How to find a good real estate agent in Chania?

How to find a real estate agent in Chania, Crete?

While there’s no a generic rule that says you have to work with a real estate agent to proceed to a property purchase, a real estate specialist in Chania can help guide you through the process and identify risks and uncertainties–if any.

Moreover, a trusted, responsive and knowledgeable real estate agent should negotiate on your behalf in a professional way and help you understand the property buying process to make sure you’re getting the best real estate deal that you can.

You’re probably wondering how to find a real estate agent in Chania, Crete and it’s a good question. ARENCORES provides the services required to properly satisfy your needs and requirements.

Read the latest property buying tips, guides & advice from ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate.The ultimate source of information to buying your first property in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Read our simple to use Chania Property Buyer Help and Resources Guide, which will take you step by step through the process of purchasing a residential or commercial property.

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Chania Real Estate Help and Resources
Chania Real Estate Help and Resources

What expertise do you need from a Chania real estate professional?

The best real estate agent is an experienced licensed professional who listens to your requirements and knows well the local property market. According to a recent survey, only 20 percent of the available real estate agencies do 80 percent of the business.

Your goal in Chania real estate market is to find one among that 20 percent to work for you, but it’s not as challenging as you might think. You can search for a licensed real estate agent in Chania from the official website of Chania Real Estate Association (SYMENOCH) and then start speaking with them to realize if they can help you.

Understand what do you really need.

  • Some real estate agents have access to info you don’t. The off-market listing service is a private database where ARENCORES lists properties not publicly available. Moreover, with an innovative Big Data Analytics platform named RESTful, ARENCORES provides to property owners, sellers and property investors a series of critical data to holistically realize the latest price trends, Chania property market uncertainties and great deals.
  • A professional and certified real estate agent will provide you with local expertise on the real estate market and will work hard on your behalf.
  • Experienced agents know the pragmatic range of negotiations and they can advise you accordingly in regards to your offer to successfully landing a great deal. Furthermore, when unwanted surprises and deed issues come up or negotiations get tough, they’ll know how to proceed in order to avoid or close the deal.

A real estate agent knows the most important factors that can influence your decision making.

These factors can dramatically affect property value and pricing, availability, as well as people’s and investors buying and selling decision making. Additionally, the real estate market is shaped by these four factors:

Demand: This is both the quantity of properties needed, at a specified selling price at a specific period of time, and buyers’ (or investors) willingness to buy a property (i.e., properties are available for sale and a property buyer can afford to purchase without a hesitation).

Scarcity: Property scarcity refers to the limited availability and supply of certain types of properties in specific locations at a specific period of time (i.e., the buyer is ready and can afford to purchase an apartment in Chania, but apartments are not available, so the property sale won’t take place).

Value: Property value is a critical factor for any property buyer or investor: “Is the roof in a good condition?” (i.e., the buyer might be ready and can afford to purchase the property, the type of the property might be available, but if the roof needs restoration, the sale still will not take place until the problem is resolved).

Transferability: This refers to the ability of the property to legally change hands with no issues and uncertain conditions. For example, if the seller’s name is not on the deed or any other legal issue has been discovered with the deed, the property buyer cannot proceed to the purchase.

How to find a good real estate agent in Chania, Crete?
How to find a good real estate agent in Chania, Crete?

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Start your agent search in Chania early

Give yourself plenty of time to understand how to find a good real estate agent in Chania that can be your ally in this challenging journey. Start your agent search early, before start searching for any listings, so you don’t feel any pressure to sign a real estate agreement with anyone who can help you make a quick offer without holistically take into consideration the uncertainties and risks – if any.

At ARENCORES you can start by getting a general idea of the property market trends with current property prices or learn more about the latest news of the real estate market and how it is to live in Chania, Crete.

If you search for a property in Apokoronas, Chania, Kandanos, Kissamos, Platanias or Sfakia, you’ll find a few indications of current local prices that can help you decide when to buy a property. In these areas you will find the typical price ranges of properties, apartments prices in Chania as well as other helpful info.

Check out our ARENCORES MAGAZINE, the only real estate magazine in Crete, the most critical property market indicators in Chania and Rethymon and the latest info about the Greek economy.

Make a list of your real estate needs

Knowing what type of property you are looking for and your area of interest will help you choose the right real estate agent. Real estate agencies have different specialties.

Many work in the rental properties, some work only in selling listings and the majority of them prefer both. Additionally, some focus on commercial properties in Chania, others on residential properties and some in luxurious properties.

Finding a real estate agent in Chania, Crete with the right specialty will establish your trust and confidence to plan a reliable and effective strategy during the property buying life-cycle. Make a list of the following factors:

  • Type of property you’re looking for
  • Size of the property
  • Neighborhoods and areas you like
  • Your budget
  • Specialties in a real estate agent, like a good negotiator, critical thinker, good listener, conflicts management specialist, etc.
Chania Property Search - Research by ARENCORES
Chania Property Search - Research by ARENCORES

Get referrals.

Start with your social network and online reviews to discover a really good real estate agent in Chania.

Builders & Contractors

In addition to real estate agents, builders and contractors are good friends to have if you’re an investor looking to find property deals. Local builders are usually “in the know” about properties for sale.

Real Estate Association of Chania

The Real Estate Association of Chania can help you connect with trustworthy and licensed real estate agents in Chania, Crete, Greece. These agents meet SYMENOCH’s high standard for quality service, so you know you’ll have an official list of the real estate agents in the Prefecture of Chania.

Look on the agent’s website to see if they’ve won any awards or have any special certifications and skills. If they’re a member of the local association, you can call to verify that the agent is a member and learn more about them. You can also find out how many years of experience in the property market of Chania the real estate agency really has.

Also, ask for references to past property buyers or investors. Learn more about real estate agents in Chania, Crete and the available properties for sale.

Properties for sale in Chania, the Definitive Guide by ARENCORES
Properties for sale in Chania: The Definitive Guide by ARENCORES for property buyers and investors looking to invest in Chania real estate market.

For more tips on understanding Chania real estate market, check out our Real Estate Chania blog. You can also search for off-market properties and discover great real estate deals in Chania and Rethymnon before anyone else.

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