Palaiochora - Kandanos Property Guide

Kandanos-Selinos delights visitors with its beautiful villages, quaint alleys, magnificent gorges and spectacular beaches. Kandanos-Selinos beaches are prized for their soft white sand and transparent water-perfect for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming...

The scenery here is wild and beautiful. Hiking, nature walks, cycling and fishing are also popular activities in the area. Those who prefer to enjoy outdoor activities will ultimately be rewarded with breathtaking natural scenery and exceptional panoramic views of the forests and plains, the mountains, and the sea…

Palaiochora - Kandanos Property Guide by ARENCORES
Palaiochora - Kandanos Property Guide by ARENCORES

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Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES

The Charming Villages of Kandanos

This region brings together all the clichés: historical villages, ancient monuments, impressive gorges and small chapels with polychrome mosaic or frescoes decorations, traditional ceramics handicrafts alternate with fantastic wines and traditional food.

Unspoilt trails wind through unique nature reserves, there are deserted beaches with crystal clear waters, as well as cultural treasures.

Perched on the mountain slopes of the southern Crete the villages of Kandanos challenge you to explore their mysteries. Because of their remote location the villages and settlements in this region are considered to be among the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of Crete.

Some of them are not only great examples of traditional stone architecture, but of a still living tradition, full of myths and cultural expressions. At Kandanos, you’ll always enjoy great views, even when swimming in the Libyan Sea.

The villages in Kandanos-Selinos are connected by ancient paths which along with the E4 European long distance path, make this an excellent base for stunning scenic walks. There is minimal tourism, the climate is perfect with plenty of sunshine and the people are friendly and hospitable.

Palaiochora: Τhe Nymph of Libyan Sea

Palaiochora is a popular sea-side resort located on the southwest coast of Crete, approximately 70km from Chania. It is built on a long, narrow yet, of exceptionally beauty peninsula that extends to the Libyan Sea between two picturesque small bays.

The sightseer and explorer de Faure Paul clearly claims that the current town is likely to be built on the remains of an ancient city named “Kalamydi”. Therefore, it was named Palaiochora (Palaio means old and Chora means city in Greek).

The “Libyan Bride”, Palaiochora is a magnificent place where visitors can enjoy the azure coloured sea, excellent and authentic Cretan food and exceptional wine. The small town lies at the sea and is surrounded by beautiful scenery, where many herbs can still be found growing in the wild.

Also the century-old olive groves are responsible for transforming everything into a magnificent picture. The beautiful small roads and pathways will lead you to wonderful bays, magnificent gorges and ancient remains from the Minoan, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian era.

Palaiochora’s wider area has crystal clear waters, well organised beaches and lovely isolated small anchorages. In fact, many types of beaches are found within the area around Palaiochora, ranging from sandy beaches to rocky shores. The magnificent Blue Flag beaches in the region are covered in countless pebbles and stones.

Though the beach’s rocky grounds may mean that you find yourself admiring its charm from afar, it is nonetheless a must-visit location for those interested in history. Boasting a series of hidden coves and bays, beautiful beaches, verdant vegetation and relaxed vibe, it’s not surprising the fact that the small town of Palaiochora is currently one of the fastest growing tourist locations on Crete.

Palaiochora: A Place of Exceptional Beauty

Despite the fact that most visitors in Palaiochora want to spend their holidays near the seaside, enjoy the sun and especially the beautiful clean water, there are also those who prefer to explore the wonderful surrounding countryside.

There are many excellent cycle, walking and hiking routes that lead you through the rocky mountains or along the coastline to exquisite small bays and beaches with their ethereal blue water inviting you to take a plunge or a dive.

Leisure time can also be spent hiking with walks near the charming Venetian fortress of Fortezza or on the picturesque hills that rise north of the town. Moreover, worth to mention that from Palaiochora passes the European path E4, which enables all adventure enthusiasts to admire wonderful and unique landscapes within an enviably scenery.

Palaiochora: Breathtaking Scenery & Plenty of Amenities

The strategic location of Palaiochora makes it ideal as a base for exploring the surrounding areas. Of these the most notable are: The visit of the ancient city of Lissos, the magnificent gorge of Samaria or the smaller, yet equally beautiful gorge of Agia Eirini, Gavdos, Elafonisi with its world famous beaches, Kountoura’s Byzantine churches, and the Historical and Folklore Museum of Azogyres.

Palaiochora offers all the facilities of a modern sea-side resort. Lovely squares, enjoyable outdoor cafés, traditional restaurants, bars, pizzerias and nightclubs.

There are also three bank branches with ATMs, a post office, a central telephone office, a health centre, dentists, chemists, a police station, a port authority, pharmacies and many types of stores for those who love going on a shopping spree!

Many also traditional and old-fashioned cafes stubbornly resist the rhythms of the modern life and provide the town a sufficient mix of new and old to satisfy every generation. Ferry boats connecting Palaiochora with Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakion and Gavdos dock in the local harbour.

About Kandanos

With its stunning seaside scenery and the snow-capped magnificent White Mountains (Lefka Ori), Kandanos-Selinos lives up to the label, “Region of Beauty.” Along the coast are many lovely small beaches with crystal clear water, and the hillsides are dotted with picturesque villages.

Kandanos-Selinos is a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The rugged landscape with its stunning gorges inspires hikers, while the sandy beaches are prized by sunbathers, and the translucent waters are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving.

The Villages of Kandanos

  • Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages in Kandanos – Selinos?


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