Our Approach - Helping Our Clients Succeed

We believe that an economic feasible investment is driven by our collective passion to explore the art of what is possible, irrespective of property assets size, price, complexity or location. To build and maintain sustainable real estate projects ARENCORES uses a holistic approach, necessary to enrich their business potential and establish an effective deal structuring strategy.

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Technology and Big Data with ARENCORES

ARENCORES Intelligent sourcing platform provides a 360-degree view of investor’s needs, allowing potential clients and stakeholders to better personalize their offerings and real estate marketing efforts. By accessing a plethora of real estate assets and market indicators, such as business vs. economic climate, luxury property vs. value seekers, and their personal preferences through their actual consumption and purchase patterns ARENCORES ensures a holistic view of the investment decision.

Actionable Knowledge

At ARENCORES we use a carefully selected variety of innovative tools including creative thinking, technology, research and intelligence along with property management and evaluation techniques that drive continuous improvement and business excellence. Our team is rich in diversity with constructive knowledge on markets trends and insights dedicated to keeping you abreast of the real estate transaction risks and advising you on the implications associated with your strategic decisions. Real estate and reliability are inseparable and as such we continue to emphasize our property listing research and strategic sourcing on reducing the gap between business excellence and investment uncertainty.

Why we are Different

At ARENCORES we have developed and maintained an evidence based approach to design and structuring a real estate consulting experience for addressing critical challenges, in both event-driven and long-term scenarios of the real estate transactions and investment procedures. Because real estate is a sophisticated sector our engagements often involve the role of trusted business advisor via our practical, immediate and sustainable solutions. ARENCORES MEDIATION®, ARENCORES MARKET INTELLIGENCE® including ARENCORES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT® and ARENCORES Sourcing®, are a paradigm of the advantageous benefit brought to our clients by our professional team.

We help our clients to identify and execute innovative ways in transforming complexities and uncertainties into true competitive advantages- an evidence to our aptitude to consistently deliver reliable results.

We are Innovated

We start a conversation with an open mind. We listen to understand different perspectives and with honest in sharing what we see in the future transactions. Our holistic approach leads us to find reliable and flexible ways to do real estate business better. When combined with research and lessons learned from the past it encourages us to challenge preconceptions or attitudes and introduce innovation and intelligence in real estate transactions. We are committed to making a difference.

We are Committed

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. At ARENCORES, we measure client satisfaction levels using the Client Heartbeat to obtain valuable insights into how our customers really feel about our services and to ensure that you receive the highest quality at all times. ARENCORES has committed resources to ensure an ongoing investment in real estate transaction processes, appraisal  and mediation procedures, and innovation that are designed to deliver business excellence and the highest satisfaction  in terms or royalty, price, quality and reliability.

We are Holistic

As experts in advisory consultancy and project management our work is uniquely holistic covering the real estate full spectrum. As a team we have the skills, attitude, knowledge and motivation to take a project from its conception, evaluation and negotiation, through to the final decision making.

We are Experts

We are a newly established but very dedicated and professional team with expertise across a range of architecture projects and civil engineering specialisms. Our specialisms include: Architectural Design for residential and industrial buildings, Hotel Architectural Design, Property Consultancy, Topographies, Building Construction Management, Renovation & Building Refurbishing, Project Management,Building Permissions, Property Legalization Permissions, Building Energy Performance Certificates (ΠΕΑ) and Technical Due Diligence.

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