Why Buying a Property in Chania With ARENCORES

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We always go the extra mile for customers. Our database contains carefully selected properties in Chania Prefecture, giving you more options in areas you may not have considered.

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We are civil engineers and researchers first and then real estate agents. It’s a combination of what we do and how we do it and we constantly strive to do things better.

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We provide proactive, diverse communication during every transaction giving you reliable information in a professional way.

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We understand the needs of investors and sellers and have in-house experts who deal with every aspect of the real estate transactions with integrity and professionalism.

Property Legalization Guide

Which buildings should be legalized according to the Greek property legalization law? Which is the procedure to legalize a property? “In many cases, several property owners in Chania are not aware …

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Do I Need a Lawyer?

The supervision of an independent Greek property lawyer when buying property in Crete is very important as real estate law in Greece is complex and requires an independent, competent, honest professional …

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Chania Land Use Permits

Land use and spatial planning permits are not just permits for construction; they are approvals for land development, design and uses for future building construction. According to the Constitution, the Greek …

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Hellenic Cadastre

The Hellenic Cadastre introduces innovations that constitute it a truly fundamental project for Greece, resulting in significant benefits for the citizens, Hellenic economy, real estate transaction transparency and the protection of environment…

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Decoding Greece’s Property Law

Greek property law refers to the different schemes of regulating property rights between each jurisdiction of the territories in Greece; combining legislation and receptive of common law …

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Opening a Bank Account in Greece

Foreigners who wish to buy real estate property in Greece are not expressly required by the law to open a bank account with a bank in Greece; in practice, however, they need to open an account in order to be able to pay the real estate transfer tax …

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Property Taxes in Greece

Property taxes in Greece apply only to real estate, which means land and buildings, and are not levied on cars, business inventory, or any other type of personal property. However, property taxes …

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Real Estate Acquisition Procedure

The right to property, as a fundamental right, is under the protection of the State, as provided in the Greek Constitution, Article 17, whereas it is stipulated that property rights cannot be exercised …


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Buying a Property in Chania

Whether you’re a first-time property buyer or an experienced commercial property investor, you’ll want a dedicated team of professionals with deep knowledge of the Chania property market by your side. Here at ARENCORES, we’ve been making property dreams come true since 2014, and buying through us couldn’t be simpler.


Above all, ARENCORES values people. (That’s why it’s our first value.) When push comes to shove, we make decisions in people’s best interests over financial gains, real estate needs and other business metrics. We have people-focused benefits, but our way of working and interacting goes much deeper than that.

Chania Property Buyers - Find a Property in Chania

Property Search

Tell us about the property you would like to purchase in Chania and we’ll do the property search for you.

Chania Property Buyers - Property Search in Chania

Property Identification

Find homes, apartments, villas and land for sale identified by our professional team.

Chania Property Buyers High Return of Investment Potential

High Returns

We propose properties with high Return of Investment (ROI) potential in Chania & Rethymnon.

Chania Property Buyers Agreement - ARENCORES

Transparency & Reliability

A transparent real estate process that outlines prices and terms for successful real estate transactions.

Thinking about buying a property in Chania, Crete?

Discover the latest properties for sale in Chania and select among the very best Chania property market assets.

Our portfolio offers properties that can gratify even your most especial needs and demands! Luxury estates, villas, detached houses, flats in housing complexes, maisonettes, buildings, apartments, land plots, small hotels, professional premises and commercial properties.

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