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There’s something unpretentiously artistic in the way the landscape in Chania unfolds, from the sun-drenched beaches and rocky slopes in the Apokoronas peninsula to the rugged canyons and spectacular olive groves spilling out at the cove-carved southern coast...

Chania is a fascinating tapestry of splendid beaches, historical treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant sea-side resorts and picturesque villages, where locals share their culture, delightful cuisine and generous spirit of hospitality.

Pithari Village - Living in Chania Property Guide by ARENCORES
Pithari Village - Living in Chania Property Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES

About Akrotiri and Chania

Akrotiri with is charming villages is one of the most popular places for a summer escape in Crete. The most northern point of Crete, the large island is surrounded by stunning blue waters and no end of gorgeous beaches. However, what people sometimes forget is that Chania has just as much to offer travelers inland.

Akrotiri, Chania is home to some of the most beautiful sites in Crete, with cultural history, dramatic landscapes and a plethora of charming towns and villages scattered all over the island.

Some of Akrotiri’s locations are well known, such as the stunning beaches of Tersanas, Marathi, Loutraki and the charming villages of Chorafakia, Stavros and Pithari. However, this area holds plenty of hidden gems, quiet communities that are perfect for experiencing the authentic Crete.

Experience the Authentic Cretan Way of Life

There is a unique culture in the area of Akrotiri that sets it apart from anywhere else in Crete. From the cuisine to how they spend their time with family and their hospitality. There are many ways to discover this way of life, but exploring the lesser-travelled but equally stunning locations on the island is one of the best!

Here at ARENCORES, we’ve listed just some of our favourite towns and villages in Akrotiri that provide the perfect day trip full of things to see and do, to help you have the holiday of a lifetime or identify a property that could be your home in Crete.

Pithari Village: Great Place, Close to Everything

In the heart of Akrotiri Peninsula, 8km from the charming city of Chania and 6km from the International Airport of Chania, lies the beautiful village of Pithari.

The village itself is pleasant and charming and every other magical adjective you care to gift it. It’s full of small hotels and cafes serving up ice coffee and signs pointing in all directions to various, yet of exceptionally beaches in the area.

Definitely a unique and by far one of the most beautiful villages in the Akrotiti Peninsula, Pithari is also bursting with colour and history.

Ideally located just 15 minutes’ drive from Chania, is most famous because of its proximity to the magnificent beaches and historical monuments that can be found in this area.

It is ideal for those who look for a peaceful location that combines a beautiful setting with some mysticism, owing to the monuments that can be visited such as the historical Monastery of Gouverneto (11 km away).

Pithari’s reputation owes much to the unspoiled natural beauty of its surrounding sandy beaches and wonderful gorges, which make it an ideal destination for true escapism.

For its size, Pithari offers a decent choice of traditional lodgings, bakeries and taverns. Moreover, from here visitors can discover the authentic Crete and indulge their senses in the renowned local cuisine and in an exceptional combination of Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman monuments.

Pithari : Escape The Crowds

Nearby mountain peaks and magnificent gorges offer an arresting sight to visitors, who can enjoy scenic hikes in the surrounding area of Akrotiri.

Despite the rapid increase in tourism in recent years, Pithari somehow still preserves its traditional character, perfectly combining the past with the present by offering a multitude of cultural and sport activities all year round.

From outstanding Byzantine churches and remarkable monuments, such as the Monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), or Tzagarolon Monastery to exceptional hiking routes, there’s plenty to explore.

There’s no mistaking it, this tranquil spot in Chania has nothing in common with neighbouring sea-side resorts: no cruise ships pull into port, no boutiques or fancy restaurants. Pithari village is a delightfully quiet escape for those who have grown tired of Chania’s more trammeled getaways.

Pithari nearby Beaches

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and embellished by historical treasures, Pithari attracts many tourists for its magnificent nearby small, yet of exceptionally beautiful beaches, through which it is possible to enjoy moments of complete and unforgettable relaxation.

Nearby, there are several small hotels, villas and pensions offering an ideal accommodation experience and a small cantina where you can get an ice-cream or something to eat.

Tersanas used to be the harbor of the village of Chorafakia, which is situated a bit more inland and where you find most of the facilities. Close to Tersanas there are two other nice beaches Kalathas (3 km) and Stavros (4 km).

Chania has no shortage of gorgeous beaches, but when it comes to accessible and child-friendly options, the Akrotiri peninsula beaches are hard to beat. One of the best bets for families can be found within a ten-minute drive from Pithari village.

The warm, shallow waters of Kalathas and Stavros beaches are perfect for paddling and snorkeling but there’s plenty to keep older children happy, too. Delightful villages, spectacular monasteries, archaeological sites of the Minoan, Ottoman and Venetian era and beautiful countryside are nearby and waiting to be discovered.

Akrotiri Peninsula

A land of incredible natural beauty, fascinating history, and colorful folklore, Akrotiri arguably has something for everyone. From quaint coastal villages to magnificent gorges, historical monasteries and spectacular beaches accompanied by the ever impressive background of the White Mountains Akrotiri is a spectacular place to live. Akrotiri is yet another area in Chania that has to be seen in its entirety to realize its true beauty.

The Akrotiri Peninsula, to the northeast of Chania, is a barren, mountainous stretch of rock covered with scrub. It has a few coastal yet, beautiful sea-side resorts, Chania’s International Airport, a NATO naval base on Souda Bay and three fascinating monasteries: the Monastery of Agia Triada (Trinity) built in 17thcentury, the Monastery of Gouverneto of 16th century and of course, the Monastery of Agios Ioannis (Saint John) of 7th century, which is the oldest in Crete.

Spectacular Beaches and Villages

The beach settlement of Kalathas, 10km north of Chania, has two sandy beaches lined by pine trees. It is the preferred weekend haunt both for locals and visitors, many of whom own summer and weekend houses nearby.

Three kilometres north of Kalathas is the small beach settlement of Tersanas. Stavros, 6km north of Kalathas, is little more than a dilapidated scattering of houses and an array of restaurants and hotels, plus a famous cove.

Akrotiri is a great destination for both action and relaxation so everyone could find suitable activities to join. Each season has something special to offer like wonderful sunsets, hiking trails in the dramatic landscape, bird watching etc.

Spend the day on the beach, try the local Cretan dishes and enjoy the stunning nature all year around! You can visit the charming, traditional villages close to Akrotiri, among which is the picturesque village Stavros, the beautiful villages Sternes, Kounoupidiana, Korakies, Pithari, Aroni and the magnificent beaches of Loutraki and Marathi-the seaport of the ancient city Aptera.

About Chania

With its world famous cuisine, fabulous history that dates back to the Minoan times, and unbeatable charm shared between the dramatic mountain peaks of the White Mountains, magnificent gorges, and miles of stunning coastline, Chania could easily be considered one of the most attractive, yet of exceptionally beauty regions in the world.

A stroll in the Old City with its pretty Venetian quarter and criss-crossed by narrow lanes is a like book on the history of architecture. Romans, Saracen Arabs, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and Egyptians ruled and influenced the area from the 13th until the 19th century.

One of the best ways to soak up the essence of this beautiful corner in the Mediterranean Sea is to explore the charming, historic villages scattered along its coast or inside its enchanting, unspoilt countryside. Trek through Europe’s longest gorge, cycle among orchards on Apokoronas peninsula or enjoy swimming to exceptional Blue Flag beaches.

The Akrotiri Peninsula, to the northeast of Chania, is a barren, mountainous stretch of rock covered with scrub. It has a few coastal yet, beautiful sea-side resorts, Chania International Airport, a massive NATO naval base on Souda Bay and two fascinating monasteries.

There are few buses and the poorly signposted roads make it difficult to explore, but if you have a car you can make a day trip combining a swim and lunch with a visit to the monasteries. The tombs of Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sophoklis are found on Akrotiri, at a site overlooking Chania.

At this site, the Greek flag was raised in defiance of the Turks and the Great Powers, with the peninsula acting as a headquarters of the Cretan Revolution.

Chania’s Villages

Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages in Akrotiri and Chania?

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