Are you Planning to Sell a Property?


There’s no right or wrong when it comes to valuing how much a property is actually worth. If you were to get a number of opinions on value there is likely to be quite a variation; from the realistic to the optimistic and all points in-between. What ARENCORES’ agents give you is more a vision on “marketing price” than a valuation and, as such, the numbers can be somewhat different.

We aim to give you a price-range, an explanation and support so that you to decide on an asking price and the right selling strategy for you. Our objective is to get the best possible price for you and there are different ways of achieving this depending on your circumstance, Chania real estate market trends and the amount of activity in the property market.

The keys to successfully establishing what your property is worth are the asking price of local-similar type comparable properties and the prices achieved for recent sales. The Property Selling Intelligence tool brings together ARENCORES, Land Registry and property market, current and historic prices in one place. We continuously monitor, investigate and evaluate a wide range of Chania property metrics and data to ensure that our clients acquire a consistently high standard of service and the best possible deal.

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Request a Property Valuation Before Selling

The pricing of your home is the most important part of the selling process. Price too high and buyers won’t give your property a second look; price too low and you’ll have it sold in no time while effectively losing a significant amount of money you could have pocketed if the house had been priced appropriately. Establish a reliable and dependable property appraisal today by submitting the form bellow. ARENCORES successfully sell many properties in Chania every year and we draw on our extensive market knowledge.

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