How much are our estate agent fees?

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Exclusive Listings in Chania

2.0% - 3.0% (+ VAT)

Non-Exclusive Listings in Chania

2.0% (+ VAT)

Chania Real Estate Agents Fees; We know the importance getting your property in Crete seen by as many people as possible, which is why our in-house marketing experts work tirelessly to exploit all of the channels available to them.

Here at ARENCORES, we like to keep things simple. We concentrate on helping people as much as we do selling property, and it has served us well to date.

We do not ask you to pay for the advertising and marketing expenses if we fail to find a buyer for your property. We cover this at our risk not yours. Moreover, at ARENCORES we guarantee in writing that should a property sale not occur you do not have to pay any costs whatsoever.

It’s as simple and as honest as that.

Non-Exclusive Property Listing

There are a few key points you should know about us. This is our policies for clients wishing to list non-exclusive properties with us:

• Competitive all-inclusive sales rates
No sale, no fee arrangements
• Our commission is calculated as a percentage  (2.0%) of the property’s final sale price and is subject to VAT. For example, if you were selling your property for € 700,000 the calculation would be $700,000 x 2.0% = € 14,000 + VAT 24% paid in commission.
• Your contract is flexible. This means that you can put your sale on hiatus at any time.

Our all-inclusive fee is 2.0% of the final sales price. However, for properties with selling price below € 75,000 minimum fee may apply.

ARENCORES, Chania Real Estate Experts is the best way to bring attention to your property across leading real estate websites & platforms. We promote our non-exclusive properties throw this beautiful website that you are looking at right now, of course!

We promote non-exclusive properties under some strict criteria through our local and international network of portals such as Spitogatos network, Xrisi Eukairia, Zoopla and Rightmove.

For non-exclusive properties, we offer a complete suite of marketing products and services designed with the purpose of building a successful marketing campaign to generate results.

With distribution of our non-exclusive properties in top markets, ARENCORES is hyper-focused on streamlining the property  buying process by presenting your property for sale to a captive audience with real property buying intent.

Accompanied property viewings 7 days a week if required.

*  There isn’t one way that an exclusive or non-exclusive property is right and one way that is wrong, there are just different structures, with different offerings, leading to potentially different results.

Exclusive Property Listing

We’re prominent on social media (five platforms: FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn), and we market digitally to our database of buyers to ensure that all online avenues are pursued. For exclusively listed properties we are using  dedicated boosting and targeted campaigns with no cost.

KEEP THE SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR PROPERTY with a free advertisement on our ARENCORES Magazine. With almost 75% of property buyers looking for properties over 500 km away, ARENCORES Magazine is a great resource for those looking for properties in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Open house viewing intelligence application (iRES). Available for download on iOS and Android devices, our open home application allows our customers inspect our exclusive properties directly from their screen.

Detailed Summary of Property Viewings. A three-month summary of our exclusively listed properties to gain a reliable insight into your property viewings, including demographics, age, geographic location, property viewings and interest status.

Our offline efforts are likewise remarkable. Our offices are in prime location in Chania City Center and we are available any day of the week except Sunday. We also market extensively via a number of printed media outlets locally. This means that we have every demographic and potential buyers covered so your property will be seen by the widest possible audience, globally.

We advertise all our exclusive properties on local and international real estate platforms in Scandinavia, Germany, UK, France, Israel, USA and Australia.

We design and produce exceptional brochures for our exclusive properties that will appeal to elite property purchasers.

We provide all our clients with a Service Guarantee. A written guarantee of the real estate services we promise to provide. This means that we will not lock you into a not reliable contract if you are not happy with our service.

We use professional photography to maximize your properties exposure in the marketplace. At no cost to you.

Free Property Appraisal. We’ll value your property according to what the market is currently telling us so that your property will fetch the best price at any given time.

Other costs to consider when selling your property

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