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Platanias Houses for Sale (Chania, Crete)

From historic gems with long, sandy beaches to more hidden rocky coves, you're sure to find a place perfect for your stay in Platanias. Explore our exceptional homes, plots, detached houses, maisonettes and villas with ARENCORES, Chania Real Estate Experts.

Looking for Platanias houses for sale in Chania, Crete? Browse houses, apartments, villas, detached houses and maisonettes for sale from Chania Real Estate estate experts. Platanias offers some of the most exceptional properties in the Chania real estate market. We know exactly what it takes to buy properties in Platanias, Chania – adding value and efficiency at every stage of your transaction. Browse our listings and find amazing Platanias houses for sale.

Platanias Houses for sale. Chania Real Estate Experts.

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ARENCORES’ database contains several properties for sale in Platanias, Chania. We would recommend you filter this property list to narrow down the number of homes displayed in Platanias. You can also save any of these properties for sale in any of the wonderful Platanias villages to your property shortlist where you can review them at any time.


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Platanias Houses for Sale – The Challenges

Platanias is a paradise for beach lovers of all kinds; its seaside zones not only vaunt a wide variety of lovely beaches, but they’re often flanked by many of the region’s most enchanting spots…

From historic gems with long, sandy beaches to more hidden rocky coves, you’re sure to find a place perfect for your stay. Renowned for its charming coastal area and the magnificent surroundings, Platanias is the ideal destination to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze and soak up the local culture. This corner of Crete has it all, as spectacular amenities – traditional mountain villages, beautiful surroundings, white-sand beaches and delicious local produce…

Browse among our Platanias houses for sale and discover your perfect home. With ARENCORES Platanias property listings for sale it’s easy to find your next home in one of the wonderful Platanias villages. Distance to beach? A garden? A swimming-pool? Proximity to leisure amenities and Chania International airport or Souda port? These are all considerations when looking for a home in Platanias. Whatever is important to you, there is an area in Platanias to suit your lifestyle and real estate needs. Browse our Platanias houses for sale and the advantages they all have to offer.

Platanias Houses for Sale (and Plots)

Full of colour, warmth and charm Platanias countryside overflows with beauty, from the dramatic White Mountains stretching throughout the region, to the magnificent azure sea contrasting with the yellows and golds of the beach sand. The region is also home to a large number of beautiful villages, each adding to Platanias’ unique landscape and culture.

The hustle and bustle of Platanias seafront is offset by the small surrounding villages and settlements that can be found in the area immediately surrounding one of Crete’s most popular seaside resorts. All along the coastline, seaside towns and villages not only vaunt a wide variety of stunning beaches…. You can read more about Platanias in Platanias Property Guide.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Platanias, Chania why not take a look at some of our exceptional Platanias Houses for Sale (and Plots):

Fournas plot for sale, a property to buy near Platanias

Fournes Peaceful Plot For Sale

Fournes ,730 05, Platanias, Crete
Featured Kamisiana Plot for sale near Platanias

Peaceful Plot for Sale in Kamisiana, Platanias

Kamisiana, Platanias, 730 14, Chania, Crete
  • 9363.3sq. m.
Featured Gerani House for sale - Platanias properties

Gerani House for Sale

Gerani, Platanias, 730 14, Chania, Crete
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 3Bathrooms
  • 253sq. m.
Plot for sale near Platanias by Chania Real Estate

Peaceful Plot in Vlacheronitissa, Platanias

Vlacheronitissa, Platanias, 730 02, Crete
Featured Platanias plot for sale

Platanias Plot for Sale – Prime Positioned Property

Platanias 730 14, Pirgos Psilonerou, Crete
Featured Polemarchi house for sale

Polemarchi House for Sale (Voukolies)

Polemarchi, Voukolies, 730 02, Platanias, Crete
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 1Bathroom
  • 224sq.m
Featured Polemarchi plot for sale near Voukolies, Platanias

Polemarchi Plot for Sale (Voukolies)

Polemarchi, Voukolies, 730 02, Platanias, Crete

Awesome Family House for Sale in Modi, Platanias

Modi, Platanias, 73014, Chania, Crete
  • 3Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms
  • 132sq.m.
Featured Pontikiana-Kolimbari-Old Mill For Sale

Pontikiana Old Olive Mill – Small Hotel for Sale

Pontikiana, Kolimbari, Platanias, 73002, Chania, Crete
  • 5Bedrooms
  • 6Bathrooms
  • 244sq.m.
Gerani-Loutraki Residence for Sale

Loutraki Detached House in Need for Renovation

Loutraki, Platanias Settlement, 73100
  • 1Bedroom
  • 1Bathroom
  • 48sq.m.
Pontikiana-Kolymbari Old Stone House

Pontikiana Old House

Pontikiana, Platanias, 730 02, Chania, Crete
  • 67sq.m.

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Before you look for Platanias Houses for Sale (and Plots), you need to decide on the area. It could be the most important decision you make: get it wrong and you will either be unhappy with your real estate decision, or face the costs of looking for a new property. Make sure you check out our property guides and Chania real estate market research pages so you know what’s happening to property prices in the area of your interest.

Read our Platanias Property Guide to find out what it is like to live (and work) there. ARENCORES informative guides will bring to life the areas and explain not only what amenities serve the area, but also where the locals go, the best beaches and the most significant historical sites.

With our six comprehensive area guides, you will discover what you need to know about any area, to help you decide whether it is the right location to buy your next home, or invest in property. Browse our extensive lists of Platanias houses for sale and discover your perfect home in Platanias, Chania. With ARENCORES  property listings for sale it's easy to find your next home in Platanias.

Discover exceptional Platanias houses for sale with ARENCORES.

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