Living in Chania TM is a series of Practical guides to local areas in Chania with information including local amenities, beaches, outdoor activities, transport, historical places and local schools.

Explore the different areas of the Prefecture of Chania, find a lovely property to live and get a feel for what it is like to live there.

Guides to living in Chania by ARENCORES

Are you wondering if living in Chania, Crete, might be right for you? Living in Chania is definitely a great experience. Our Chania area information will help you find the place in the city of Chania that best suits your needs and budget.

You can also discover a charming place to live in Agia Marina, Platanias, Akrotiri, Apokoronas, Kissamos, Palaiochora, Sfakia or Kandanos. You can research and explore:

  • Chania Area guides on more than fifty areas including villages and areas of interest, with information on the history and culture, popular beaches, local amenities, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Chania’s lifestyle zones we have re-categorised Chania’s real estate market property market to reflect the way Chania residences live rather than local authority boundaries so you can explore which areas of the Prefecture of Chania suit your lifestyle and style.
  •  Latest tax trends and rates  for those interested to buy a property in Chania, Crete.
  • Land Registry historic sold price data and RESTful enable you to research sold prices in your preferred area.
  • Our Chania real estate & property market blog, offers expert commentary on the latest property and development trends in Chania, Crete.

Living in Chania, Crete

Apokoronas Area Guide

If there’s a perfect place to enjoy the Cretan nature in all its splendour, it’s the province of Apokoronas – a paradise of unparalleled beauty where natural landscapes and monuments, coastlines of crystal-clear waters and unique biodiversity come together in an unforgettable setting for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

A paradise where you can admire Crete’s special character – the versatility of Vamos, the natural charm of Gavalochori, the contrasts of Lake Kournas and Ombrosgialos, the glory of Kokkino Chorio and the authenticity of Stilos and Armeni.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Apokoronas Villages

There’s something unpretentiously artistic in the way the landscape in Chania unfolds, from the sun-drenched beaches and rocky slopes in the peninsula of Akrotiri to the rugged canyons and spectacular olive groves spilling out at the cove-carved southern coast of Agia Marina.

Chania is a fascinating tapestry of splendid beaches, historical treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant sea-side resorts and picturesque villages, where locals share their culture, delightful cuisine and generous spirit of hospitality.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Chania Villages

Kandanos-Selinos delights visitors with its beautiful villages, quaint alleys, magnificent gorges and spectacular beaches. Kandanos-Selinos beaches are prized for their soft white sand and transparent water-perfect for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming.

The scenery here is wild and beautiful. Hiking, nature walks, cycling and fishing are also popular activities in the area of Palaiochora. Those who prefer to enjoy outdoor activities will ultimately be rewarded with breathtaking natural scenery and exceptional panoramic views of the forests and plains, the mountains, and the sea.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Kandanos - Selino Villages

Living in Chania, Crete

Kissamos Area Guide

Kissamos is an area of exceptional beauty, natural attractions and uniqueness and definitely will make your heart beat just a little faster. From delightful small bays, to exquisite beaches, impressive gorges, rolling hills, and fascinating monuments from the Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine era.

Inhaling the aromas of the wildflowers or relaxing on golden sand beaches with crystal clear water. You will be part of living, breathing landscapes. What you remember afterward is the unpretentious beauty of Kissamos.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Kissamos Villages

Living in Chania, Crete

Platanias Area Guide

Platanias is a paradise for beach lovers of all kinds; its seaside zones not only vaunt a wide variety of lovely beaches, but they’re often flanked by many of the region’s most enchanting spots.From historic gems with long, sandy beaches to more hidden rocky coves, you’re sure to find a place perfect for your stay.

Renowned for its charming coastal area and the magnificent surroundings, Platanias is the ideal destination to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze and soak up the local culture. This corner of Crete has it all, as spectacular amenities – traditional mountain villages, beautiful surroundings, white-sand beaches and delicious local produce.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Platanias Villages

Living in Chania, Crete

Sfakia Area Guide

Far away from the tourist crowded resorts, with magnificent backdrops and isolated charming villages, with no modern facilities and nightclubs, no ongoing road, but unspoiled nature and outstanding Cretan dishes.

In the pint-sized fishing village of Sfakia you will find many small but of exceptionally beauty coves and impressive gorges. Here visitors will find plenty of amazing beaches with crystal clear water and small pebbles or sand and amazing remains from ancient civilizations.

Living in Chania - Area Guides

Sfakia Villages

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