What to Look for When Buying a House in Chania, Crete?

What to look for when buying a house in Chania, Crete? Here’s everything you need to know about a residential property purchase in Crete.

There are many things to consider when buying a house in Chania, Crete—price, location, accessibility, structural condition, property size, neighborhood, and more. In this guide we’ll walk through the most important trade-offs.

  • What lifestyle do you prefer?
  • Imagine your ideal plot
  • What matters most in your new neighborhood?
  • Be realistic about home repairs
  • Separate needs from wants
  • Takeaways

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Buying a house in Chania, Crete? Important things to put on your checklist.

What lifestyle do you prefer?

First, identify the most important values and lifestyle most important to you. These values should determine your priorities and perhaps the measures you use to ensure that your life in Chania, Crete is turning out the way you want it to. Buying a house in Chania, Crete is not a a process without challenges. Perhaps you want a property in a walkable, distance from the beach or near the city center. However, maybe you prefer an isolated, rural country life in Kissamos, Sfakia or Apokoronas.

Yet, you should also prioritize your ideal lifestyle values, both in the current period of time and two decades later. Next, try to organize the features of your ideal home in Crete accordingly.

  • Would you like to stay near the city center, or do you prefer a more rural setting?
  • Do you plan to host other members of your family?
  • How often will guests stay over?
  • Would you bring a car with you in Crete?
  • Are you willing to use the public transportation?
  • Are you willing to find a work?
  • Do you like swimming in the open sea?

The answers to questions like these above will impact your home buying preferences and priorities but you should also consider carefully the following features:

Number of Bedrooms. Consider the number (and size) of bedrooms that you may need within the next decade. Do you plan to accommodate your family members, or do you want this house just for you and your spouse? Might an older relative need in-house care? Is this service available in your area? Are the rooms located in the upper level of this two storey house? You may also want to buy a house with bedrooms that you can use for other purposes other than sleeping such as an office, gym, playroom, or hobby room.

Number of Bathrooms. Additional number of bathrooms can also increase the value of a home.Think this very carefully when Buying a house in Chania, is your dream .The size of this increase depends on the area where the home is located, as well as the property’s value. For instance, according to our data from RESTful – a Big Data Analytics Platform for the real estate market of Chania – wooden floors and a high quality outside pergola usually can increase the value of more expensive homes such as detached houses and villas, while a good bathroom and modern kitchen can add more value for lower to mid-priced homes and apartments.

Storage Space. Consider how much storage space you need. Do you need a car garage or might a boat garage for protecting and storing your boat during the off-season? Do you need a basement that can be used as your repair room? Does your dream property include space for agricultural machinery, woodworking tools and power tools for home repairs?

If you plan to age in your home in Crete, consider whether you want a house with stairs, either internal or external. Moreover, if your home entrance contains stairs, you may not be able to accommodate elderly guests or even you and your spouse after some decades. A ground floor bedroom could be also the ideal option for you if you plan to age in this home.

Privacy and noise. If the home is located near a busy street or in the city center of Chania or in Platanias or a nightlife district in Agia Marina, or close to the International Airport of Chania? Consider the home design with regard to both noise and privacy. Would noise from outside or the swimming pool and BBQ area leak into the bedrooms?

Energy Efficiency – Sustainability. Consider how much you need to pay for utilities per month. ARENCORES can ask the property seller for copies of utility bills from the past 6-12 months to facilitate your decision making on buying a house in Chania. These bills should provide you a realistic idea of the approximate amount of money required to heat and cool your home. Needless to say, features such as low ceilings, new windows, double glazing, solar panels etc. appear to keep heating and cooling bills low.

Imagine your ideal plot

Plot Size. Would you prefer to maximize your space of your property or minimize the required maintenance? A large, fenced plot could provide you enough space to add a several sq.m. swimming pool, construct a comfortable BBQ with dining area, let your dogs run off-leash or raising chickens in your garden. A smaller plot, however, should be much less expensive and easier to manage.

Shade or Sun. Do you want a plot that’s forested and shady with several fruit trees and plants, or would you prefer more of this exceptional Mediterranean sun? If you plan on gardening or landscaping, you will need a large plot and you should also consider the money to invest for watering and caring your plants. Moreover, some popular endemic plants, like the endemic Cretan tomatoes, require abundant sunlight and water, while others, like mint, thrive in shade and part-sun conditions.

Property Features. Would you like a security gate, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems or CCTV, large balconies facing the Aegean Sea or the White Mountains, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, BBQ, or other outdoor features? These features can make your home more enjoyable, but they also require significant amount of time, commitment and money to keep them operating efficiently and reliable. Solar panels, pools and hot tubs need regular cleaning and maintenance.

What to look for when buying a house in Chania, Crete?
What to look for when buying a house in Chania, Crete?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

What matters most in your new neighborhood?

Amenities. What athletic facilities, super markets, grocers and retailers are nearby your next home? If you want to shop at a specific market or at the Municipality Market of Chania (Agora), for example, then consider the time required to go there, especially during the summer period. If you’re a frequent traveler, think about distance to the International Airport of Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis and Souda port.

Pet-friendliness. Do you need space to walk your dogs? If you want to keep chickens in your garden, horses, pigs, or other pets, check neighborhood restrictions with your municipality authorities.

Walkability. Some property buyers love travelling with their own cars, and want a large garage and easy access to parking’s. Others prefer walking. You are strongly suggested to visit the area of your interest to realize the existence of sidewalks, walking paths or bicycle paths (rare in Chania).

Be realistic about home repairs

How much repair and maintenance work would you like to handle in your new home in Crete? There is a plethora of answers in this question. Some property owners really like to learn and repairing but for some others is the worst nightmare.

Here are a few aspects of a property infrastructure to consider:

Fascia and gutters: Fascia is a long architectural element for a vertical frieze or band under a roof edge which forms the outer surface of a cornice. Typically consisting of a wooden board, uPVC or non-corrosive sheet metal. Check fascia and gutters for possible rot or signs of water damage.  Having your fascia and gutters repaired can be a lengthy and costly process depending on the damage that needs to be repaired.

Roof: Roofing can come in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials. However, with each unique shape and material used, comes unique repair methods. The cost of roof repairs will be largely influenced by the age and the type. Whether your roof is flat or a sloped one, the amount of work needed to be put in will depend on how accessible and easy to work with your roof type is.

Electrical Infrastructure: Older homes may have older and problematic electrical infrastructure that can also cause additional problems to the connected electrical equipment of your property. Some problems in the electrical infrastructure aren’t a big deal, but some can pose safety hazards to your own health. If you aren’t experienced with updating a home’s basic electric infrastructure or don’t like to invest a potentially large budget for a repair or update, you may need to consider if you can purchase an older house with potential electric issues.

Separate your needs from wants

Knowing what type of property you are looking for and your area of interest will help you to buy a house in Crete much more efficiently. For some buyers the most important factor is location, for others the number of bedrooms and bathrooms while some others need a swimming pool and views to the White Mountains.

Your real estate agent can help you decide what features are important or not. Be prepared to stay flexible, but don’t compromise on your core criteria. Make a list of the following factors:

  • Type of property you’re looking for
  • Age of the property
  • Size of the property
  • Neighborhoods and areas you like
  • Your budget
  • Swimming pool or distance to the beach
  • Privacy
  • Safety


Finding a residential property in Chania, Crete that will satisfy every criterion is difficult. Hopefully, if you’re budget and your requirements are reasonable and reliable enough, you’ll find a property that fits your priorities and most important needs.

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