How to Buy a House in Crete, Greece

How to Buy a House in Crete, Greece. Here’s everything you need to know about a property purchase.

Before start looking for a real estate agent in Chania, Crete, think a bit about your property needs and the criteria of selection: do you want a friendly, open relationship with an agent, or a more formal relationship with your estate agent? Do you like an aggressive tactic or do you want holistically research the property and the area?

Once you have an idea of the main characteristics and expertise of the real estate agent you want, ARENCORES can help you connect with some of the greatest property deals in Crete.

Read the latest property buying tips, guides & advice from ARENCORES and Chania Real Estate.The ultimate source of information to buying your first property in Chania, Crete, Greece.

Read our simple to use Chania Property Buyer Help and Resources Guide, which will take you step by step through the process of purchasing a residential or commercial property.

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Chania Real Estate Help and Resources
Chania Real Estate Help and Resources

How to Buy A House in Crete. Steps in fulfilling the dream of buying a house in Greece.

1. Find a real estate professional in Crete

The best real estate agent is an experienced licensed professional who listens to your requirements and knows well the local property market. According to a recent survey, only 20 percent of the available real estate agencies do 80 percent of the business.

Your goal in Chania real estate market is to find one among that 20 percent to work for you, but it’s not as challenging as you might think. You can search for a licensed real estate agent in Chania from the official website of Chania Real Estate Association (SYMENOCH) and then start speaking with them to realize if they can help you.

2.  Make a list of your real estate needs & wants

Knowing what type of property you are looking for and your area of interest will help you to buy a house in Crete much more efficiently. For some buyers the most important factor is location, for others the number of bedrooms and bathrooms while some others need a swimming pool and views to the White Mountains.

Your real estate agent can help you decide what features are important or not. Make a list of the following factors:

  • Type of property you’re looking for
  • Size of the property
  • Neighborhoods and areas you like
  • Your budget
  • Swimming pool or distance to the beach
  • Privacy
  • Safety


3. Browse online house listings in Crete

Visit ARENCORES and start looking around at what’s available.  You can also use our unique off-market properties feature to discover great deals not publicly available including exceptional houses to buy in Chania and Rethymnon, Crete.

Use ARENCORES filters to quickly find the right residential listings to explore. For example, if you want a beach in walkable distance from your house, the beach distance search feature allows you to search for properties in close proximity to the beach!

Properties for sale in Chania, the Definitive Guide by ARENCORES
Properties for sale in Chania: The Definitive Guide by ARENCORES for property buyers and investors looking to invest in Chania real estate market.

4. Request property visits

Give yourself plenty of time to understand how to find a good real estate agent in Chania that can be your ally in this challenging journey. Start your agent search early, before start searching for houses, so you don’t feel any pressure to sign a real estate agreement with anyone who can help you make a quick offer without holistically take into consideration the uncertainties and risks – if any.

At ARENCORES you can start by getting a general idea of the property market trends with current property prices or learn more about the latest news of the real estate market and how it is to live in Chania, Crete.

If you search for a property in Apokoronas, Chania, Kandanos, Kissamos, Platanias or Sfakia, you’ll find a few indications of current local prices that can help you decide when to buy a property. In these areas you will find the typical price ranges of properties, apartments prices in Chania as well as other helpful info.

Check out our ARENCORES MAGAZINE, the only real estate magazine in Crete, the most critical property market indicators in Chania and Rethymon and the latest info about the Greek economy.

Then start visiting the properties of your list. The more house comparing and contrasting you can do, the more knowledge you can acquire about the availability and trends of the housing market in Crete. Ask ARENCORES for advice about how to buy a house in Crete that really fits your needs and criteria.

5. Submit your offer

ARENCORES implement a set of tools and methodologies to ascertain and determine which of the following conditions and types describe the potential buyer. Thus, avoid to negotiate too much to avoid missing a great deal. The following types of property buyers are among the most common in the housing market of Chania, Crete:

  • Cash or unencumbered buyer (free and clear of any encumbrances, such as creditor claims or liens): These are attractive and reliable buyers, as there are fewer obstacles that could delay or cancel the property selling process.
  • First time buyer: These buyers are not within a property chain, so they are less dependent on external influences, First time buyers are always an excellent choice as they have no lengthy property chain trailing behind them. Moreover, because of the international lending rules and flexibility for the first-time buyers many are ready to get off the fence to buy property.
  • Property on market under offer: This type of buyers are at an advanced stage in selling their existing property so should be ready to move in short time.
  • Property to sell on market: These buyers are also in the process of selling a property, so the sale of their property might affect the onward chain.
  • Property solicitor appointed: Buyers who have already appointed a property solicitor will usually be able to proceed quicker with the transaction.
  • Retail buyers: This is the average home buyer who is in the market to purchase a primary residence (family buyers, young working couples, first-time or retired buyers). Retail buyers are buyers who have access to finance or enough money saved up to purchase a property for cash. As the large majority of these buyers will require financing, an important aspect for this type of buyer will be the home’s price and their level of affordability. Features that will be important to them will be easy accessibility and amenities such as schools, medical facilities and shopping centres.
  • Fix-and-flip investors: Fix-and-flip investors are normally full-time property investors looking for property that is selling substantially below the market average. This type of property investor will be looking for a property in need of renovation that they can restore and sell in a reasonably short period of time for a return on investment.
  • Hybrid buyer: These buyers are not full-time property investors but they have enough cash or a large deposit and good credit records. These buyers typically wait for the property market price to drop or for a really good deal to come along before they make an investment.  They generally prefer properties that don’t require renovations.
  • Property to sell not on market: These buyers might be just looking for opportunities, or are yet to begin the property selling process.

6. Wait for the appraisal.

Home appraisal is critically important if you want to know the pragmatic value of the property. ARENCORES does a professional evaluation of how much this home you like is really worth. If our appraisal ends up higher than your offer submitted, go celebrate. If this is not the case, you may either have to renegotiate the price, ask for a second opinion, or you may decide to leave the deal.​

Chania Property Search - Research by ARENCORES
Chania Property Search - Research by ARENCORES

6. Final Steps

When a property seller and a buyer reach an agreement they can sign a preliminary contract. The preliminary contract is a commitment to sell, a bilateral document signed by both parties in which the seller promises to sell at the agreed price and the buyer promises to buy as soon as the pre-conditions are fulfilled…

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