Chania Accessibility Home Buying Guide

Learn about the different types of accessible apartments, villas and detached houses in Chania, Crete

If you’re looking to buy a home in Chania, Crete that is suitable for people with disabilities you should expect some challenges. According to our research only 2.8% of the residential property stock in the city of Chania is livable for those with moderate mobility difficulties and only 0.6% is currently wheelchair accessible.

But increasing awareness about the importance of residential property accessibility is making it easier to find a property that will satisfy your needs and meet the international standards. Here are some tips on how we can help you to find such properties.

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Chania Accessibility Home Buying Guide
Chania Accessibility Home Buying Guide

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Chania Accessibility Home Buying Guide: The Basics

Learn about the different types of accessible residential properties in Chania, Crete.

Accessible residential properties features may have a wide range of uses and characteristics. Each of these concepts can differ in terms of accessibility concepts and standards but all deal with the improvement of accessibility the implementation of innovative approaches to mitigate barriers for those people. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Universal design: Properties that are built to be accessible by people of all ages, abilities, and all other known aspects.
  • Aging in place design: Residential properties designed to allow people to stay in their homes as they age and their abilities to interact ad corporate change.
  • Flexible design: Residential properties designed to be adapted to the needs and abilities of residents that are subject to change.

Find an experienced real estate agent

The greatest advice and assistance will always come from a professional who understands your needs and requirements as a property buyer, and that is your real estate agent. Your initial step is to find a good real estate agent with good knowledge to the accessible design.

ARENCORES is a part of ARENCOS an engineering and architecture consultancy and construction firm with several years of experience on the design of residential and commercial properties for people with special needs.

Fair Property Accessibility Act

ARENCORES since 2016 has introduced a Fair Property Accessibility Act that encourages property owners, sellers and investors to consider accessibility metrics in their property valuation procedures and allow reasonable modifications that may be necessary to allow persons with disabilities to enjoy their properties.

A new construction could much more cost effective

Discover a residential property suitable for people with special needs could be a difficult task in the property market of Crete. While there are some international standards to make residential properties accessible, that doesn’t necessarily ensure 100% accessibility because every person with a disability has unique needs and requirements. Moreover, these needs are subject to change.

In some circumstances should be much better and cost effective to build your own house in Crete rather than to modify and renovate an existing property to satisfy your needs and criteria. Check out ARENCOS portfolio to discover some of our residential properties or meet our team to realize our expertise.

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