Kasteli Village - Kissamos Property Guide

Kissamos is an area of exceptional beauty, natural attractions and uniqueness. Kissamos will make your heart beat just a little faster. From delightful small bays, to exquisite beaches, impressive gorges, rolling hills, and fascinating monuments from the Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine era...

Inhaling the aromas of the wildflowers or relaxing on golden sand beaches with crystal clear water. You will be part of living, breathing landscapes. What you remember afterward is the unpretentious beauty of Kissamos...

Kasteli - Kissamos Property Guide by ARENCORES
Kasteli - Kissamos Property Guide by ARENCORES

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Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES

The Spectacular Villages of Kissamos

Kissamos is a cultural hub and an area of remarkable beauty with a rich history spanning over centuries. With sweeping scenery, breath-taking beaches, interesting architecture and a captivating community, there is a plethora of reasons why Kissamos is the place for you to visit or acquire your next property in Crete!

With a completely different atmosphere to the rest of Crete, a visit to the area offers you a wealth of things to experience. Find out a few interesting facts below!

Kissamos, is brimming with wildlife and home to some of the most beautiful villages in Crete, Greece. full of verdant valleys, gorges and natural waterfalls.

The mapped hiking trails that run through the prefecture, but also the routes that you can carve yourself in the shade of firs and Platanus, give you the opportunity to live a unique, refreshing experience and get in touch with the unspoiled, untouched Greek nature.

Kasteli: A Fortified Settlement of a Charming Beauty

Kasteli Kissamou is located 42 km west of the charming town Chania with its picturesque Venetian Harbour. Kastelli is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens, olive groves, magnificent landscapes, restful green forests and spectacular sea views.

The impressive landscape around Kasteli and Kissamos in general is a real natural paradise for walking holiday’s fans. The picturesque panorama of the area makes walking, hiking, trekking, horse-riding and mountain biking a truly unforgettable experience, with an exciting new experience around every corner.

During your stay in Kasteli, there are not only picturesque hills and small beaches to discover but also rustic byzantine churches and chapels, striking enough to be excursion destinations in their own right.

Kasteli Surroundings and Sightseeing

Hardly surprisingly, the overwhelming attraction of Crete for most foreigners is its excellent climate. Greece is the sunniest country in Europe and the climate has been described by the World Health Organisation as among the healthiest in the world. Kasteli is not exception as it’s bolstered by glorious weather for much of the year providing its visitors plenty of outdoor activities.

Kasteli is built along a wonderful sandy beach in the location where once the ancient city of Kissamos stood. The strategic position of the Kasteli, between the two prominent peninsulas of the region – Gramvousa Peninsula and Rodopou Peninsula and the sea and near the national road, offers the ability to the visitor to get at both, as well as the west and the east site of the island.

Do not miss a visit to the magnificent archaeological sites of Falassarna and Polyrinia, the Gramvoussa isles (pirate isles), the beautiful Georges of Topolia, Sirikari and the world famous lagoon of Balos. South of Kasteli, at a distance of approximately eight kilometres the ruins of the ancient city of Polyrinia – the glorious city that the Dorians built in Crete dating from the 6th century (following the Minoan Period) are worth visiting.

Kasteli Amenities and Kavonisi Port

Kasteli looks spectacular all year round, but on a clear day in summer, the view from the waterfront promenade is not to be missed. In the western part of the village there is a main road, named Iroon Politexniou St., full of shops and supermarkets.

However, during the summer months, the heart of the Kasteli beats on the waterfront promenade, close to the picturesque Tzanakaki square. The promenade is cemented, so it allows you to have a lovely romantic walk on the seafront and enjoy the magnificent sea view.

The village of Kasteli peaked during the Minoan era, and has since left a legacy of rich and fertile lands and beautiful architecture. Its natural environment is exceptional, ideal for the production of quality olive oil and wine. Since the early historical times Kasteli played a significant role as the region’s capital and economic epicentre of the province of Kissamos.

The port of Kasteli (Kavonisi) is located just outside the city and it is the link between Crete and Peloponnese, joining Kissamos to Kythira, Githio and Kalamata. From this port also depart boats that make day trips to the island Gramvousa and Balos lagoon.

Kasteli History

As everywhere in Crete the history of Kasteli goes far back. The name Kissamos is of pre-Hellenic origin and it was the name of a Minoan era civilization that lived in the same location.

The ancient Kissamos was a marine and commercial powerful city of the Western Crete, and it was one of the glorious Polyrinia’s ports. Ancient Kissamos flourished during the Roman period and continued to prosper during the early Byzantine period.

Kasteli, because of its strategic position and wealth was always a well-fortified settlement, effective enough to secure its inhabitants even against the most severe attacks The Venetians built a magnificent wall that some parts of it are still standing inside the city.

The Venetian fortress, Castelo, was the special characteristic of the city and thus the city was named after it Kasteli. The history of the region can be seen at the Archaeological Museum of Kissamos, on Stratigou Tzanaki Square in the centre of town.

About Kissamos

Kissamos exudes an unpolished, almost gritty, air compared to other north-coast towns and sea-side resorts near Chania. This is not a place given entirely over to tourism.

The only noise you hear is the song of the birds while you will admire the spectacular sea view during sunrise or sunset. Visitors can also enjoy the nearby magnificent beaches of Balos, Falassairna and Elafonisi and last but not least can admire and taste the authentic Cretan cuisine.

Kissamos is, after all, a small cosmos swarming with beauties and treasures that you will probably need a lifetime to discover!

The Villages of Kissamos

Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages and beaches  in Kissamos?

Kissamos Property Guide – Home

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