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Akrotiri is a rich and diverse region in Chania, Crete where a mix of different real estate assets exuding its own identity and value in Chania property market. Browse our listings and find exceptional Korakies houses for sale.

Korakies Houses for sale, Akrotiri, Chania.

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Searching for Houses for Sale in Korakies – The Challenges

In the magnificent Akrotiri peninsula there are approximately 20 villages with a total population of around 10,000. The villages of Akrotiri are small treasures that need to be discovered one by one: Pithari, Chorafakia, Kalathas, Kampani (Kabani), Stavros, Korakies, Kalorouma, Hordaki, Agia Zoni, Sternes, Kounoupidiana, Mouzouras, Argoylides, Aroni, Rizosklopo, Agios Nikolaos, Pazinos, Anemomyloi, Marathi, Kathiana and Profitis Ilias.

Browse among our Korakies houses for sale and discover your next home in Akrotiri, Chania. ARENCORES provides several properties for sale and with our bespoke services it’s easy to find your next property in Crete. Moving to Akrotiri, Chania comes with its fair share of challenges and experiences. Not only do you have to deal with a plethora of bureaucracy procedures, you also should to be happy and satisfied with your decision.

House hunting in Akrotiri, Chania can be an expensive and time-consuming business. If you’ve never lived in Crete before, it can be very confusing working out where to look and what you need to do in order to discover houses, plots or villas for sale in the area of Akrotiri.

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Are you looking for a luxury property in Akrotiri, Chania to make a successful real estate investment in Crete? Or for an old detached house to convert into a tourist accommodation facility? Whatever you’re looking for, ARENCORES Real Estate is able to fulfil your request thanks to a portfolio composed of exclusive and carefully selected properties.

And there is more. Since not all properties are on our website for privacy reasons, we are able to offer personalized investigation and bespoke consulting, based on the specific requirements, budget and needs of our local and international clients.

After sharing with us your request and the criteria to follow (type of estate, size, asking price, location), we will start our dedicated search, always in close cooperation with our clients and third-party real estate associates.

The professionalism offered by ARENCORES, Chania Real Estate Experts is also based on respecting our property owners and buyers’ privacy and personal data.

Why Akrotiri?

Akrotiri is a fascinating tapestry of splendid beaches, historical treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant sea-side resorts and picturesque villages, where locals share their culture, delightful cuisine and generous spirit of hospitality.

A land of incredible natural beauty, fascinating history, and colorful folklore, Akrotiri arguably has something for everyone.

From quaint coastal villages to magnificent gorges, historical monasteries and spectacular beaches accompanied by the ever impressive background of the White Mountains, Akrotiri is a spectacular place to live.

There are many nice beaches and gorges on this part of Crete and the further from Chania City you go the better. But the beaches of Akrotiri are hard to beat. Where else can you enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea while admiring the impressive White Mountains or the charming landscape on the horizon?

Akrotiri is yet another area in Chania that has to be seen in its entirety to realize its true beauty.

Let us help you put that smile back in your face
Let us help you put that smile back in your face!

Kalathas Houses for Sale (and Plots)

Korakies is a charming village located on the outskirts of Chania city. The village is just 7 km away from the old Venetian harbour and the historical centre of the old city. The village in Korakies is a peaceful and calm area surrounded by traditional houses and villas in a spectacular backdrop with olive groves and pine trees.

In the square of the village there is a bus stop and a public bus can transfer you to the city centre or to the rest of the Akrotiri villages. The bus from Korakies village towards the city of Chania runs 6 times a day. The small town of Kounoupidiana is located 2 km away, where you can find super markets, shops, cafe, traditional restaurants, fast-foods as well as doctors and pharmacies.

Currently there are some exceptional houses for sale (and plots) in Korakies with ARENCORES:

This wonderful settlement of Kathiana, Akrotiri combines the beauty of the Cretan countryside with the proximity of Chania’s most lively areas. The small town of Kounoupidiana is located 6.0 km away, where you can find super markets, shops, cafe, traditional restaurants, fast-foods as well as doctors and pharmacies.

In Kathiana there is a mini-market, a children’s playground and an excellent bus service to Chania city and Akrotiri area. Kathiana is just a few minutes from the historical Venetian-orthodox monasteries of Agia Triada Tzagarolon and Gouverneto, a Byzantine monument of unequaled natural beauty and grand architecture

Currently there are some exceptional Kathiana houses for sale (and Plots) with ARENCORES:

No listing found.

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Before start searching for  houses for sale (and Plots) in Korakies, you need to decide on the area. It could be the most important decision you make: get it wrong and you will either be unhappy with your real estate decision, or face the costs of looking for a new property.

Make sure you check out our property guides and Chania real estate market research pages so you know what’s happening to property prices in the area of your interest.

Read our Living in Chania Property Guides to the various Chania areas to find out what it is like to live (and work) there. ARENCORES informative guides will bring to life the areas and explain not only what amenities serve the area, but also where the locals go, the best beaches and the most significant historical sites.

With our six comprehensive area guides, you will discover what you need to know about any area, to help you decide whether it is the right location to buy your next home, or invest in property. Browse our extensive lists of plots, luxurious villas and detached houses for sale and discover a perfect property in Akrotiri, Chania. With our exclusive and off-market property listings  it's easier to find your next home in Crete.

Discover some exceptional houses for sale in Korakies, Akrotiri with ARENCORES.


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