Real Estate Property Appraisal-Valuation

A key consideration in property appraisal is to determine a property's value. However, the benefits of a property are generally realized over a long period of time and under several critical parameters that may influence the four elements of value: Demand, utility, scarcity and transferability.

How much is your property worth? Property appraisal services in Chania, Crete.
How much is your property worth? Property appraisal services in Chania, Crete.

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Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Valuation Services

ARENCORES identifies investment opportunities, assesses and manages properties to increase the value of their associated assets and increase the return of investment (ROI). We consider ourselves to be a honest representative of the real estate investors:

For our customers, we identify the “right assets and opportunities” and structure the entire real estate acquisition process, from property sourcing, research, due diligence and purchase agreement negotiations right through to the point of transmission to asset management.

Accurate and reliable real estate valuation and advisory services are critical to the success of every property investment. As economic crisis, globalization and connectivity continue to reshape the real estate marketplace, foreign clients rely on ARENCORES’s ability to deliver high quality, Chania real estate market-reliable analysis, property appraisal-valuations and advisory services in a timely and qualitative manner.  A reliable and cost effective supported opinion of property value can mean the difference between reaching a significant goal – securing a loan, reaching a sale agreement, reporting to investors, choosing the best asset – or failing to achieve it altogether.

ARENCORES Valuation & Advisory Services’ reports are designed to deliver insight into a property’s fundamentals aspects, its competition and the overall market dynamics affecting investment value. We deliver comprehensive and highly professional property appraisal reports as apart of a strategic asset for investors, lenders and owners that meet the latest international standards (Uniform Standards of Professional Property Appraisal Practice). ARENCORES property appraisals are significantly important help all the parties involved in the real estate procedures, to understand the unique characteristics of each property, facilitate the formulation of a profitable strategy, while also avoiding possible pitfalls inherent in real estate investing.

Property Appraisal and Valuation Advisory Services

Because we recognize that technology and networking are not enough to establish economic viable investments, our professional team stand committed to our clients’ success and will go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service with clear, concise, and accurate results.

ARENCORES has extensive experience with a plethora of real estate investments appraisals including office buildings, shopping areas, apartment projects, luxury houses and villas.

Land appraisals have been completed in all sectors of the real estate market including industrial, commercial, residential and development land. Single-family dwellings, condominiums, and country acreage appraisals are also a major area of our business.

In addition to appraisals we also provide consulting on a variety of value related real estate components such as: value maximization prior to sale of investment, operations efficiency, shareholders agreements, dispute resolution, damage quantification, legislation, risk management and others.

Get commercial real estate appraisal, valuation and advisory support from ARENCORES to help you make the right property decisions

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to provide clear and concise appraisal and valuation reports that convey a supported value estimate to provide a basis for acquisition, underwriting, loan classification and/or disposition of the asset by our client. We want to ensure that the appraisal includes accurate, relevant and pertinent data for the property assets involved. Our valuations are performed in strict conformance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the national and International Interagency Guidelines.

Our extensive, industry leading, global platform enables us to consistently provide quality assurance on a wide range of services across many different property types. These include:

Industrial and Logistics
Entertainment Venues

Data Centers
Sport Facilities
Green Building

Hotels and Resorts
Villas Complex
Wind Energy Investments
Retirement and Seniors Housing

Book a Property Appraisal

A market appraisal is a great way to start your property journey. At ARENCORES we’re here to support you every step of the way – we believe in going over and above in everything we do, so you can be sure that you’re getting great service from professionals. We’re all about brilliant communication and a friendly, open team. If you’re thinking of making the move, we’d love to hear from you.

The Property Appraisal Process

After the client calls or emails us, expressing their need for an appraisal, we reply to find out all of the details on what needs to be appraised. Then research is compiled behind the scenes to see how your property assets compares to other properties and their assets in the same area. Our appraisers come out and evaluate your property, take photos of the interior and exterior. Once we have all the necessary data and information we compile your appraisal report.


Like any service, appraisal fees are based on the amount of time the appraiser spends in providing the service. The amount of development time may vary from one assignment to another and depends on the complexity of the asset and the availability of the information. Fees do not include items such as additional consulting, court testimony, unique properties, multiple structures/farms, historical properties, and stigmatized or black-listed properties.

In order to share with you a cost estimation, you must request and sign an official Property Viewing Agreement accompanied by a copy of your valid ID or passport.

We may process your personal data based on your consent, for the performance of a contract or as necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests, including for responding to your property enquiries in accordance with your preferences as further described herein (Art. 6 (1) (a), (b) and (f) GDPR).

Reliable Estimation

Every property owner in Chania, Crete wants to achieve the best price for his/her property within a desired timescale. At ARENCORES, we strive to make that a reality for you by providing reliable estimates.

Our real estate experts apply their intimate knowledge of both your area’s specific market conditions and your property’s elements (age of construction, quality of the construction, size, investment value, future prospects), to recommending an asking price and marketing strategy that will maximize pragmatic property viewings and the number of offers received.

With not a reliable asking price,  your property could remain unsold in the property market for many months, with a lack of buyer interest resulting in you accepting a lower offer than you would have originally achieved if you had come to the market at the right and much accurate asking price.

Thinking of Selling?

When you choose ARENCORES to sell your home we think you will find our approach refreshingly different.

Why sell your property in Chania through ARENCORES?

  • We take all reasonable steps to qualify all potential buyers wishing to view your property
  • We advertise on several property websites (domestic and international) so your property can be widely and effectively seen
  • We implement marketing campaign intelligence techniques to target potential buyers
  • We accompany viewings, provide regular feedback, advice, eye-catching ‘For Sale’ boards
  • We use “target marketing” which recognizes the diversity of our customers and doesn’t try to appeal to all of them with the same offering.  With market segmentation we can find a buyer for each property
  • Finally, we are always looking for ways we can improve our services and be more proactive in helping you promote and sell your property

If you’d like to discuss your potential sale or receive a suggested marketing price, please complete the valuation request form above or contact us to schedule a face to face meeting in our office.


As a dedicated and well respected Chania real estate firm with extensive local knowledge, our experience will prove invaluable in your proposed sale. ARENCORES advises and guides sellers at each stage of the sales process in order to secure the optimum price for their property and within an acceptable time frame.

If you are thinking of selling, we are happy to undertake a a property appraisal and advise on value, presentation and marketing.

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