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Search for Souda Properties for Sale – The Challenges

Souda is the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean Sea and is formed by the main body of the island of Crete and Akrotiri Peninsula. The geophysical setting and positioning of Souda, combined with the size and suitable depth, makes it a safe, yet important military, commercial and tourist (Cruise lines) harbour during the whole year.

From here the daily ferries to Piraeus leave throughout all the year. At the entrance of the harbor four gigantic silos of a flour milling corporation dominates the area, operating already in Souda since 1928.

Browse among our Souda houses for sale and discover your perfect home. With ARENCORES Souda property listings for sale it’s easy to find your next home in the remarkable city of Chania.  Distance to beach? Proximity to the Old Venetian Harbour? A garden? A swimming-pool? Proximity to leisure amenities and Chania International airport or Souda Port?

These are all considerations when looking for a home in Chania. Whatever is important to you, there is a property in Chania to suit your lifestyle and real estate needs. Browse our Souda houses for sale and the advantages they all have to offer.

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Are you looking for a luxury property in Souda to make a successful real estate investment in Crete? Or for a house in Chania Old Town to convert into a tourist accommodation facility? Whatever you’re looking for, ARENCORES Real Estate is able to fulfil your request thanks to a portfolio composed of exclusive and carefully selected properties.

And there is more. Since not all properties are on our website for privacy reasons, we are able to offer personalized investigation and bespoke consulting, based on the specific requirements, budget and needs of our local and international clients.

After sharing with us your request and the criteria to follow (type of estate, size, asking price, location), we will start our dedicated search, always in close cooperation with our clients and third-party real estate associates.

The professionalism offered by ARENCORES, Chania Real Estate Experts is also based on respecting our property owners and buyers’ privacy and personal data.

Why Chania?

Do you prefer cities that are historic and vibrant or cosmopolitan and traditional at the same time? Cities with that special element? Then Chania City is just the right place for you!

Chania, with its famous and wonderful Old Town, is surely a strong contender for most beautiful city in Crete. The pedestrianised Old Town – which displays its Venetian heritage in its warren of narrow streets, ochre buildings – is reasonably popular with tourists and heaves with romantic restaurants, bars, boutique accommodations and tourist shops.

Nowadays, only few cities in the world can boast so many layers of architectural history, with ruins and relics of the Minoan, Hellenistic, Classical, Ottoman and Italian eras entangled in a mind-boggling maze of twisting lanes.

Moreover, the villages around Chania are also amazing. Timeless and modern, simple and remarkable. You will find pure traditional flavors, beautiful Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques and one-of-a-kind sceneries of the mountains and the flora of Crete.

This part of Crete is where spectacular sandy beaches, clear waters, castles and ancient civilizations easily mix with modern tourist facilities, gourmet restaurants and traditional tavernas serving local delicacies. A truly remarkable mosaic of experiences.

Let us help you put that smile back in your face
Let us help you put that smile back in your face!

Souda Houses for Sale (and Plots)

We embrace change and continually challenging practise because we have a strong desire to improve the way our real estate firm operates. We do business with exceptional and carefully selected properties to provide only the best houses for sale in Souda to our clients.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Chania, Crete why not take a look at some of our residential or commercial properties for sale in Souda:

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Read our Living in Chania Property Guides to the various Chania areas to find out what it is like to live (and work) there. ARENCORES informative guides will bring to life the areas and explain not only what amenities serve the area, but also where the locals go, the best beaches and the most significant historical sites.

With our six comprehensive area guides, you will discover what you need to know about any area, to help you decide whether it is the right location to buy your next home, or invest in property. Browse our extensive Chania houses for sale public lists  and discover your perfect home in Crete.

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