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Kandanos-Selinos delights visitors with its beautiful villages, quaint alleys, magnificent gorges and spectacular beaches. Kandanos-Selinos beaches are prized for their soft white sand and transparent water-perfect for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming...

The scenery here is wild and beautiful. Hiking, nature walks, cycling and fishing are also popular activities in the area. Those who prefer to enjoy outdoor activities will ultimately be rewarded with breathtaking natural scenery and exceptional panoramic views of the forests and plains, the mountains, and the sea…

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Kandanos Property Guide

Discover all you need to know about house prices, market trends and local life or browse houses and plots for sale in Kandanos - Selinos.

Kandanos Property Guide is an excellent resource for people buying or selling property in Kandanos – Selinos Municipality. This guide was established to help our customers avoid the many complexities and pitfalls of buying a property in Kandanos – Selinos. We provide information on market trends and we also support our research with insightful real estate data-charts to compare. Moreover, to ensure a successful and reliable property purchase process, Kandanos Property Guide also includes financial and legal matters.

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Where do Kandanos-Selinos locals go?

Castro Restaurant

Kandanos Property Guide - Castro Restaurant

In case you are looking for a really pristine and charming restaurant in Palaiochora, a nice suggestion would be to visit the Castro Restaurant & Cafe Bar. Surprisingly, untouched from the fever of tourism, it preserves its traditional character on a larger scale. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Palaiochora. The restaurant has a modern/traditional Greek design and a very stylish exterior space with a wonderful view over the east side of Palaiochora and the Libyan Sea.

The food here is excellent – a welcome blend of traditional Cretan dishes with creative and modern Mediterranean influences- cooked by a properly trained, professional chef who takes great pride in his work. For those who love alternative choices and want to taste the Cretan creativity a must dish to try is the Seafood Mille Feuilles starter which would have been remarkable in ANY serious restaurant anywhere in the world.

Kandanos Property Guide - Castro Restaurant

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Pastry Shop Kontekakis

Kandanos Property Guide - Pastry Shop Kontekakis

This an amazing pastry shop with an amazing variety of sweet and candies, all made traditionally, with yummy custard. Kontekakis makes by far the most delicious “Galaktompoureko” (a greek dessert with custard and sugar syrup) which tastes even better with a scoop of their home made goats milk ice cream.

It is absolutely true, that people travel from all over Greece to visit this particular pastry shop. Owner/baker, John Kontekakis, was featured on several national travel cooking shows and culinary exhibitions. Their Galaktoboureko (vanilla custard in fillo with a honey based syrup) is really legendary and one of the best you’ll have on the island of Crete, if not all of Greece. If you’re driving from Chania on your way to Palaiochora or you just visiting the glorious and historical village of Kandanos a stop here is strongly suggested.

Kandanos Property Guide - Pastry Shop Kontekakis

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To Pantopolion

Kandanos Property Guide - To Pantopolion

This is not an ordinary souvenir shop, things sold here are down with great aesthetics, enthusiasm, love and passion. The young owners managed to amazingly renovate this remarkable store/museum where you can find authentic Cretan souvenirs as well as selected artefacts from World War II including a vintage barber shop chair.
If you are a beach lover or simply looking for gifts to take back home you can pick up some really awesome beach towels and lovely hats.

Moreover, in this charming shop you will also find some incredible local and hand-made products including virgin olive oil, honey, aromatic soaps, handmade, yet of exceptionally beautiful bags, jewellery and accessory range. The variety of the products is impressive. However, the most amazing thing is the story of the owners who have poured their hearts into creating one of the most attractive shops in the area.

Kandanos Property Guide - To Pantopolion

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Local Art Workshop

Kandanos Property Guide - Manolis Tsouris Art Workshop

This is a truly incredible place. On the road to Elafonissi beach it would be easy to pass it without notice, but don’t! Manolis’ Local Art Shop is a magnificent Aladdin’s Cave of exceptional wood carvings with some really astonishing art pieces. Here the slogan varies “Do not buy Souvenirs, buy Originals of Topolia”, “Free food – for the mind”, “Please, do touch”. From little wooden key-chains and lovely wooden bowls to really impressive heavy sculptures, visitors will discover a world of an ebullient, creative romanticism of different approaches and interpretations.

Manolis the “mad artist”, like he entitles himself happily can tell you truly fascinating stories concerning his art objects and his preferred material, olive wood. The choice is enormous and everything is so original and authentic that there is no way you will leave empty handed.

Kandanos Property Guide - Manolis Tsouris

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Why do you find Kandanos a a great place to live?


“Palaiochora? This is certainly an incredible place to live. I have spent six months per year for four years there. Spring and summer are outstanding. No tourists and noise. The area is bright green from all of the winter rain. The locals all know each other. It’s lovely.”


“I have lived in Kandanos for three years… trust me… it is wonderful. It has its ups and downs as most places do, but I love it here. I have no regrets.


“Sougia is a fantastic place to spend your holidays. I love this place. Unspoiled and quiet, even in August. There is not a more accurate word to describe Sougia. Just perfect. Taverns provide a variety of places to eat. I also really enjoyed the food and friendliness of the locals.”


“Palaiochora, which is a magnificent sea-side town, becomes simply enchanting under the summer lights. The area is captivatingly charming, due to the charming waterfront street and the magnificent surroundings. I am fortunate to own a property here.”

Beaches near Kandanos-Selinos

Lake of Krios

Kandanos Property Guide - Krios Beach

Lake of Krios or Viena beach is located approximately 12 km west of the popular Palaiochora. Although the beach is not organized and no services are provided this small, yet of exceptionally beauty remote paradise will stimulate all of you who like natural beaches. The isolated setting of the beach and the well-protected coves, some of which are rocky, and some have sand – will abundantly reward the visitors.

However, what make this beach uniquely distinguished from other similar beaches in the area, is that it is situated in the exact location of the ancient city of Viena. Although few ruins of the ancient settlement have been preserved nowadays, visitors can surprisingly admire the rectangular base of the glorious ancient sanctuary of the city, as well as several scattered pieces of ancient columns and tombs on the beach. This is an amazing place for snorkeling, sunbathing and total relaxation far away from the hustle and bustle.

Kandanos Property Guide-Krios Beach

Grammeno Votsalo Beach

Kandanos Property Guide - Grammeno Beach

Grammeno Votsalo is an idyllic beach located approximately 4km from Palaiochora between the charming villages of Aghia Kyriaki and Gialos. Grammeno beach consists of two sections. On the west there is a relatively large and protected magnificent cove. Here, visitors can just laze on the pebbly beach, discover hidden rock pools or take to the water. Kids will love exploring the rock pools, stacking the colourful pebbles and watching the boats sail by. This section of the beach is fully organized offering a wide range of facilities like sun beds, umbrellas and a spectacular canteen.

West of the cove there is a completely different beach with fine sand and shallower waters also very well organized with canteens and an organized camping. Explore the headland and you will find lots of small coves where naturism is the norm! Snorkelling is good around the rocks with plenty of fish to see. If you are seeking a less crowded, relaxing beach, this could be the spot for you.
Kandanos Property Guide - Grammeno Beach

Gialiskari Beach

Kandanos Property Guide - Gialiskari Beach

Gialiskari Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Palaiochora. This is a truly magnificent beach that lies on the imposing Gulf of Selino. Basically, Anidri or Gialiskari beach is a cluster of three smaller peaceful beaches on the west and east of a small, yet of remarkably beautiful peninsula – at the exit of the impressive Anidri Gorge.
All the beaches have crystal clear blue and turquoise waters with fine pebbles.

Moreover, there are some sun beds and parasols ideal for those seeking a more comfortable relaxing on the beach. A lovely canteen by the seashore also provides cold drinks and snacks. Gialiskari Beach is a peaceful and magical place, providing visitors a look to what Crete was before the huge tourism movement. It is an excellent beach ideal for those liking to avoid big crowds. The beaches in Gialiskari because of their unique characteristics always leave their visitors speechless, and as for those who still haven’t witnessed them with their own eyes, they are curious – to say the least.Kandanos Property Guide - Gialiskari Beach

Sougia Beach

Kandanos Property Guide - Sougia Beach

Perhaps the most beautiful beach in south Crete. It is located right at the front of the homonymous village and attracts thousands of visitors because of its charming and peaceful scenery. The magnificent backdrop is highlighted by the colourful smooth pebbles and pristine waters. Half of the beach is organized, the other half is not, providing you a plenty of space to relax. What is most noteworthy though, is the breath-taking background of the green hills which are raised like green waves above your head.

Sougia beach is the perfect place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle. The only standard here is to park yourself lazily on the beach all day or swimming into the marvellous, crystal clear water. It is noteworthy that the beach of Sougia has been repeatedly rewarded with a Blue Flag as one of the cleanest and purest beaches in Greece. The beach in Sougia also offers a wide range of facilities and numerous accommodation options as well as many cafes, taverns and beach bars.Kandanos Property Guide-Souda Beach

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Things to Do in Kandanos-Selinos

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About Kandanos-Selinos

This corner of Crete has it all, traditional mountain villages, spectacular monasteries and chapels, empty white-sand beaches and delicious local produce. The villages in Kandanos-Selinos are connected by ancient paths which along with the E4 European long distance path, make this an excellent base for stunning scenic walks. There is minimal tourism, the climate is perfect with plenty of sunshine and the people are friendly and hospitable.

With its stunning seaside scenery and the snow-capped magnificent White Mountains (Lefka Ori), Kandanos-Selinos lives up to the label, “Region of Beauty.” Along the coast are many lovely small beaches with crystal clear water, and the hillsides are dotted with picturesque villages. Kandanos-Selinos is a paradise for beach lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The rugged landscape with its stunning gorges inspires hikers, while the sandy beaches are prized by sunbathers, and the translucent waters are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Kandanos-Selinos Viilages

Why not explore some of the exceptionally beautiful villages in Kandanos-Selinos?

Kandanos Property Prices

Property price range

€45,000 – €530,000


Average property value today


Average maisonette price: €280,000
Average detached house price: €99,000


What is your property worth?

Why use ARENCORES to sell your property.

Kandanos Property Guide – Buyers Questions

Kandanos Property Guide

Seven questions property buyers ask before buying a property.
For more information please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

Kandanos Property Guide – Helping you Find the Perfect Home

Generally speaking, some real estate agents might not feel happy to discuss the facts. However, receiving a reliable answer will provide you an insight into how really excited they are to sell the property. Let’s say, a property owner moving to another area of the country for work. In this case, the owner will be more likely to sell the property faster than someone who is just moving to another property of different size. In this case, you could even negotiate the selling price due to the urgency of the circumstances.

However, if you are still wondering “What are the costs involved in buying?” or “Apart from the property, what other costs should you budget for?” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

This could be the most significant question you ask a real estate agent. The duration of the property in the market provides a magnificent insight concerning the desirability and attractiveness of the property. If the property has been on the market for a half of year or more, ask the agent about the initial selling price, location or possible structural and legalization problems.

However, if you are still wondering about the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our buying a property in Chania Guide.

Issuing of energy performance certificate is a prerequisite for the property transfer or rental of buildings and has become mandatory since 9.1.2011. To prepare a Deed of Conveyance for any real property transaction Deed, the notaries public or solicitors are obliged by law to cite the EPC’s reference number in the real estate contract and submit an official copy of that document to the authorities. Buyers should be aware of the need for an up-to-date EPC.

However, if you are still wondering about what exactly the EPA involves you can read our detailed article on the Energy Performance Certificate. For more information on the “Property Legalization Law” or the “Spatial Planning Permits & Environmental Permits in Chania” please read our Buying a Property in Chania Guide.

If the property has been on the market for several months, you can propose a new price below the current price. However, this is not always an effective strategy because you never know how low a seller is willing to go. Since there are different motivations for selling the result of the negotiation as- always– is uncertain. Nevertheless, if the seller is willing to negotiate, you could luck out and achieve a magnificent deal.

For more tips about how to negotiate a property please have a look to our Buying a Property in Chania Guide. Moreover, you can always visit our Real Estate Chania website for all the latest Chania real estate trends, house prices and news.

If you find a property you really want to buy, then do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent whether the property seller is ready or not to reduce the selling price. A real estate professional will definitely provide you this critical information even before you make a deal.  However, the most important is your enthusiasm and high willing to acquire this property from the outset.

Many buyers question the importance of property inspections (especially homes). However ARENCORES has the tools and professionalism to take the weight off your shoulders. Residential properties often have undetected problems with roofs, swimming pools, deeds, electricity and even plumbing. ARENCORES lists only certified properties to prevent risks of costly repairs and also mitigate the bureaucracy procedures.

With a dedicated team of engineers, architects, marketing intelligence specialists and law professionals ARENCOS and ARENCORES is the holistic platform to establish property buyer’s trust and confidence.

Finding the property of your dreams, closing the deal and later discovering construction problems or that the neighbour is unsafe or noisy. Investigating the location is a crucial part of our team before advising or suggesting our clients and investors to buying a real estate asset.

We are using intelligent tools and services to acquire a reliable and cost efficient prognosis about the property and its location. Buying a home or plot in Chania real estate market is no small affair. We introduced our Properties Guide as an important tool to facilitate your search and improve your knowledge about the area of interest and the surroundings.

Kandanos Property Guide

The process of buying and selling property in Kandanos can be complex. Prospective buyers view Kandanos Property Guide by ARENCORES as the central resource for properties in the area of Kandanos-Selinos Municipality. The ARENCORES team of real estate and marketing professionals is exclusively dedicated to listing, marketing and facilitating others realize their dreams of owning a house, plot or any other commercial or residential property in Kandanos-Selinos.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Kandanos Property Guide, please contact us. In our database there are several exceptional properties for sale in Kandanos – Selinos which are not publicly traded (Passive Listing). However, if you are looking for a house, plot or small hotel for sale in Kandanos you can use our search engine or request an appointment.

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Finding a property for sale in Kandanos isn’t hard. But finding the right property is. Looking for your dream home in Kandanos-Selinos? A detached house or terraced villa? Discover carefully selected real estate assets in Kandanos and find your perfect property: apartment, house, villa, land plot, commercial property or residential property. In ARENCORES we are using innovative property management, data analytics, intelligent search platforms and virtual tours to find the perfect property in Kandanos-Selinos wherever in the world.

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Discover the key steps to buying or selling a property in Chania. ARENCORES Magazine is is the only real estate magazine in Crete devoted exclusively to Chania Real estate investors. The magazine is distributed to several countries such as Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the USA. To request a complimentary copy, please contact us.

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