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Why ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services? Imagine a city rich with history, brimming with possibility of exceptional real estate prospects yet unsure of its future and its enormous potential that local and international real estate buyers and investors were unaware of. That city was Chania, a city both local and international condominium buyers had overlooked since recovering from the recession.

In 2018, ARENCORES established Real Estate Chania to facilitate property buyers’ decision and holistically research the risks and opportunities of the market. Working closely with property investors, buyers and sellers ARENCORES provides professional, scientific and technical services dedicated to Chania property market. ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services are dedicated to simplify the understanding of the relationship between real estate intelligence, achievement and innovation.


“ARENCORES project marketing and sales, alleviates your concerns regarding pricing and marketing your property development successfully.”


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Chania Estate Agency Products

It would be arduous to expect a property developer to have the experience and knowledge that covers all aspects of a real estate project.

We do not operate in the same mode as a common real estate agent, who will often pitch to a vendor simply by promising a high property sales price, accompanied with a a basic marketing campaign. Getting the property selling or buying process strategy wrong from the outset can create a faulty and negative momentum which leaves property buyers and sellers unsatisfied. This is why the pricing strategy for a property must be accurate.

We research the current market conditions to ensure you have practical expectations and a realistic budget to work with. Our experience in the Chania property industry spans nearly 15 years, and in this time we have seen many changes in the property landscape of Crete.

Our Property Marketing  strategy is List to Sell that is based upon current market conditions and pricing objectives to ensure you a successful real estate agreement. ARENCORES understands that your requirements may change; we therefore offer a number of professional real estate services to assist you. These services include:

  • Master agent; ARENCORES manages all aspects of property management, marketing and sales channels
  • My agent; A dedicated agent to work exclusively under your property and project sales
  • Consultancy; Fee-for-service pricing and marketing strategy

How Our RESTful Consultancy Works

Our RESTful platform – Chania Estate Agency consultancy is a fee-for-service. You may require advice for engineering and architecture matters,  Land Registry office (Ypothikofilakeio) inquiries, dedicated property pricing valuation, or need to re-thinking your current real estate needs.

Maybe you simply want to include ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency services in your property management, long term rental,  marketing or selling.

ARENCORES are experienced professionals in determining your property pricing strategy, in helping you to attract genuine buyers  and by following our consultant advice we will ensure you the highest return of investment.

If you select ARENCORES as your property development’s Master Agent we will waive the consultancy fee. Start your property selling or buying process with a forecast of confidence.

Contact us for an appointment, meeting/ further information and quote for service.

Identify opportunities and manage risks

ARENCORES’ Chania Estate Agency advisory services assist in integrating the culture, methodologies and processes of a property buying or selling business to identify real estate opportunities in Chania property market and  and manage risks. This can help make decisions, support business objectives and prevent loss, damage or harm to your real estate investment.

ARENCORES has an experienced team offering a range of real estate, engineering, project management, marketing and risk advisory services to real estate investors, buyers and sellers:

  • Mediation Excellence – including resources that will promote excellence in mediation and help property buyers and sellers reach durable real estate agreements.
  • Investment Management  – relating to advisory services and to long-term perspective.
  • Retrospective Planning – including planning permission, details about permitted development rights and lawful development certificates.
  • Property Appraisal – developing a solid opinion for your property market value including risk management.
    Market Research – assessing Chania property market, real estate trends, uncertainties and implementation to ensure successful outcomes for your next decision
  • Property Management – providing efficiency and economy to enhance and maintain the value of each real estate asset.
  • Chania Property Guides – offering an innovative way of presenting the area of your interest with tailor made research on the opportunities, risks and prospects’ potential.

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