Hellenic Cadastre – Reinforcing Transparency & Security in Property Transfers

The Hellenic Cadastre introduces innovations that constitute it a truly fundamental project for Greece, resulting in significant benefits for the citizens, Hellenic economy, real estate transaction transparency and the protection of environment. The Hellenic Cadastre is an integrated and continually updated information system, which is being established, operated and managed under the responsibility of the Greek State. It provides a platform that records legislative, technical and other information about the real estate properties and the applicable legal rights.

Hellenic Cadastre FAQs by ARENCORES, Chania Real state Experts
Hellenic Cadastre FAQs by ARENCORES, Chania Real state Experts

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The Hellenic Cadastre irrevocably demarcates and ensures State and municipal property, limits bureaucracy and real estate property transfer procedures become simpler and faster, In addition, upgrades the real estate property market and raises the property value so that significant investments in real estate market are attracted.

What is the public entity under the name “Hellenic Cadastre”?

According to Law 4512/2018, the company under the name “National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A.” is abolished and replaced by a new public entity under the name “Hellenic Cadastre” (“Elliniko Ktimatologio”), based in Athens. The new entity is supervised by the Minister of Environment and Energy.
In addition, seventeen (17) cadastral offices shall be established, one in each region (except for Attica region where three (3) offices shall be established and Central Macedonia region where two (2) offices shall be established) and other sixty-eight (68) branches at major cities or islands as well. It should be noted that the new entity will be self-funded.

Which is the main purpose of the Hellenic Cadastre?

The Hellenic Cadastre is a system of information in which the legal details of the real estate properties and the rights on them are recorded. Its aim is to ensure absolute publicity and security of transactions. The purpose of the entity is achieved by the registration of legal and technical information, the precise determination of the location and boundaries of the real estate and the publication of legal rights over each real property. The development of the Hellenic Cadastre aims at the creation of a modern, fully automated real estate property record, whose details are of an evidentiary nature, ensuring the best publicity and security of transactions.

Specifically, the Hellenic Cadastre:

1. Records all deeds that establish, transfer, change or abolish rights on properties on a real property-centred basis. Thus, everything becomes simpler and more definite.
2. Guarantees all legal details it records, since every deed is registered only after its lawfulness has been checked, meaning that no deed is registered if the transferor is not the person that the cadastre shows to be the beneficiary.
3. Records the geographical description (shape, location and size) of the property too.
4. Unveils and systematically records the State real property for the first time in contemporary Greece.
5. Records the rights evoking from usucaption, which, especially in the province, may constitute the most usual way of ownership acquisition due to the informal nature of transactions.
6. Establishes the compilation, updating and operation of the National Cadastre, in accordance with the applicable legislation;
7. It is responsible for the Updates, Management and Operation of the Registrations and Mortgages System and geodetic material;;
8. It is responsible for the Updates, Management and Operation of the system of pledges;
9. Involves all the required procedures to update and evaluate the topographical maps and topographic diagrams – including the photogrammetric and telescopic tasks, i.e. aerial photographs and satellite images.

Furthermore, the Hellenic Cadastre:

(a) manages the electronic cadastral databases;
(b) co-operates with other governmental bodies to update the geospatial data and maps;
(c) provides services and know-how of its relevant field to third parties, i.e. in the field of geodesy, topography, land registry and geographic information systems.

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