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Platanias is a paradise for beach lovers of all kinds; its seaside zones not only vaunt a wide variety of lovely beaches, but they're often flanked by many of the region's most enchanting spots...

From historic gems with long, sandy beaches to more hidden rocky coves, you're sure to find a place perfect for your stay. Renowned for its charming coastal area and the magnificent surroundings, Platanias is the ideal destination to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze and soak up the local culture. This corner of Crete has it all, as spectacular amenities – traditional mountain villages, beautiful surroundings, white-sand beaches and delicious local produce...

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Platanias Property Guide

Platanias Property Guide

Discover all you need to know about house prices, market trends and local life or browse houses and plots for sale around Platanias.

Platanias Property Guide is an excellent resource for people buying or selling property in Platanias area. This guide was established to help our customers avoid the many complexities and pitfalls of buying a property in Platanias. We provide information on market trends and we also support our research with insightful real estate data-charts to compare. Moreover, to ensure a successful and reliable property purchase process, Platanias Property Guide also includes financial and legal matters.

In Platanias Property Guide you will find information for:Platanias Property Guide

Where do Platanias locals go?

Cretan Brewery

This exceptional Brewery is the first microbrewery in the prefecture of Chania, located in the village of Zounaki, in Platanias municipality. It’s highly sophisticated industrial facilities, surrounded by orange trees and olive groves. There are normally five different unpasteurized and unfiltered beers to choose from.

There are a few, yet of exceptionally tasty Cretan dishes available, such us the lovely large potato salad with apakia (homemade Cretan ham) and the home made chips. However, if you just want to have a taste, you can order all beers in small glasses and a bowl of snacks. This is definitely an astonishing experience.

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Botanical Park of Crete

The fabulous Botanical Park of Crete is one of the most wonderful attractions for visitors of all ages, located only 26 km from Platanias. It is the first of its kind in the country, which is designed to inspire the overall preservation of Crete’s rich ecological and cultural heritage.

Approximately 20 hectares of land are waiting to welcome you, full of fruit trees, herbs, therapeutic and ornamental plants. The land’s formation and the region’s exceptional microclimate make the park a small paradise for hundreds of endemic species of flora and fauna and a heaven for bird watching.

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Platanias Beach

There aren’t enough hours in anyone’s trip to hit all of the Platanias restaurants and bars featuring the thing visitors crave most: magnificent beach and water views. The beach is very busy in July and August but because of its size you will definitely find some quiets spots as well.

Platanias Beach is a Blue Flagged beach with a magnificent view to Theodorou islet and crystal clear water. You also have the option of jet skiing, wind-surfing, banana boats and snorkeling. Strolling along the sand, you can also find rock enclaves with the shade of trees as well as pebble stretches.

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Karavitakis Winery

Karavitakis estate consists of 150 acres of private vineyards with carefully selected terroirs for each and every variety. The winery features a sophisticated infrastructure, 2 winetasting areas and a small church, nestled between beautiful vineyards and olive tree groves.

The wine tasting comes with cheese, bread, and bottled water. The wine is delicious. You will never felt rushed but relaxed and happy to be there. Karavitakis winery accepts visitors with or without appointments. Nearby the winery in the village of Vouves you can also visit the oldest olive tree in the world (3000 years old).

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Why do you find Platanias a great place to live?


“Great places to eat, loads of gift ideas and a venue for all kinds of events, including a magnificent beach.”


“Platanias is one of the most famous destination in Chania. A charming village and spectacular sandy beaches with view on an abandoned island. I love it.


“I like almost everything. The location is perfect for exploring the west side of the island – reasonably short and easy drive to Kissamos and the port to Balos, Falassarna, Elafonissi and the charming city of Chania with its Venetian Harbour. A fantastic island…a fantastic place to live.”


“Platanias is a beautiful location and I am amazed by the raw nature and wildlife. Platanias is a fantastic place to live and it feels like there’s always something happening in every corner of the village. I love the diversity here and the incredible climate. Surprisingly, at the same time you can find a place to relax or feel the vibes of a modern sea-side resort.”

Beaches near Platanias

Platanias Beach

Platanias Property Guide-Platanias Beach

Platanias beach is a one of the longest (has a length that reaches a total of 7 km) and most popular sandy beaches on the island of Crete. The beach is a lovely Blue Flag awarded beach with spectacular water and fantastic services. While it is a popular swimming destination for the locals, its sheer size means that one can always get away from the crowds.

For those seeking an adventure, plenty of water sports are also on offer. On windy days, you can enjoy swimming, east of the local harbor, near Agia Marina beach since the consecutive artificial creeks provide good protection from northerly meltemi winds that blow regularly in the summer.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Gerani Beach

Platanias Property Guide - Gerani Beach

Famous for its crystal clear water Gerani beach is the ideal destination for visitors of all ages. It is one of the longest beaches on the area, with azure water and a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by beautiful scenery. Gerani Beach is partly organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and taverns selling delicious fresh fish and lovely Cretan food.

The beach also offers good windsurfing conditions and attracts many water sports enthusiasts. Gerani Beach has the advantage not to be as crowded as the nearby beaches of Platanias and Agia Marina. Total tranquility and serenity in a place where a stretched out towel is a conquest of the good life is guaranteed.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Afrata Beach

Platanias Property Guide - Afrata

Afrata beach is a picturesque pebble beach, located 3.5 km north of Kolimbari on the peninsula of Rodopou. Idyllically hidden in a small, yet wonderful cove the beach in Afrata provides a wonderful quiet rhythm to all this coming and going.

Immersed in an oasis of beauty, the light, sun and the gentle sea breeze embrace the senses. The beach is partly organized as there are sunbeds, umbrellas and a lovely canteen. However, since the beach is not big, it might be better to avoid the weekends where many locals visit this serene place. Moreover, Hellenospilion, an outstanding monument of the Neolithic and Late Minoan period is absolutely worth visiting.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Kolimbari Beach

Platanias Property Guide - Kolimbari

Kolimbari beach is idyllically nestled between the wonderful cliffs of Kissamos peninsula. The water is crystal clear, while the stunning scenery includes white sand, small pebbles and amazing sunsets. This is a Blue Flag awarded beach featuring the magnificent natural beauty and serenity of the Cretan Archipelagos.

In the beginning of the beach one can find sun beds, umbrellas and several restaurants but most of it keeps its untouched natural beauty. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of sea-side resorts like Agia Marina and Platanias, it’s a great place for beach lovers. However, those spectacular turquoise waters were never going to stay a secret for long.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Tavronitis Beach

Platanias Property Guide - Tavronitis

Surrounded by the magnificent mountains of the Kissamos peninsula, Tavronitis beach is a wonderful beach, dotted with tamarisk trees that provide welcome shade in the stifling midday heat. The comings and goings of the fishing boats are intermingled with the ferry boats and yachts that leave their trail in the waters and ripple all the way to the beach.

Being not much tourist developed, Tavronitis beach is a great choice for families and anyone else who desires some peace and tranquility on this part of Crete. Here, you can relax on a sun lounger before having a dip in the shallow crystal clear water. Moreover, a couple of beachfront taverns provide leisurely lunches.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Rapaniana Beach

Platanias Property Guide - Rapaniana Village

Rapaniana beach is a lovely beach – a part of the long beach that starts at Kolimbari and extends for several kilometers northeast towards Chania. Crystal clear turquoise waters, pink sand, pebbles and a backdrop of the White Mountains make this beach a very special place.

The beach in Rapaniana has a range of services, including a lifeguard and fine choice of restaurants, so as not to have to walk any further than necessary, other than strolling around. However, watch your steps, since the area is also a significant refuge for Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtle, which is a protected endangered species and comes to this beach to give birth from May until September.ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

Maleme Beach

It’s no wonder that Maleme beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the western part of Crete. Located near the remarkable military airport, this beach has a more remote and peaceful feel to it, something you will definitely appreciate in high season.

The sand is soft and golden and the waters are azure and shallow. However, the beach is frequently affected by northern winds so be careful when entering the water. Right next to the beach you will find all the necessary amenities and services for sea sports enthusiasts. If you are looking for an isolated place to swim, you can find a peaceful part of the beach at its west end.

ARENCORES Property Guide-Beaches

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Things to Do in Platanias

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About Platanias

Full of colour, warmth and charm Platanias countryside overflows with beauty, from the dramatic White Mountains stretching throughout the region, to the magnificent azure sea contrasting with the yellows and golds of the beach sand. The region is also home to a large number of beautiful villages, each adding to Platanias’ unique landscape and culture.

The hustle and bustle of Platanias seafront is offset by the small surrounding villages and settlements that can be found in the area immediately surrounding one of Crete’s most popular seaside resorts. All along the coastline, seaside towns and villages not only vaunt a wide variety of stunning beaches, but they’re often flanked by many of the Platanias region most historic gems. Despite the flow of traffic, Platanias is also home to wide range of beautiful beaches worth visiting. The area is also a perfect spot for scuba diving and boasts a lively nightlife. Platanias municipally has it all: wild nature, unspoiled landscapes, excellent food and wine and endless things to see.

Platanias Villages

Why not explore some of the magnificent villages in Platanias?

Platanias Property Prices

Property price range

€45,000 – €2,000,000


Average property value today


Average maisonette price: €254,000
Average detached house price: €205,000


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Platanias Property Guide – Buyers Questions

Platanias Property Guide

Seven questions property buyers ask before buying a property.
For more information please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

Platanias Property Guide – Helping you Find the Perfect Home

Generally speaking, some real estate agents might not feel happy to discuss the facts. However, receiving a reliable answer will provide you an insight into how really excited they are to sell the property. Let’s say, a property owner moving to another area of the country for work. In this case, the owner will be more likely to sell the property faster than someone who is just moving to another property of different size. In this case, you could even negotiate the selling price due to the urgency of the circumstances.

However, if you are still wondering “What are the costs involved in buying?” or “Apart from the property, what other costs should you budget for?” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

This could be the most significant question you ask a real estate agent. The duration of the property in the market provides a magnificent insight concerning the desirability and attractiveness of the property. If the property has been on the market for a half of year or more, ask the agent about the initial selling price, location or possible structural and legalization problems.

However, if you are still wondering about the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

Issuing of energy performance certificate is a prerequisite for the property transfer or rental of buildings and has become mandatory since 9.1.2011. To prepare a Deed of Conveyance for any real property transaction Deed, the notaries public or solicitors are obliged by law to cite the EPC’s reference number in the real estate contract and submit an official copy of that document to the authorities. Buyers should be aware of the need for an up-to-date EPC.

However, if you are still wondering about what exactly the EPA involves you can read our detailed article on the Energy Performance Certificate. For more information on the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

If the property has been on the market for several months, you can propose a new price below the current price. However, this is not always an effective strategy because you never know how low a seller is willing to go. Since there are different motivations for selling the result of the negotiation as- always– is uncertain. Nevertheless, if the seller is willing to negotiate, you could luck out and achieve a magnificent deal.

For more tips about how to negotiate a property please have a look to our Buying a Property in Chania Guide. Moreover, you can always visit our Real Estate Chania website for all the latest Chania real estate trends, house prices and news.

If you find a property you really want to buy, then do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent whether the property seller is ready or not to reduce the selling price. A real estate professional will definitely provide you this critical information even before you make a deal.  However, the most important is your enthusiasm and high willing to acquire this property from the outset.

Many buyers question the importance of property inspections (especially homes). However ARENCORES has the tools and professionalism to take the weight off your shoulders. Residential properties often have undetected problems with roofs, swimming pools, deeds, electricity and even plumbing. ARENCORES lists only certified properties to prevent risks of costly repairs and also mitigate the bureaucracy procedures.

With a dedicated team of engineers, architects, marketing intelligence specialists and law professionals ARENCOS and ARENCORES is the holistic platform to establish property buyer’s trust and confidence.

Finding the property of your dreams, closing the deal and later discovering construction problems or that the neighbour is unsafe or noisy. Investigating the location is a crucial part of our team before advising or suggesting our clients and investors to buying a real estate asset.

We are using intelligent tools and services to acquire a reliable and cost efficient prognosis about the property and its location. Buying a home or plot in Chania real estate market is no small affair. We introduced our Properties Guide as an important tool to facilitate your search and improve your knowledge about the area of interest and the surroundings.

Platanias Property Guide

The process of buying and selling property in Chania can be complex. Prospective buyers view Platanias Property Guide by ARENCORES as the central resource for properties in the area of Platanias. The ARENCORES team of real estate and marketing professionals is exclusively dedicated to listing, marketing and facilitating others realize their dreams of owning a Platanias house, plot or any other commercial or residential property.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Platanias Property Guide, please contact us. In our database there are several exceptional properties for sale in Platanias, Chania which are not publicly traded (Passive Listing). However, if you are looking for a house, plot or small hotel for sale in Platanias you can use our search engine or request an appointment.

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Finding property for sale in Chania isn’t hard. But finding the right property is. Looking for your dream home in Chania? A detached house or terraced villa? Discover carefully selected real estate assets in Chania and find your perfect property: apartment, house, villa, land plot, commercial property or residential property. In ARENCORES we are using innovative property management, data analytics, intelligent search platforms and virtual tours to find the perfect property in Chania wherever in the world.

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