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There’s something unpretentiously artistic in the way the landscape in Chania unfolds, from the sun-drenched beaches and rocky slopes in the Apokoronas peninsula to the rugged canyons and spectacular olive groves spilling out at the cove-carved southern coast...

Chania is a fascinating tapestry of splendid beaches, historical treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant sea-side resorts and picturesque villages, where locals share their culture, delightful cuisine and generous spirit of hospitality.

Kolimbari Area - Living in Chania Guide by ARENCORES
Kolimbari Area - Living in Chania Guide by ARENCORES

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Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES

The Spectacular Villages of Platanias

Platanias area has a few hidden gems besides its wonderful beaches and perennial monuments, and one of them is the villages – each one with its own beauty and distinctive character.

Perhaps more rewarding for the discerning traveler are those smaller corners of exceptional beauty, many reachable only by car or boat. On world maps these beautiful villages and settlements are marked only by the smallest pinhole, assuming they appear at all.

Hidden across the territory towards the magnificent White Mountains, they have something exceptional and special where it seems time came to a standstill.

Whether it is their architecture, historical aspect or simply their attractiveness, the villages of Platanias are definitely worth a visit.

From cobblestone paths, to 19th century churches, and from Venetians remains to luscious green fields – these authentic Cretan villages in Platanias will surely charm you away.

Experience the Authentic Cretan Way of Life

There is a unique culture in the area of Platanias that sets it apart from anywhere else in Crete. From the cuisine to how they spend their time with family and their hospitality.

There are many ways to discover this way of life, but exploring the lesser-travelled but equally stunning locations on the island is one of the best!

Kolimbari Village: Peaceful and Charming

Kolimbari is a seaside village located on the viewpoint formed between the northern coastline of western Crete and the Rodopos peninsula stretching towards north. Kolimbari is located about 22 km from the charming city of Chania, 12 km from Platanias and 30 km from the airport.

One word – variety. And Kolimbari, Platanias has heaps of it. This beguiling region is both sleepy and captivating with snippets to satisfy everyone. It’s near impossible to imagine Kolimbari without taking a stroll through the winding streets and discover this area’s classic old-world charm or relaxing on the famous Kolimbari beach.

However, Kolimbari has oh so much more than meets the eye. Whatever your taste, you’ll find something new to explore. And if you’re looking for a cosy abode to match, check out our portfolio of residences for sale in Kolimbari.

No matter your age or your interests, in Kolimbari you will have the chance to get exceptional experiences during the whole year. The village is very close to surroundings of extreme natural beauty with uncommon kinds of flora and fauna.

It is also very easy for somebody to visit nearby beaches of exceptional beauty, caves, gorges, traditional settlements and archaeological sites. The strategic position of Kolimbari, on the coastal side of the Rodopos peninsula and near the national road, offers the ability to the visitor to get at both, as well as the west and the east site of the Chania prefecture.

No matter your choice finally, the only thing certain is that you will be thrilled with all your senses.
In the summer the village of Kolimbari is dedicated to tourism so you can choose from an enticing selection of hotels, shops, gift shops, cafés and more.

Do not miss a unique gastronomic atmosphere on the waterfront promenade admiring the moonlight glistening in the water and watching the boats rock back and forth.

The well-maintained walkway leaves a definitely positive impression, and here the visitors can relax and recover after the wonderful day trips on the surroundings. The village itself is charming, with many picturesque spots and a modest but lovely church.

Moreover, the residents are as happy as ever, and although Kolimbari relies on tourism – there isn’t a grey cloud in sight!

The Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolymbari

It is very easy to get mesmerized while admiring the waterfront promenade, so go ahead and take a seat on one of the many benches that line the walkway. There you can admire the lights bouncing off the water, listen to the gentle crashing of the waves against rocks.

Nevertheless, there are more than meets the eye. Perched on high bluffs, near the Holy Gonia Monastery, The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is without question one of the Greek Orthodox Church’s most important institutions.

The basic mission of the OAC is the dialogical witness and the liturgical ministry of Orthodoxy in the modern world. It functions in canonical relationship with the Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinon, and it operates under the spiritual auspices of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

The Monastery of Panagia Hodegetria

The seaside Monastery Panagia Odigitria Gonia is located on the Spatha peninsula, approximately 2.5km north of Kolimbari. The monastery is also known as Lady of the Angels Monastery of Gonia (Gonia = Corner) due to its location on the western edge-corner of the bay of Chania.

According to Wikipedia the monastery was founded in the 9th century and was originally dedicated to St. George. It was originally situated at Menies on the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis Britomartis (Diktynna).

Kolimbari Beach

Kolimbari beach starts in the village, stretches for several kilometres to the east and reaches the coastal resort of Gerani. The Blue Flag beach is sandy and is well organized with umbrellas, chairs, loungers, changing rooms and showers.

However, the north winds that usually blast in the summer, make the sea wavy. Generally speaking, the beach in Kolimbari is generally not crowded and usually frequented by locals.

Next to the beach there are many options for accommodation, food, cafe and entertainment. If you seek for amore peaceful beach, you can visit the small coves near the Gonia Monastery, 1km northwest of Kolimbari.

Boats run from the port of Kolimbari to Cape of Rodopos, with its magnificent cliffs and the small, yet of exceptionally beautiful beaches; like Menies beach which is located on the site of ancient Diktynna at the exit of Foundas Gorge.

About Platanias

Full of colour, warmth and charm Platanias countryside overflows with beauty, from the dramatic White Mountains stretching throughout the region, to the magnificent azure sea contrasting with the yellows and golds of the beach sand.

The region is also home to a large number of beautiful villages, each adding to Platanias’ unique landscape and culture.

The hustle and bustle of Platanias seafront is offset by the small surrounding villages and settlements that can be found in the area immediately surrounding one of Crete’s most popular seaside resorts.

All along the coastline, seaside towns and villages not only vaunt a wide variety of stunning beaches, but they’re often flanked by many of the Platanias region most historic gems.

Despite the flow of traffic, Platanias is also home to wide range of beautiful beaches worth visiting. The area is also a perfect spot for scuba diving and boasts a lively nightlife. Platanias sea-side resort has it all: wild nature, unspoiled landscapes, excellent food and wine and endless things to see.

The Villages of Platanias

Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages in Platanias?

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