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Sfakia: Far away from the tourist crowded resorts, with magnificent backdrops and isolated charming villages, with no modern facilities and nightclubs, no ongoing road, but unspoiled nature and outstanding Cretan dishes…

In the pint-sized fishing village of Sfakia you will find many small but of exceptionally beauty coves, impressive gorges, plenty of amazing beaches with crystal clear water and small pebbles or sand and amazing remains from ancient civilizations…

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Sfakia Property Guide

Discover all you need to know about house prices, market trends and local life or browse houses and plots for sale in Sfakia.

Sfakia Property Guide is an excellent resource for people buying or selling property in Sfakia Municipality. This guide was established to help our customers avoid the many complexities and pitfalls of buying a property in Sfakia. We provide information on market trends and we also support our research with insightful real estate data-charts to compare. Moreover, to ensure a successful and reliable property purchase process, Sfakia Property Guide also includes financial and legal matters.

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Where do Sfakia locals go?

Oasis Tavern

Sfakia Property Guide - Oasis Tavern Fragokastello

This is an exceptional restaurant that serves excellent Greek food and a wide range of tasty dishes. The area itself is wonderful with a green scenery that clearly benefits from the abundant groundwater running from the nearby gorges. They have airy veranda when you can eat while breathing the sea breeze at the sunset.

No bad surprises of the dish, as the owner himself shows you the available menu, in the open kitchen. Nothing to hide! The food to choose, is right in front of your eyes, in a superb clean kitchen! There is also a spectacular variety of vegetarian food that includes rise, pasta, vegetables, salads, greens and cheese. Couldn’t fault the place, just a splendid location and food.

Sfakia Property Guide - Oasis

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Sfakia Property Guide - Anoplois-Aradaina Village

Starting from Chora Sfakion you cannot imagine that in just a few kilometres away you will arrive at a magnificent setting resembling the Alps! In Aradaina village you will see the highest bridge for bungee jumping in the country, surrounded by impressive mountains and an abandoned village built on the edge of the steep cliff. From here you can admire the  views to the Libyan Sea and explore the remains of the ancient city and part of its fortification walls.

A visit to the sfakian bakery on the left side of the road as you enter the village is a must. Sfakian rusks aromatized with coriander, raki, Greek coffee and of course the local gastronomic masterpiece: sfakian pies, filled with white cheese and topped with honey.

Sfakia Property Guide - Oasis Tavern Fragokastello

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The Small Paradise

Sfakia Property Guide - The Small Paradise

Small Paradise more than lives up to its name, offers the very best of Cretan hospitality and the authentic way of life. It’s a hidden gem tucked away on the south coast set in an ultra-peaceful, yet of exceptionally beat stony bay lapped by sparkling, crystal clear water.

There are places that bring you to a higher level of happiness in a mystical way and this is one of them. A place where you realize how the magnificent scenery and environment can influence your culinary experience. This is where you find yourself. If you love peace and quiet, searching for a quiet beach, fantastic Greek home-cooked food and a feeling of being a family with the other guests, then this is the place.

Sfakia Property Guide - The Small Paradise

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Loutro Village

Sfakia Property Guide - Loutro Village

Loutro is a small picturesque village in southwestern Crete, at the end of the magnificent Samaria Gorge. The majestic backdrop, the tranquil atmosphere, the crystal clear water and the hospitality of the local people provided Loutro a plethora of friends and passionate visitors.

Because of its isolated position and the lack of a road network, Loutro is perfect for those looking for a peaceful spot away from the bustle of urban life. You can only reach it by ferry or on foot. No cars, no bikes… no hotels with pools, nothing to spoil the harmony of this magnificent place.The beach is small, quiet and undisturbed with some nice fish tavernas.

Sfakia Property Guide - Loutro Village

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Why do you find Sfakia a a great place to live?


“I love Sfakia. The waters here are so clear and have an amazing color. You can visit Aradaina village by passing the amazing gorge of Aradaina or visit the amazing village of Loutro. There is also a plethora of good restaurant in the area.”


“Excellent clear blue water for swimming,diving and exploring the caves that are between Marmara and Finikas. After that you can enjoy a nice coffee or e spectacular diner in Chora Sfakion. I wake up every morning feeling incredibly fortunate to live here.


“A friend once told me that you have to live in Sfakia like you are about to move away: take advantage of all the things you would miss. I feel like I’ve lived in ten different places in the time I lived here. At different times talking advantage of participating in outdoor activities in Samaria Gorge, other times reveling in Chora Sfakion, riding bikes to the beach. I have no words to describe this place.”


“I have just recently moved to Chania however I lived in Sfakia for three years. Best three years of my life. There’s so much to do, so many places to explore, so good restaurants to taste real extraordinary Cretan dishes and the perfect place to start your trekking on the White Mountains!”

Beaches near Sfakia

Glyka Nera Beach

Sfakia Property Guide - Glyka Nera Beach

Glyka Nera Beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in Sfakia. The beach is wonderfully wild and windblown – visitors come for the wildlife and remarkable landscape. The pristine beauty of Glyka Nera beach is only matched by the bright blue waters which are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water here is cold, crystal clear and full of fish because of the springs. The beach contains pebbles and shingle so there is no sand to blow in your face when the Meltemi whips up like it often does in Crete in July and August.Nudists and tents at the one side, umbrella sets at the other.

Do not miss the lentil soup at the Mermaid Taverna on the beach! The best part of the beach is the far end from the tavern, under the shade of the tamarisk trees and far away from the big tourist crowds. You don’t need to bring water with you since there is a well giving sweet water just 2 meters from the sea.Sfakia Property Guide-Beaches

Ilingas Beach

Sfakia Property Guide - Ilingas Beach

Ilingas beach is located right next to Chora Sfakion, at the exit of the homonymous magnificent gorge. While you’ll be charmed by the amazing surroundings, you can also enjoy some spectacular swimming and snorkeling along the untouched shoreline. This beach is made for pure relaxation. It simply calls for you to lay down on a sunbed and enjoy the peace and tranquility. The water has a characteristic  turquoise color and the seabed is rocky which makes it ideal for fishing.

This beach is not very organized and is also not affected by the strong northern winds, so is the ideal place for a quiet swim and sunbathing even when the meltemi is blowing. Right next to Ilingas beach you will find a small similar beach, though completely isolated and peaceful. Hidden discretely at the bottom of a dramatic rock, this paradise spot can only be reached by swim. Don’t miss the bonfires on the beach at sunset.Platanias Property Guide - Beaches

Marmara Beach

Sfakia Property Guide - Marmara Beach

Marmara or Dialiskari beach is located west of Loutro, at the exit of the imposing Gorge of Aradena and is accessible only by boat or on foot by the European Path E4. The waters here are so clear and have an amazing color. More precisely all the shades of blue are here… You can approach Marmara beach either from Aradaina village by passing the astonishing gorge of Aradaina, either by boat from the Chora Sfakion or Loutro.

However, what distinguishes the beach are the soft colorful marbles that cover the area from which the beach took its naming (in Greek: “Marmara” means “Marbles”). The beach is 50 meters long and it is pebbly with spectacular surroundings. If you swim on the left side of the beach you’ll find numerous, yet of exceptionally beauty marble caves. You can swim in the caves and even discover little passages between them! The little taverna at Marmara shouldn’t be overlooked. The food is cooked fresh and is very tasty.Platanias Property Guide - Beaches

Likos & Finikas Beaches

Sfakia Property Guide - Finikas Beach

Likos & Finikas beaches are two adjacent tiny, yet of remarkably beauty harbors near Sfakia. The beaches are hidden in two coves, 900m and 700m west of Loutro, respectively. Likos beach with its rocky surrounding offers a dramatically contrast that unpretentiously stands out while Finikas beach with its coarse pebbles and big rocks provides a truly stunning scenery. Both beaches are remote, off-the-beaten-path beaches that reward the most adventurous of road trippers crossing the European path E4.

Though Likos & Finikas beaches are relatively small, the setting is simply amazing. The best time to visit is morning hours and before the throngs of visitors descends on this spot in the hope of finding their paradise. The water is warm, azure blue and startlingly clear. Here you can enjoy the life with all your senses! Swim at the crystal-blue sea, explore the caves and try all the tasty Greek food, you can get at the taverna located right on the beach!Sfakia Property Guide-Beaches

Frangokastello Beach

Sfakia Property Guide - Fragokastelo

Frangokastello is one of the most wonderful beaches in Sfakia. Idyllically located in front of a small tourist settlement and right in front of the imposing Frangokastello Castle (The Castle of the Franks),Frangokastelo beach is a dreamy destination. This is an organized sandy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, crystal water and restaurants serving cold drinks and fresh fish. The sandy beach deepens gradually and is a pleasant and enjoyable playground – ideal for families with kids.

To the west you will find pebbled beaches and rocky seabed, ideal for snorkeling. In the opposite direction, at approximately 400 meters, is located one of the most beautiful beaches of Crete, the Orthi Ammos with its remarkable sand dunes and its crystal clear water. This is a pleasant beach perfect for peaceful and relaxing moments, without sunbeds umbrellas, where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sun and admire the wild scenery of the Libyan Sea.Platanias Property Guide - Beaches

Loutro Beach

Sfakia Property Guide - LoutroLoutro is a small picturesque village in southwestern Crete, at the end of Cape Mouri. The spectacular beach of Loutro offers moments of relaxation and tranquility with the background of the Libyan Sea. Because of its isolated position and the lack of a road network, Loutro is well-matched to those looking for a peaceful holiday away from the bustle of urban life. There are no overcrowded streets, busy restaurants and luxurious hotels-there are no cars – just the occasional boats carrying fresh food to the waterfront tavernas and cafes.

The crystal blue-green waters here are more Caribbean-like than Mediterranean. Visitors can stay at Loutro village and use it as a base for visiting the surrounding majestic beaches of Timios Stavros, Likos, Finikas, Marmara and Pervolaki, either by taxi boat, canoe or on foot. Loutro is a place for those who like to open the door, fling their towel and read, swim, chat or sunbathe.Platanias Property Guide - Beaches

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Things to Do in Sfakia

Sfakia Area Photos

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  • Sfakia Property Guide - Aradaina
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About Sfakia

The mountainous province of Sfakia extends from the Omalos Plateau down to the southern coast, and has some of the island’s most remarkable landmarks, including the world famous Samaria Gorge, the White Mountains and Mt Gingilos (2080m) in the rugged interior. The impressive drive from the charming city of Chania to Chora Sfakion – descending through the mountains on numerous loop-back turns overlooking the Libyan Sea – is one of the most stunning sights in Europe.

Sfakia is a True Pleasure for the Senses

The stark, muscular White Mountains or Lefka Ori meet the Libyan Sea along Crete’s corrugated southwestern coast indented with a handful of laid-back beach communities, such as Frangokastello and Loutro. Chora Sfakion is Sfakia’s main village, and a small settlement, perfect for relaxing and boat-hopping further down the outstanding coast. Sfakia is a true pleasure for the senses. Unpretentiously, this rocky southern coast is a very diverse place, at least in terms of thought – thanks to the gigantic cliffs running to the Libyan sea. Not surprisingly, some of the most beautiful villages and extraordinary beaches are accessible only by boat and therefore completely untouched by mass tourism.

Summer winds blast through the gorges and across the Libyan Sea which means this is a perfect place for wind and kite surfing. Sfakia is well-known for being the only part of Crete never subdued by the Arabs, Venetians or Ottomans. Sfakia was the epicenter of resistance and is considered a land of glory because of the courage of its inhabitants. Their local cuisine includes the delightful Sfakianies pites (thin, flat cheese pie drizzled with honey) the epitome of the Authentic Cretan Cuisine.

Sfakia Villages

Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages in Sfakia?

Sfakia Property Guide – Home

Sfakia Property Prices

Property price range

€35,000 – €270,000


Average property value today


Average maisonette price: €97,000
Average detached house price: €85,000


What is your property worth?

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Sfakia Property Guide – Buyers Questions

Sfakia Property Guide

Seven questions property buyers ask before buying a property.
For more information please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

Sfakia Property Guide – Helping you Find the Perfect Home

Generally speaking, some real estate agents might not feel happy to discuss the facts. However, receiving a reliable answer will provide you an insight into how really excited they are to sell the property. Let’s say, a property owner moving to another area of the country for work. In this case, the owner will be more likely to sell the property faster than someone who is just moving to another property of different size. In this case, you could even negotiate the selling price due to the urgency of the circumstances.

However, if you are still wondering “What are the costs involved in buying?” or “Apart from the property, what other costs should you budget for?” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

This could be the most significant question you ask a real estate agent. The duration of the property in the market provides a magnificent insight concerning the desirability and attractiveness of the property. If the property has been on the market for a half of year or more, ask the agent about the initial selling price, location or possible structural and legalization problems.

However, if you are still wondering about the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

Issuing of energy performance certificate is a prerequisite for the property transfer or rental of buildings and has become mandatory since 9.1.2011. To prepare a Deed of Conveyance for any real property transaction Deed, the notaries public or solicitors are obliged by law to cite the EPC’s reference number in the real estate contract and submit an official copy of that document to the authorities. Buyers should be aware of the need for an up-to-date EPC.

However, if you are still wondering about what exactly the EPA involves you can read our detailed article on the Energy Performance Certificate. For more information on the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

If the property has been on the market for several months, you can propose a new price below the current price. However, this is not always an effective strategy because you never know how low a seller is willing to go. Since there are different motivations for selling the result of the negotiation as- always– is uncertain. Nevertheless, if the seller is willing to negotiate, you could luck out and achieve a magnificent deal.

For more tips about how to negotiate a property please have a look to our Buying a Property in Chania Guide. Moreover, you can always visit our Real Estate Chania website for all the latest Chania real estate trends, house prices and news.

If you find a property you really want to buy, then do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent whether the property seller is ready or not to reduce the selling price. A real estate professional will definitely provide you this critical information even before you make a deal.  However, the most important is your enthusiasm and high willing to acquire this property from the outset.

Many buyers question the importance of property inspections (especially homes). However ARENCORES has the tools and professionalism to take the weight off your shoulders. Residential properties often have undetected problems with roofs, swimming pools, deeds, electricity and even plumbing. ARENCORES lists only certified properties to prevent risks of costly repairs and also mitigate the bureaucracy procedures.

With a dedicated team of engineers, architects, marketing intelligence specialists and law professionals ARENCOS and ARENCORES is the holistic platform to establish property buyer’s trust and confidence.

Finding the property of your dreams, closing the deal and later discovering construction problems or that the neighbour is unsafe or noisy. Investigating the location is a crucial part of our team before advising or suggesting our clients and investors to buying a real estate asset.

We are using intelligent tools and services to acquire a reliable and cost efficient prognosis about the property and its location. Buying a home or plot in Chania real estate market is no small affair. We introduced our Properties Guide as an important tool to facilitate your search and improve your knowledge about the area of interest and the surroundings.

Sfakia Property Guide

The process of buying and selling property in Sfakia can be complex. Prospective buyers view Sfakia Property Guide by ARENCORES as the central resource for properties in the area of Sfakia Municipality. The ARENCORES team of real estate and marketing professionals is exclusively dedicated to listing, marketing and facilitating others realize their dreams of owning a house, plot or any other commercial or residential property in Sfakia.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Sfakia Property Guide, please contact us. In our database there are several exceptional properties for sale in Sfakia which are not publicly traded (Passive Listing). However, if you are looking for a house, plot or small hotel for sale in Sfakia you can use our search engine or request an appointment.

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