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Looking for professional real estate services in Chania, Crete, Greece? ARENCORES provides professional real estate and property management services in Chania and Rethymnon, Crete to homeowners, buyers and investors. Our real estate team is dedicated to delivering exemplary services throughout the entire property life-cycle and across a wide range of real estate assets.

We work with professionals in Greece and abroad to maximise commercial real estate value by aligning our operational performance with broader business objectives. By tailoring our focus and efforts to your goals, we are able to anticipate needs, satisfy requirements and identify uncertainties long before they become problems. We do this by understanding each of our clients and their needs.

Portfolio and Location Advisory

Portfolio and Location Advisory


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With a combination of world class digital analytic tools, local expertise and big data, our real estate services in Chania, Crete we’ll help you identify the site for your next real estate asset that are best aligned with your location strategy in terms of costs, target clientele, government incentives and ROI.

ARENCORES provides independent advice on all aspects of location strategy process, identifying existing or new areas of opportunities, analyzing regulatory and risk factors, as well as transport factors, ROI potential, construction management and supply chain configuration.

Property Transaction Management in Chania, Crete

Property Transaction Management


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ARENCORES in connection with ARENCOS provides a market leading Property Transaction Management service, working with a wide range of property buyers and investors across their real estate interests.

Our services allow clients to establish full commercial visibility of their property portfolios in Chania, Crete, delivering dedicated and reliable advice to manage risk,  understand the real potential and drive business value.

Property Portfolio Advice and Consultation in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Portfolio Services


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ARENCORES’s Portfolio Services provide a holistic and accurate view of your property portfolio in Chania or Rethymnon, Crete, as well as comprehensive property consultation and estates management.

Our experience in property and portfolio management in Chania and Rethymnon is second to none. Our market-leading big data analytics and local insight, will provide you with a clear view of your real estate assets, facilitating your property management by enabling you to easily monitor performance and work-in-progress activity.

Building Consultancy

In everything from building construction, surveying, cost consultancy, engineering services to project management, we have a valuable part to play at every stage of your property life-cycle.

Development & Project Monitoring in Chania, Crete

Development and Project Management


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Our experience spans all sectors and asset types – and we advise on everything from smaller projects, through to large complex developments in Crete, Greece. Our monitoring surveyors and professionals from building surveying, cost consultancy and project management sector can ensure operations efficiency and effectiveness.

Because we’re operating as a part of ARENCOS, we can tap into a very broad range projects and services including Building Services Engineering, Architectural Advice, Engineering and Cost Consultancy.

Engineering Consultancy Services in Chania, Crete by ARENCORES

Engineering Consultancy


ARENCORES in connection with ARENCOS provides dedicated real estate services in Chania along with professional engineering services with an in-house team of engineers that combines profound technical expertise with a real estate perspective.

We are skilled engineers and work on refurbishment and new build projects in the island of Crete and the mainland. We advise property buyers and investors and we are experts when it comes to sustainable design and green engineering.

Project Management services in Chania, Crete by ARENCORES, the real estate experts in Crete.

Project Management


At AERNCORES we care about the life cycle of your construction. You want perfection and transparency. So do we.

So, if it isn’t out there already, our Project Management and Engineering team will help you build it. We’ll also design, construct and adapt workplaces and touristic facilities to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re building a brand new villa, or moving into Chania or Rethymnon and refurbishing an existing property, we have the experts to ensure you get the workplace you want, wherever your business operates.

Building Surveying with the experts in Chania real Estate Market!

Building Surveying


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For anyone buying, selling, developing, occupying or investing a property project, our in-house Building Survey team will provide a distinct commercial advantage.

From the earliest point in any property transaction our local expertise, insight, analysis and market knowledge can help you ensure the highest ROI as well as identifying and managing the related risks and uncertainties.

Valuation & Advisory Real Estate Services in Chania

We offer uniquely informed perspectives on real estate valuations and property consulting, leveraging rich data from the real estate market of Chania and consistent service.

Property Mediation Excellence in Chania, Crete

Mediation Excellence


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At ARENCORES, taking an advisory role on property issues and negotiation procedures, we undertake mediation between buyer and seller.

Through confidential, constructive discussions and negotiations we manage to eliminate obstacles if any, resolve disputes, set key interests and finally achieve an advantageous for both sides agreement.

Property Investment Management - ARENCORES Crete Real Estate

Investment Management


We design and establish customised investment vehicles for Greek and international investors. We manage them actively and in a performance-oriented manner from Chania in line with the investment objectives, closely liaising with our customers.

In this way we discover new real estate investment opportunities and provide sound strategic advice to protect your interests during the process of the decision to acquire, manage or dispose of property.

Retrospective Planning in Chania, Crete by ARENCORES

Retrospective Planning


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As part of our commitment to establishing the highest standard of real estate advice, we provide our foreign and local clients with a Greek retrospective planning permission guide.

ARENCORES presents a handy guide to the necessary legal, technical, and tax documents – and procedures – required for property owners and prospect buyers.

Property Valuation & Appraisal services in Chania, Crete.

Property Appraisal & Valuation


ARENCORES identifies investment opportunities, assesses and manages properties to increase the value of their associated assets and increase the return of investment (ROI).

We consider ourselves to be a honest representative of the real estate investors: For our customers, we identify the “right assets and opportunities” and structure the entire real estate acquisition process, from property sourcing, research, due diligence and purchase agreement negotiations right through to the point of transmission to asset management.

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