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ARENCORES services are complimentary and tailored to Chania property buyers who value our experience, personal guidance and support we offer.We are Chania’s property professionals and strive for excellence. We invest heavily in new technologies and knowledge to ensure you are receiving the best advice and service.

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ARENCORES offers a comprehensive range of property services. We are exceptionally strong in Chania residential and commercial sales not only in new homes, but also in small hotels and plots.

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ARENCORES employees make us what we are – professional partners for our customers. We invest in long term training and career development to provide the best services.

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ARENCORES Power Networking ensures there are no surprises along that way and that you get the most out of your investement.

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help and resources for Chania property buyers

We listen and take the time to understand exactly what your needs and requirements are. Our goal is to find you the perfect opportunity within the budget you have to work with.

Is the property I'am willing to buy legal?

Chania property buyers infoBuying your first property in Chania can be a stimulating yet daunting prospect, but with good assistance at an early stage, and a sensible approach, taking your first step as a property owner in Chania can become that much easier.

The term “illegal structure” as per the Greek statute, refers to all structures and constructions that were built without planning permission from the Town planning authorities such as the construction of a  storage room, garage, conservatory or outbuilding not included in the building permit’s approved architectural drawings and diagrams. The term “unauthorized use” refers to the use of a space that is inconsistent with the purpose that was initially declared in the approved plans of the building permit; Read More…

What other costs should I be aware of?

Chania property buyers costsThere are a number of additional costs involved in buying a property in Greece aside from the deposit required. These include Notary Fees, Land Registry Fees and Estate Agents Fees. The full costs of buying a property are explained in ARENCORES Property Costs Guide. Read More…

Is it necessary to obtain a planning permission?

Chania Property Buyers environmental PermitsStrategic planning applies at the national level as a whole (National Planning Frameworks (NPFs)) and to individual regions (Regional Planning Frameworks (RPFs)). Both NPFs and RPFs are approved by ministerial decision and contain spatial planning rules and suggestions.

The Local Spatial Plans (LSPs) suggest the general terms and conditions for structures and the general uses of land in a municipality. On the other hand, the Special Spatial Plans (SSPs) also suggest the terms and conditions for structures and the general uses of land, but also deal with areas that require special spatial planning handling. Read More…

What kind of services are available?

Chania property buyers servicesThere are a number of business plans, platforms and services available for Chania property buyers to make the overall process and transactions more achievable and reliable. You can find out more about these, including ARENCORES Chania Property Help to Buy, in our research pages or you can also contact us by email for more information.

Other types of services are also available to help Chania property buyers. Nevertheless, talking to one of our real estate experts with access to the whole of the market will help you understand all available options, risks and opportunities. ARENCORES real estate advisers have access to a wide range of resources and databases in order to provide Chania property buyers with a choice of realiable and high ROI opportunities.

Prepare your finances

Chania property buyers savingsTo give yourself the greatest chance of buying a home or any other type of property in Chania you should get your finances in order. You may find it easier to save money if you create a personal budget. However, looking at your income and carefully planning your expenses, you will stand a better chance of saving enough for a deposit and secure your investment opportunity. With a deposit in place you will also be a more attractive and reliable buyer to the sellers. Read More…

How important is a property appraisal?

Chania property buyers appraisal procedureThe valuation procedure is a systematic process the appraiser follows to answer a client’s request about the value of a property. The magnitude of this important source of information generates an indispensable requirement for well – informed and reliable appraisals to support decision making including, real estate disposition, value estimation, marketability, and the rights inherent in ownership. Read More…

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