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What makes Apokoronas so fascinating is the amalgam of civilisations and cultures, which, while passing through it, left a particular trait : the Minoan mightiness, the Venetian refinement, the Byzantine spirituality, the Ottoman simplicity, the Neoclassical grandeur…

Here, you will experience lofty mountains, fertile valleys, plateaus, springs, rivers, caves, picturesque villages, Byzantine chapels, Venetian towers, ancient sites, endemic wildlife, unique traditions and cultural happenings… as well as a plethora of exceptional beaches with crystal clear water…

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Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES
Discovering Chania Village's Guide by ARENCORES

Apokoronas’ Charming Villages

The major villages of Apokoronas are VamosArmenoi and Vryses, with police, municipal and utility offices as well as taverns and large churches; Kalyves, Almyrida and Georgioupoli are the largest beach resorts.

The district capital Vamos, home to only 600 permanent residents, serves tourists exploring Crete’s northwestern coastline.

Tourism and agriculture are the major local industries, with much construction and quarrying to satisfy the demands of many foreigners eager to buy or rent properties in what used to be beautiful and traditional villages.

At the present time, Gavalohori is among the more popular villages for foreign buyers, with a large amount of often low-quality building taking place. Many residents or workers in Chania also have homes in the area.

Almirida: A Hidden Paradise in Apokoronas

Almirida is a small beautiful seaside village in the Apokoronas region. Located approximately 25 km east of the charming town of Chania and easily accessed via Chania International Airport (30 Km) or Souda Bay port (15), Almirida is a great vacation destination for families, couples or solo travellers.

Widely considered one of the most charming villages in Apokoronas, Almirida features wonderful beaches, Byzantine chapels, and spectacular wildlife. In fact, here you could find unique traditions, cultural happenings and a feeling that you’ve found a slice of paradise.

The village of Almirida boasts a remarkable hemispherical shaped bay, and a plethora of taverns, café bars and gift shops. In Almirida, backdrop of the White Mountains makes for incredible scenery, and the sunset is remarkable.

In the evening, life revolves around the breath-taking waterfront. Small yachts come and go, fishermen tend their nets and kaïkia (traditional wooden boats) tie up. Developed enough to provide most comforts yet, still remote enough to offer a range of activities, Almirida is an exceptional destination.

Almirida’s Charming Countryside

With the delightful backdrop of the White Mountains and brilliant views of the Souda Bay, Almirida’s countryside boasts some of the most breath-taking scenery on Crete.

Walking is a wonderful way to appreciate the beauty of the countryside around Almirida. Guided walks and mountain bike adventure tours of different distances and varying levels of difficulty are available. Professional adventure providers and trained guides make each walk both enjoyable and informative.

Depending on the time of year, surprisingly, walkers can look out for a variety of wildflowers, wildlife and birds. Whether you start with the world-class blue flagged beaches or the mountain region in the north, Almirida will not disappoint.

The charming village of Almirida is considerably less developed than its neighbor, Kalyves, although it’s attractive built up, with ever more new tourist resorts and facilities going in.

There’s no doubt that the peaceful, picturesque Almirida has plenty to offer holidaymakers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Additionally, history enthusiasts can find the remains of an early Christian basilica at the western end of the village.

Almirida Beaches

You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you where your next vacation will be when you have these Blue Flag awarded beaches waiting for you.  Almirida boasts two beautiful white sand beaches fully organized. Almirida’s beaches are sheltered and calm making them an excellent choice for toddlers and babies except at the windy days.

Without a doubt, Almirida beaches are among the best in Apokoronas area. It delivers a stunning coastline with the perfect width and length of white sand for kids. The water is calm and shallow, and all types of water sports are available.

Unlike other beaches to the Apokoronas area that boast a singles or couples vibe, surprisingly Almirida’s beaches are also popular for families with young children. They are elegant without being pretentious, and all of the facilities are available without being too commercialized or crowded.

The Amazingly Beautiful Karga Islet

Moreover, it is also possible to rent a boat and to take surfing or sailing lessons. A small yet, charming white chapel settled on a small rocky pier peninsula separates the two heavenly beaches. Opposite to the beach, the islet of Karga, is a small rocky island where one can enjoy fishing snorkeling and bird watching.

The restaurants are on the beach and are famous for the fresh fish and delicious local food. To summarize,  Almirida is an area of exceptional beauty, natural attractions and uniqueness. Obviously, this place will make your heart beat just a little faster. Without doubt the Almirida beaches will impress the most demanding visitor.

Almirida Restaurants and Amenities

This wonderful village has everything you need such us supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, ATM, bars, shops, newspapers, taxi and buses to the nearby Apokoronas villages and the charming city of Chania. Moreover, Almirida is famous for its high-quality everyday food and is one of the best spots to order fresh seafood and delicious local dishes.

The cafes, cafe – bars and the other sorts of entertainment can guarantee a pleasant stay in Almirida. Hospitality and a hug are something you can take with you and carry it forever. Everything is nearby, just beside you, you only make the choice… Altogether, Almirida is definitely an amazing place.

Besides it short distance from Crania town, the exceptional landscape and Blue Flag beaches makes Almirida an amazing destination. At the same time, the rhythm becomes vibrant, fast, full of fantasy and intensity.

Almirida and Historical Facts

The name Almirida originates from the River Almyros, or from the tamarisks found on the beach. Almirida was first established by the ancient Phoenicians who were very famous traders with good relations with the Minoans.

Some ruins near the abandoned village of Agios Vasilios and ancient tombs are accessible and open to the public. At the “entrance” of Almyrida, archaeological searches have discovered mosaics and tombs which belong to the Royal Church Rhythm of the 5th century DC.

Moreover, according to historical sources, the last battle with the Ottoman invasion army in Crete took place in Almyrida in 1896.

Familiar Atmosphere and Astonishing Views

In Almirida the natural elements are vivid and strong, filling you, guiding you in new sensations. Indeed, in the area of Apokronas the air, the sun, the moon is the eternal guides. The harmony of the landscape is really astonishing, regardless of the season or period of the year.

You walk and think that you know everybody…you wave and they wave back. Everything in this village is modest, familiar, hospitable and at the same time unique.

Discover the ultimately beauty of Apokoronas

It is the ideal place for those who wish for peaceful and relaxing holidays. On the other hand Almirida is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the vibes of a charming sea-side resort.

About Apokoronas

The region of Apokoronas extends from the foothills of the White Mountains north to the coast, in a wide plain with rolling hills. To the east, Cape Drapanon rises above the plain and extends out into the Sea of Crete. The area is very green and fertile. The Kiliaris river, known in antiquity as ‘Pyknos’, runs through the region.

Robert Pashley suggested that the name ‘Apokoronas’ came from the ancient city of Ippokoronas or Ippokoronion, also cited by Strabo. Specifically, he stated that the city may have been located near modern Nipos, or on the site of the Venetian fortress, Castel Apicorono, on an outcrop between Kalyves and Almyrida.

Apokoronas Villages

Why not explore some of the magnificent Apokoronas villages?

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