property transaction and home buying process in Chania, Crete.

Whether you’re looking for a detached house, a city center apartment or an office space, our guide will take you through all the required stages, from choosing a property which has the right usage classification to the finer points of the property transaction contracts and completion

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